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Totally BS Profile Of: Masuimi Max

Korean and German fetish model Masuimi max popped up on our radar’s way back when she appeared as an apparently very cold contestant on Fear Factor, a show that you may recall was mostly about hot chicks eating bugs.  We felt like she needed to have a come back.  Enjoy some pics and some surprising facts that, you know, could maybe be true.

Fact:  Masuimi once dropkicked Emmanuel Lewis 15 yards.
Fact:  Ms. Max can rotates her head a full 180 degrees.
Fact:  Masuimi’s back tattoo is actually covering up a tattoo of Vanilla Ice boxing MC Hammer.

14 Responses to "Totally BS Profile Of: Masuimi Max"

  1. Travis Bucharest says:

    She’s actually a feminine tomboy. She will punch you in the pants and MAKE you take her out. Like the Munn.

  2. Nameless says:

    She hot in a stripper kind of way but her face always gives off this weird look…like a retarded Angelina Jolie.

  3. This girl is hot! says:

    First you slackers!!!

    also that girl is hot minus the tatoo!!

  4. theguyabovemeisdumb says:

    you are fucked girls with tattoos all the way!!! u probley wish it was your mom your underwear you inbreed!!!

  5. The guy underneath the first types like a foreigner! says:

    Learn how to type with out sounding like Borat!!! Jackass!

  6. Retard Translator says:

    “you are fucked girls with tattoos all the way!!! u probley wish it was your mom your underwear you inbreed!!!”

    Dear Sir,

    You certainly are in a difficult bind, and young women who decorate themselves in a tribal manner are most attractive, emphatically so. Your mother probably would change your undergarments for you since you most likely have soiled them viewing such an attractive lady, and perhaps it’s your lack of breeding to suggest otherwise.

    Yours Truly,


  7. Ben Affleck says:

    No shit. I’ve read that comment 3 times and I still have no idea what that jackass is trying to say.

    … this generation is doomed. I swear shit like twitter and text messaging has ruined the future of the entire human race.

  8. sd hot guy says:

    Why couldn’t my ancestors pick their own cotton.

  9. Per johan says:

    yo ben assfleck why i only see them complains from u about tha comments ppl make yo? make ur own god damn comment dude n btw i actuly like these article yo holy tax u redemin urself dawgz, but u there ben u hav som redemin to do yo if u wanna not me gettin ur ass kicked dude just sayin….

  10. A dude says:

    Masuimi is easily the dumbest person I have ever met. She used to be married to a famous piercer when I worked for a piercing/body jewelry company. We met at a convention and she is absolutely retarded.

  11. A nony mouse says:

    Retarded? Soooo..she will pretty much do anything for a candy bar?

  12. i love the ladies says:

    I have a thing for Asian chicks so DAMN she’s sexy.

  13. maria says:

    Masuimi is good looking but seems to be slightly childish, foolish, dumbstruck.

  14. The token gangsta says:

    Damn. She be nippin’ like crazazazy.