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Treadmills To Eleven: A Collection of Full Speed Fails

Treadmills, and exercise in general, are a bad idea. I know, you’re supposed to work out if you want to stay healthy. But what if the very machine you’re working out on is actually more dangerous than a lifetime of cheeseburgers?

1. Pretty much all of the videos to follow are perfect examples of blatant misuse of a treadmill, but this one is particularly awesome because the participants were intoxicated and using a hotel workout room.

2. Home assembly for treadmills — not recommended. They are machines with moving parts, designed to be smarter and stronger than most humans. Please let a professional, or at least a sober relative, put your treadmill together.

3. Ok, pretty standard “I have to go skateboarding with a new fangled skateboard on a treadmill in my mom’s room. And as the doll collection indicates, I have really old parents who don’t let me go outside” scenario.

4. At this point, you pretty much know what’s going to happen at the end of everyone of these videos. This video is made particularly hilarious by a few awesome details. a) The treadmill was a gift to the boy, b) the parents are video taping because they know failure is inevitable, and c) the kid’s wearing Shrek slippers.

5. These girls stormed the treadmill front like brave soldiers, and one by one they fell. The moral of this story is: Don’t go to battle with a treadmill if you’re wearing Uggs.

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