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Tori Spelling Wants In On 90210 Remake

Remember Beverly Hills 90210, the show that followed the adventures of a group of 40 year-old actors pretending to be virginal teenagers? Well, they’re remaking it, and the very very talented Tori Spelling wants in. People.com reports:

The actress has yet to be contacted by the producers of the Beverly Hills, 90210 remake the CW is developing, but Spelling, who played Donna Martin on the original show for 10 years, is ready to step up if she gets offered a role.

Ready to step up if she gets offered a role huh? That’s possibly an understatement. I’m pretty sure when her agent told her she replied with “Point me to the penis I have to put in my mouth to get this.”

It’s weird they’re remaking all these old TV shows. I also heard they’re doing a remake of the A-team. I say we just combine the A-Team and 90210 and make them one show. Like, we have an episode where Brenda Walsh isn’t sure if her boyfriend’s cheating on her, so the A-team follows him, only to find out the boyfriend is an international arms dealer. Here’s what the opening credits would look like:

Beverly Hills a-team – Watch more free videos

4 Responses to "Tori Spelling Wants In On 90210 Remake"

  1. Bundy says:

    My God! Her face is huge!

  2. jonze says:

    Ho Lie Shit, tori spelling is fucking fat. i remember when she was sexy, which was only a few years ago. now she looks like, fat actress, whats her name? she’s fat, and she’s an actress… not mo’nique… or oprah… or roseanne… or queen latifah…


  3. Julia says:

    Wow. The only thing that’s changed about her is the size of her face. Jeez.

  4. Buddy Ice says:

    That video is the greatest shit I’ve every seen. Alf, too classic.

    Is it just me or does Tori Spelling looks like she’s Miss Piggy?

    And that reminds me of a joke: Why does Miss Piggy take baths in honey?
    Because Kermit likes to eat sweet and sour pork.