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Top 9 Most Humiliating Sports Moments

It’s one thing to humiliate yourself. It’s quite another to do it in front of 50,000 people.

9. Patrik Stefan Missing an Open Net
Not only does he miss an open net to win the game, everyone is so surprised by his miss that the other team easily scores with 4 seconds left in regulation. On the embarrassing scale, that ranks right up there with “Not being able to get it up for a prostitute who’s actually an undercover NBC reporter taping a special.”

8. Jim Marshall Runs Wrong Way
This is so painful, every time I watch it I react like Brad Pitt in Seven, right after he’s realized his wife’s head is in the box. “NO! AW NO! COME ON!”

7.Hockey One Punch Knockout
It’s one thing to get knocked out. It’s another to get knocked out by one punch, fall unconsciously to the ground with your ass in the air, and have 9000 people simultaneously make the same face Paris Hilton makes when she sees poor people.

6. Goalie BLOWS it
Here’s why this makes the list. If you came from outer space and had never seen or heard of the human race, and you saw this video, you’d still be like “Dude. Females will cease to procreate with that life form after whatever it is that just occurred.”

5. Home Run Bounces Off Jose Canseco’s Head
I’ve studied the bible, the Koran, The Torah, but this clip right here is what convinced me that there is a God.

4. Robin Ventura Charges the Mound on 43-year-old Nolan Ryan
What in the hell was Robin Ventura thinking? If you charge the mound and beat the crap out of him, you’ve successfully beaten up a man twice your age, who’s a baseball legend. If you lose, well, you get this…

3. Chris Webber Calls Time Out In NCAA Finals
Time outs are hard to keep track of. Especially when you don’t have the Pakistani kid who the coaches hired to do your homework, keeping track of them for you.

2. Vince Carter Dunks on a French Guy
This is why America is better than France.

1. Bill Buckner, Enough Said
If you have to move your place of residence because of something that happened to you in a sporting event, you probably make the list.

76 Responses to "Top 9 Most Humiliating Sports Moments"

  1. Andrew says:

    It’s ok meuh, I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

  2. John says:

    I can’t even tell what happens in #1

  3. meuh sucks says:

    Yeah your right Andrew. However, I did mean to hurt the cock biters feelings!

  4. josh says:

    where’s leon lett? either the field goal or the super bowl run back with bebee

  5. eze says:

    I am surprised that the monday night football game from 2 weeks ago, where the patriots came back to embarrass the ravens in their own stadium wasn’t on this list! Calling a time-out right before your team stuffs the undefeated patriots on 4th and short?? then going on to lose in the final minutes… that is demoralizing!

  6. egad says:

    tony romo… anyone?

  7. Dave says:

    So as usual it’s not “Cringeworthy moments in sports” it’s “Cringeworthy moments in the little games yanks play that no one else gives a crap about because they’re as exciting as reading a dictionary cover to cover, plus one football clip (and not even one of the better ones)”.

    Someone teach the yanks some more interesting games, please.

  8. Ryan says:

    What about the 2004 yankees?

  9. EJ says:

    Yeah, what the heck is going on in #1? I realize you have to get your little quips in but how about at least a few words of explanation as to what’s happening?

  10. pepegirolas says:

    Sports??? Ice Hockey, American Football, BaseBall ???? Really ??? That´s are sports?

  11. GreatCaesarsToast says:

    Awww…no Leon Lett?

  12. Mike says:

    Got to love all the poor widdle hurt feelings from the Euros in the talkback – not enough videos of Cricket, Badminton and Tennis! Boo Hoo!

    So we’ve got:
    2 clips of Hockey which is played extensively in Canada and Europe
    2 clip of Basketball that includes a European team, and is played extensively in eastern Europe and China
    2 clips of Baseball, played throughout Central America and Japan
    1 clip of of European “Football”

    and no clips of American Football, the whining that you Euros do about THAT sport has turned into your continent’s #1 past time. Poor babies. Anytime a sport has more than 3 Americans in it you guys start calling it boring. Well, bore me later, Nigel.

  13. The part that always slays me about that Buckner clip is how much of a fairy Knight looks like when he jumps onto home plate to score the winning run.

  14. Non-American sports are about as entertaining as masturbating. Perhaps fun at first, but once you’ve found the real thing (i.e., American Football, American Baseball, American…just about anything) you forget the other even exists. And for good reason.

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  16. Burleigh Winkelshins says:

    Mr. Poopoopachu:

    Have you tried masturbating? It’s pretty fun…

  17. quit cryin says:

    yea. europeans are whiny babies.

    baseball rules.

    fuck the haters.

  18. American Athlete says:

    Why do the Europeans whine like little girls? No wonder they attack American Athletics… they see us do every day things they could never accomplish. The most advanced their culture ever got with athletics was kicking around animal stomach inflated with air. They’re just bitter they wasted all their time drinking tea, jagging off over the Queen and FAILING to brush their banged up teeth.


  19. What's the song in #1? says:

    What’s the song at the end of the clip in #1?

  20. Peter says:

    “1. Bill Buckner, Enough Said”

    Well sorry for being part of the rest of the world.

    Typical American arrogance.

  21. ivan says:

    dude, you missed ZIDANE

    just for that i dont like your list

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  23. Mark says:

    Yeah, too bad you couldn’t compile the Top 10 Moments of Cricket, that would’ve been a hoot. Fucking Europussies. Go play some fucking tiddlywinks.

  24. Song is cool says:

    What is the song in number 1?

  25. s says:

    Puckstar – yeah good point.
    That was a super gaff, her missing that easy Olympic win. I mean – it’s the freaking Olympics. Don’t screw around.
    Poor kid.
    Life is for learning….

  26. Bash Brother says:

    I think Jose Canseco may have missed his calling as a soccer player

  27. cards06 says:

    more sports, more sports

  28. No montage of the ’07 NY Mets blowing a 7-game lead in Sept? That should be #1-A.

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  30. Theydeletedit says:

    Number 6 has been removed from Youtube.

  31. MOokie says:

    How about Gus Frerrote’s big head-butt moment?

  32. puckstar says:

    What about Lindsay Jacobellis getting all cocky at the very end of the the Women’s Snowboardcross finals at the 2006 Turino Olympics? Fifty yards ahead of her nearest competitor, she goes over the final jump and does a grab trick only to miff the landing and lose the gold medal. Cockyness got the best of her, and she got what she deserved. I bet she cried herself to sleep that night.

  33. ummm says:

    Replace the #1 video with a better version. That bullshit musical crap overlaying on it makes it too annoying to even bother watching ever.

  34. meuh says:

    Fucking American… you know only your sports you play alone…

  35. Boysterload says:

    I can’t believe you left out the famous Gus Frerotte head but! November 1997, when he was playing for the Washington Redskins (American Football) he ran for a touchdown and was so excited that he head butted the wall and sprained his neck….. Can’t find a video, but read the article here:

  36. ThinkSoJoE says:

    Scott Norwood? Anybody? The guy only blew the biggest kick of his LIFE and single handedly kick-started the Buffalo Bills unprecedented run of four straight losing Super Bowls. Robot Chicken still makes fun of it, and the whole premise of the first Ace Ventura movie was virtually based on it.

  37. rob says:

    the song in #1 is Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

  38. AHHA says:

    love how u mock europe… buts its not just europe… the whole world hates you america.. and we love to see how arrogant and stupid you are. ive read here about cricket… ok cricket its only played in england and india.. WTF has to do with the other 40 european countrys hein?? fuck educate yourselfs. BUSH, before getting ellected never went outside america… hahah thats so fuckin noob… having a president who doesnt even know what the world is. i pitty you.. and you so called “freedom”. you dont realize u dont have more freedom than other… its the oposite

  39. The Comish (sic) says:

    “the whole world hates you america.. and we love to see how arrogant and stupid you are.”

    Your arguments have convinced me. Americans shouldn’t post sports clips to their blogs without first considering whether they’ve included enough foreign sports. Because if you don’t include sports that you’re not familiar with, then you’re obviously an arrogant jerk. And if this blog is about anything, it’s all about boobs, laughs, and improving foreign relations.

    Here’s a thought, AHHA. Maybe if you want to read about curling and speedwalking, you could write your own fucking blog. And maybe if you’re going to criticize other people for being arrogant, there’s a better way to do it than crowing about your own culture’s superiority. Also you should probably stop wearing those skin-tight t-shirts and shave off that fruity little mustache, you silly wanker.

    If whiny bigots like you hate America, then Americans should wear that as a badge of honor.

  40. Ernesto says:

    Jim Marshall should have # 1, I mean , in most cases they had less than 1 second to react, but him….65 yards ……. unbeliveable !!!

  41. unsleepable says:

    [...] Top 9 Most Humiliating Sports Moments “It’s one thing to humiliate yourself. It’s quite another to do it in front of 50,000 people.” [...]

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  43. sportsfan says:

    what about Aaron Brooks throwing a football backwards in order to avoid a sack? My friends and I re-enact that one every time we have a football in our hands.

  44. Hasan says:

    Watabout the Saints making that touchdown with all those laterals only to miss the extra point and not make the playoffs!!! #1 in my book.

  45. isotope says:

    Ahhhh! I forgot about the Saints and the missed extra point. I remember the wife and I, not Saints fans at all, let out a shriek when that happened.

    There was also just last year when Chris Phillips of the Sens put the puck past his own goalie in last years Stanley Cup finals. I was laughing my ass off then felt sick for the guy when they zoomed in on his face when he was skating all by himself.

    Another thought, isn’t it a bit arrogant to chastise someone for not including more of the sports you love? If this was a European blog that included mostly soccer and cricket, Americans would probably not even bat an eye over it. Works both ways.

  46. big Al says:

    c’mon… the Bill Buckner play is not the #1….

    some of these should be in your top 10
    from football
    … the Jackie Smith dropped pass in the end zone in the best Super Bowl of all time… Pitt vs Dallas (jan 79)… it would have been the first Super Bowl to go in OT
    …. NY Giants vs Philly… Giants are winning with less than a minute to go … all they have to do is take a knee… instead they hand off, blow the exchange and Herman Edwards from the Eagles runs it back the other way

    from baseball
    …. the Cub fan that reached over a few years ago in the playoffs and Moises Alou couldn’t make the out. The Cubs self destruct from that moment on
    …. the Yankees blowing a 3-0 lead to the Red Sox in the alcs… the biggest choke of all time… unfortuantely you can’t put that in a nice sound bite….

    the soccer one was pretty embarrassing…..

  47. Franchize says:

    No Leon Lett? Also surprised to see no Bill Gramattica. Kicker for the Arizona Cardinals, kicks a short feild goal and starts jumping up and down celebrating only to come down wrong and tear his ACL. He never played another NFL down.

  48. Chris says:

    How about Uta Pippig crapping herself during the Boston Marathon? Ever since referred to as the “Uta-bomber” here in Boston.

  49. Todd says:

    No Norwood???? WIDE RIGHT!

  50. AWW says:

    How about the infamous Tommy Salo goal when a shot from centre ice went in off his his head during the 2002 Winter Olympic quarterfinals. I mean your number 9 is awesome … but not as awesome as that one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzrwcUR8wTM

  51. Bolo says:

    Generalization sucks. Europeans are idiots? Americans are arrogant? The truth is, people that generalize are arrogant idiots!

    That being said, AHHA – what country are you from & how many times has the US bailed your country’s ass out of trouble?

  52. Captain America says:

    Fuckin Euro-peons…I’m so sick of your cry-baby-god-save-the-queen-cheerio fucking antics. All day long you bitch and moan like a 14 year old on her period. If i wanted to watch video of 3rd world countries playing dumbass sports with militias in the background holding AK-47′s, I would. As for england, you people are about as useful as a bull with tits… “How about a nice warm lager?”… Yeah, how about you come over here and I’ll shoot some warm lager all over your face… You fucking WISH your world had a tenth of the sporting culture we have. We have Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Gordie Howe, Jim Brown, to name a few of the thousands of legends…You have Pele’ and Beckham…nuff said.

  53. Mike Oxlong says:

    All of you Euro Tools…if you hate American websties so much then stay away from them. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering, “Much smarter, better looking superior human being, how will I know which websites are perfect and American?” Well, I’ll tell you. Just stay away from .com websites and look for .fag ones. Those belong to you… asshats…

  54. Jesus (hails from NY) says:

    Um, the name of the list is “Top 9 Humiliating SPORTS Moments”, not “Top 9 activities where ungroomed retards from across the pond wear lace on their sleeves and backwash tea into eachother’s mouths”. SPORTS require skill and ability, not flailing around on the ground because some fruitcake named Raoule grazed shins with you. You are the world’s armpit, I swear…

  55. Snow says:

    Whats a Pele?

  56. Anonymous says:

    Gordie Howe isn’t american, he played for Detroit but was born in Canada. And Jackie Robinson paly professional basesball in Montreal before playing in the States. Get you fucking history straight before you do any fucking thing else . SHITHEAD

  57. American Pie says:

    We drop a 20 million dollar shipment of food, first aid and clothes – and they burn our flag before we get back home.

    A month later, our uber-liberal Hollywood lunatic fringe is on TV weeping about how the same country lives in squalor and needs our help – and that we should feel guilty because we just ate an entire dinner that would have fed a village.

    That’s usually the way it goes.

  58. xxdesmus says:

    definitely the Yankees blowing the 3-0 lead in the ACLS. Thank god the Yankees suck so bad.

  59. CMan says:

    If I wanted to see a bunch of fairies run around for an hour and a half, I’d go to disney on ice. “soccer” sucks oh yah and “We” elected Bush once.

  60. Sam says:

    As a hard core Sox fan, I have to say to all of you who are posting “what happened with Bill Buckner?” I think the point of the “nuff said” comment was to say that we all thought that moment was so bad it was felt across the world.

    Also, do none of you have internet? You are using it right now, correct? Look it up!

  61. aiiiimz says:

    wow you’re the douche of the century..

  62. Unfather says:

    I was like “this guy’s a douche” up until the voted for Bush twice thing.

    Then I was like “He’s a douche, but he’s got us there…”

  63. dontuwishunewmyname:) says:

    look nobody can say that an entire country is stupid, or ignorant, cuz each and every country has brilliant leaders, and bumbling morons in it. now i hate the french just like a lot of people, but La Fayette was one of the greatest human being ever to walk the earth. and no i’m not just saying that because i’m american and grateful for what he did for us. :) So plz, Europeans stop calling Americans ignorant. we aren’t any stupider than you guys are. ps. i like soccer but 1. they don’t score enough. and 2. almost everyone is a wussy.

  64. Cernunnos says:

    *sigh* This is another reason sports are mostly boring to me.

    The proof here is painfully evident; ardent sports fans become drooling idiots the longer they watch sports. That goes for any country, anywhere. And, judging from the folks posting here, it’s apparent that sports devotion also shrinks testicles, (or ovaries) as well as brain cells.

    I’d love to see videos of any of you playing the sports in other countries. I’m sure we could replace this list. Since I’m an American, here’s a suggestion: football lovers here in America? Go down under and play some Aussie Rules Football, then go crying to your mamas about the unfairness of it all.

    Bigotry goes both ways, folks. Now, go back to your little game of “I’m a bigger asshat than you!”


    Oh, and I had to add one last note…

    dontuwishunewmyname:) – a note. It should be don’tyouwishyou-Knew-myname. And the statement you made, “we aren’t any stupider than you…” (stupider?) proves that you, at least, are.

    Back to the beatings.

  65. Snow says:

    European football is great… if you an 11 year old.

  66. Vitor says:

    By the way, it’s not European Football it’s just plain football, you are the ones that invented the fagot American Football that only you seem to care about. The king of all sports… You just don’t give a shit about football because you suck at it… And we don’t have only Péle and the LA Galaxy guy, we have Di Stéfano, Eusébio, Maradona, Cruijff, Beckenbauer etc. Google it. Knowledge doesn’t hurt
    One more thing, you elected Bush. Twice.

  67. Sexy Biatch says:

    Steve Mclaren is a tit and you can see another great pair on these Sexy Amateurs.

  68. Janey says:

    OK guys, sorry, but soccer and American Football are both pussy games. I mean come on, soccer players are prissy, spoilt prima donnas who spend more time taking dives and bitching at the ref than actually playing – and American footballers are pansies who wear full frickin body armor! Rugby is a full contact sport just like American football, but you don’t see rugby players wearing helmets and shoulder pads and every other god damn thing – and you don’t see them crying foul the minute someone messes up their hairdo either. They just take the knocks and get on with the game. Rugby players are the real men. Booya.

  69. Orermesty says:

    hmm. amazing )

  70. SuckitJaney says:

    fool rugby is pussy, there are more injurys in football then rugby because the rugby players are too afraid to hit ppl cuz theyll get hurt too.BOO FREAKIN HOO grow a pair

  71. RegisMayhem says:

    King of all sports, huh? Take a look at this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVjR55f7gTc

    An old guy bumps into a player, who falls down as if he got shot. Then the same old guy slaps a referee. We don’t give a shit about European football because the players are pathetic children who are more actors than athletes.

    And by the way, I voted for Gore and Kerry.

  72. Kinkoid Survivor says:

    Actually, number 2 is why ‘merica sucks.

  73. hoolio says:

    y21qej hi! hooli?