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Top Heavy


43 Responses to "Top Heavy"

  1. curious says:

    big woop, she has no ass

  2. sexy says:

    can you come to my olace tonight we could play follow the leader???????????????

  3. canadian retards suck there dog says:

    you suck at life retarded Canadian who can not spell for shit.

    stop sucking your dog.



  4. mramansingh says:

    amen brotha

  5. the mufftang66 says:

    if I can touch them, then they are real

  6. mutherducker says:

    she wud poke someones eye out

  7. edwordsux says:


  8. Sid says:

    Does she know she has a wad on her face?

  9. NEW B says:

    She’ll de, def, definatley grow into them after she’s married….

  10. sepp says:

    It’s photoshop, the blur in the background was created for a better use of liquify filter.

    The shadow in the right arm is diferent than under the breast (direction of the light is not equal).

    Sorry for mi english.

    PD: I wish she was real…

  11. edge says:

    I would love to see her run!

  12. dave'snohere says:

    Probably a fat chick they photoshopped. Look at the size of her left hand, it’s disproportionate.

  13. ... says:

    Why are you all so angry? It’s just the interwebs?

  14. lost in a vagina says:

    dont even like it…she looks fuckin stupid

  15. queeftard says:

    do you know you have a wad on YOUR face?

  16. John says:

    this is actually my friend sara…shes unfortunately a lesbian and has had a breast reduction since then….still beautiful tho

  17. MrKillson says:

    It’s her right hand. See, the reflection off the water behind her causes a bend in ti… alright, I’m done.

  18. caf feind cat says:

    I lost my dog has anyone……………….BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBs

  19. Sweep the Leg Johnny says:

    Damn! I need some Cheerios to go with those Milk Jugs.

  20. tklukz says:

    People assume too many things shopped these days. While some of the photo may have been touched up, the overall proportions of this photo are accurate. This photo is supposed to be comedic, not showing off the huge tits. The comedy is that she bought a really large bikini to cover her boobs, but the bikini bottem is way to large and is falling off of her. Look at the wrinkles in it, the obiviouse sag, ect. Also the blur in the back ground is quite possible depending on her speed and the quality of the camera, that is what an auto focus does, focuses on the object you want, and sacrifices other portions of the images to get the part you want.

  21. edwordrules says:

    Nice attempt at Shop.
    I see lots of people were fooled.

  22. ZonaSeco says:

    Retard grammar fail: straight not strait

    Unless you meant a narrow channel of water. In that case carry on retard.

  23. Anonymoose says:


    point, set, match!

  24. too much free time says:

    no way, are those real

  25. time free much too says:

    No way those are real. No commas needed. See?

  26. Retard says:

    No way, Are those real?

    No way are those real!

    Either way is right depending on whether your asking a question or making a statement.


    Americans are retards?

    Americans are retards!

  27. C. Norris says:

    Except the first guy didnt write “No way. those are real” he wrote “No Way, are those real”.

    “Non-Americans they cant read!”
    isnt the same thing as
    “Non-Americans, cant they read?”

  28. Retard says:

    Thanks for hitting the nail home twat! I think you’ll find it’s you that can’t read.
    You must be descended from those incest loving pedo’s that left portsmouth all those years ago. Just can’t get your dad’s cock out your mouth long enough to think strait, eh?

  29. rape says:


  30. Dont Feed the Trolls!1!1!!! says:

    @ retard.. shut up you damned Canadian. EHHHHHHH?

  31. six-pack of kegs says:

    the video of this would could make your eyes pop out

  32. onward says:

    I love her…but, bit exaggerated.
    Still loving this pic, though.

  33. Barn Door says:

    Those are fucking nasty.

  34. Jenny says:

    ya i mean mine are big but natural not that fake shit

  35. Nephtys says:

    That is the polar opposite of a weeble. I also believe each of them have 2 poles and their own gravitational pull.

  36. A-hole says:

    I was thinking those two would be found rotating around another pole. The one at Scores.

    As for the size…maybe she’s planning to grow into them once she gets married.

  37. Jack Burton says:

    I wish they were rotating around MY pole………….get it? I meant my dick.

  38. office jerk says:

    how convenient if she’s the opposite of a weebl. no matter how much you fill her up, she’ll always go down again?

  39. dangitbobby says:

    jesus … motorboating those things would crush your skull like a pumpkin.

  40. fourteenlines says:

    …how festive.

  41. NattyTheNaturalKilla says:

    How can she walk…. with me trying to jump her from behind… ;}~

  42. Jambalaya says:

    How can she walk? With those big ass thick cankles she’s developed from carrying around all that weight these years.

  43. Penis Penis Penis nom nom nom says:

    she walks like Bigfoot