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A Tribute to Men Staring at Boobs

Men like staring at boobs and butts.  That’s just a scientific fact.  Everyone has stolen a tantalizing glance at a nice rack or an amazing posterior at least once in their life.  Fortunately for the rest of us, some of these epic boob/ass stares have been documented via photograph and published to the internet for all to see, and we’ve taken the liberty of gathering some of the best boob and ass stares into one awesome collection. 


238 Responses to "A Tribute to Men Staring at Boobs"

  1. Ribel says:

    Than don’t miss the Tribute of pressing boobs

  2. numnut says:

    “Erica”, your a 38 year old man. Snap out of it !

  3. Cytrode says:

    That last one was clearly the best. Despite the girl not having much to show off, those eyes just look so sinister.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That one of Senator Kerry is not fair, those are his daughters. Oh…oops.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean. Well, gotta go, just had a sudden urge for an ice cream cone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Oh, this is one fine day to be nude
    Yeah, this is one fine day to be nude
    The birds are singing ‘Clinton, have a wonderful spring’
    And people walking by can stop and look at my thing
    Oh this is one fine day to be nude.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes, and so is her look too!

  8. B. Clinton says:


  9. cruise control says:

    It is only natural for guys to perve at the boobs and I, being a female, do not mind in the least for all the appreciation mine recieve. You go boys, no crime there!!
    You also have to remember that for guys scratching in public is now OK, so why not openly perve?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is about my intellectual level right now.

  11. Mike19870 says:

    HEHEH this is funny, great work folks.
    the best log splitter dude

  12. erica says:

    you know what i dont mind when dudes and some girls check my boobs out because they’re gorgeous and they get me a lot of free things! : )


  13. Anonymous says:

    no stupid

  14. spanky says:

    Pic number two; kid looks like he just discovered the holy grail. Classic!

  15. Anonymous says:

    When did scratching become ok? I think it’s disgusting, and I’m a guy.

    Of course, if I’m alone, my hand will be constantly held in that most comfortable of places. But in public?

  16. erica says:

    im absolutely positive that when i jogging at the gym i mesmorize everyone around me!! if you can get a few guys walkin into walls and triping on tred mills then you have a gift from god!


  17. bebo says:

    i like it

  18. Ray Anthony says:

    Well… Let’s see them~

  19. donkey punch says:

    free things. yeah. rape is free. its all fun and games until someone gets raped.

  20. Horny Chick says:

    Don’t get caught chasing tits and ass, play the
    Private Voyeur right now!

  21. erica says:

    there was this 6 yr old kid staring at my boobs today on the train and i dont blame him. these boobs are def better than his moms.. hahahah!!!


  22. Anonymous says:


    i do this shit all the time but i do this during work cause i work with these ladies


  23. Bdub says:

    They’re like friggin visual magnets! And to quote the Borg from Star Trek…”resistance is futile.”

  24. Anonymous says:

    ever flung your C-men on unsuspecting women?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yo, P-Diddy is too damn hilarious..lol..the man just cant stop starring..lmfao

  26. Horny Chick says:

    Caught looking at boobs? Wait till you see this Hardcore Sex collection…

  27. Anonymous says:

    Notice one of the girls is also checking out her sister’s rack. Ultimate class!

  28. Malick says:

    Maybe because you’re not looking at anything else than.. BOOBS! lol

  29. Anonymous says:

    You damn skippy, it’s OK to perv. As for the scratching, we HAVE to do that because of the crabs we get from you bitches.

  30. Gabe says:

    You missed the classic from the harry potter premier. One of the boys checking out emma watson’s rack. I forget which one

  31. Shizzire says:

    I don’t see anyone staring at boobs except for me.

  32. Anonymous says:

    if a girl is showing any cleavage at all, we’re gonna look. they know this, that’s why they wear it. if they say that’s not true, THEY’RE LIARS!!!! i love boobs.

  33. Tina says:

    Want to see what women like to see or stare http://www.ekhichdi.com/gallery/40/


  34. Anonymous says:

    Could be! But I thought she was checking out her own rack. You know, to make sure it’s properly distracting.

  35. doggydog says:

    tht cheerleader is nice!! She’s bangin!

  36. A heterosexual male says:

    I love you.

  37. dude if they are just hanging out I can’t even stop myself from looking…and I am, for the most part, a heterosexual female

  38. Mambo says:

    Wait…. where are the pix uv Obama staing at butts?

  39. PittSteeler says:

    Welcome to America, David Beckham.

  40. The_Answer says:

    Poor Becks …

    He Forgot what ass looked like cuddling up to his stick figure at night..

    I’d fuck the cheerleader of Victoria too .. her thighs look finger licking good

  41. The_Answer says:


    Obama wasn’t starring at that girl’s ass .. but the French prime minister/president was

  42. D. Bechkam says:

    Hell yeah!

  43. phuk the pharoe says:

    dude, this is hilarious! the third one kills me. lol!

  44. illeaturfamily says:

    if it’s frowned upon to stare at boobs then women shouldnt leave ‘em hangin out all over the place. i’m glad this is a “tribute” to the men who don’t care what people think of them for appreciating a nice pair of yum yums.

  45. allahcuntlickfaggotnigger says:

    allah was a cunt. he’s dead now so it’s all good niggers.

  46. ChickaBabes says:

    Cleavages are really tempting! no one can resist…


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  48. mervin says:

    now show kids lookin at weiners

  49. The Circumstance says:

    yes more weiners

  50. Ramani says:


    What a site and what a sight ! ! !

    Glamrous……… with BIG bOObs… Its awesum…

    I to got chances to to the great b00bs ……

    And it is never boring subject…..

    It is a gift(s) to girls….

    Enjoyed these photos….. I like boobs very much than the underground…..

  51. slackjawed says:

    Uhm! This really made me smile and I dont care for any politicians. They would probably want to regulate me watching boobies.

  52. Mateoazrat says:

    Get a clue people! John Kerry was so certain he was going to send Bush back to Texas, it was clear that he was scouting for the next Monica Lewinsky during the campaign…

  53. Mojo jojo says:

    blah blah bla STFU we’re looking at titties, go push your gov’t crap elsewhere! dang

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  55. nekidchikens says:

    The military guy is from the Royal Canadian Dragoons, WO Dean Jones. Too Funny!!!

  56. jimy says:

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  57. remymar says:

    Have you seen the hot Russian babe with MASSIVE MELONS?!? Check her out: http://tinyurl.com/yencqu2

  58. DoctaDoc says:

    Holy fuck…perverted little kids these days, since when do they learn to stare like that? rofl.

  59. elie says:

    do you know who the brunette is thats with him

  60. sandeep says:

    so cool

  61. Sciuridae says:

    I’m half monkey, half dolphin and half platypus. I’m blonde-ish and i like men who can take control.
    my measurements are 54/23/48/34/23
    pretty much a god amongst animal hybrids.
    even though i get checked out, i pretend to not consider it the only thing that matters to me, by telling people that i’m totally deep.

  62. Destiny says:

    Guys will always stare at what you have. If it wasnt your boobs, its another chicks. Even though I know I get checked out, im more proud of the fact of how many conversations I can (for one actually carry on “LIKE OH EM GEE!!!) carry on with a guy. How I can joke with a guy, and how I can keep a friendship and a relationship with a guy. Which last a lot longer then those couple of seconds a man glances at you.
    And Im not some jealous fat ass either.
    IM 5’1
    36/27/38 Are my measurements.
    Pretty much an hour glass :)
    Blonde, Big blue eyes, pouty lip.
    Except for being a blonde, I was born with it all, and never diet :)

  63. Davidnlafayette says:

    Send us a picture Destiny.
    We’ve shit like this before, so let’s see what ya got.

  64. jlew says:

    yes you can i like what i hear

  65. francfist says:

    I’m a grandma with time to waste. sciuridae – your comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks

  66. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Who would have thought a gay Repugnicon would actually have something nasty and untrue to say.

    That’s like saying Repugnicons aren’t intelligent.

    Oh, wait. That one’s true…

  67. Einstein says:

    What are you doing here? Dont you have some 14 year old altar boy to fuck through a tiny hole in the bible?

  68. I Have A Boner says:

    your names are funny

  69. Rev. Wilson says:

    Is that you little Jimmy? Your internet privileges have been revoked! You hear me? No more posting at boytoy.com You disgust me!

  70. JM says:

    Funny that all the republitards are the ones getting busted for hiring gay boy hookers or screwing each other in rest stops and airport bathrooms. Repubs are the biggest “closset-ed” bunch by far.

  71. dudethatthinksthatpeopleshouldhavespacesinthiernames says:

    I can’t believe u guys. I’m not saying i’m a republican, but if u think that telling him he’s a jerkoff isn’t being hypocritical, then I must not know what the word means. Seriously, cut it out, if u want people to think ur more than a mindless being that does nothing but throw insults.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Troll a little harder next time. That was pretty lame.

  73. Anony Mouse says:

    this is why i hate politics, we start off with something good (BOOBIES!) and then its always gotta turn into people bashing other people who in reality arent really that different, we are all Americans we all support OUR country, why must we hate each other? lets just enjoy the BOOBIES like this page was intended and hate on the FRENCH afterwards

    my favorite is the 2nd pic…..little kid mouth hanging open in amazment……priceless

  74. BenjTech says:

    yeah, like proud repub says anything about who you are! republicans are always quick to call somebody out for something they themselves are doing

  75. Anonymous says:

    republican = most likely to ruin a perfectly good titty thread

  76. What the Fu... says:

    Hey Now, im republican and noone enjoys a good set of female breasticles more than I

  77. SMRTRTHNU says:

    Get off our titty site republican! Don’t you have some bible pounding to do, or some lies to spread? Isn’t it against your self-proclaimed moral superiority to be here anyway? Go home and masturbate to the boys underwear ads in your Walmart sale flyer…

  78. LOL "Fuckharty" yeah didn't hide your name there says:

    tl; dr

  79. halogirl says:

    so true fukc them all

  80. urmomlikesmydik says:

    boobs are great…hes probably thinking of slapping some baby oil on those breasts and titty fucking them all night

  81. Proud Repub says:

    Anon is a good name for you and your kind.

  82. Pussy and titty loving Republicans says:

    Hey we know all you faggot ass democraps can’t gat your nose out of your ass for a second or maybe its the shit still on your breathe from sucking your boyfriends dick, but really if you don’t believe Democraps are gay then look at Clinton he must be into beastiality if those aren’t men they must be horses.

  83. Exile says:

    Why was John F’n Kerry looking at some bewbs? He’s a Democrap. Democrap = Gay.

    He was probably thinking about his BFF, Big Fat Teddy Kennedy and his pendulous jugs.

  84. jansd says:

    lol politics.

  85. Anonymousy says:


  86. francfist says:

    Love that handle. May be my favorite of all time!

  87. JAMES (not hiding my name) Fuckharty says:

    indeed lol politics but on a serious note what has politics shown us today? thats right children. politicians (politicians meaning any one that thinks this government is infallible) make the human race look like argumentative cunt wads. i mean shit have you seen how many political parties there its despicable and i mean it’s not like some one can change the nation being president is like walking through a crowd of people when you want to go one way to find peace but then you have laws and restrictions pushing you another way towards a train thats about to derail and cause a big war so if you want to run for president remember this, our wonderful four fathers (and i know they were trying to protect us)put up laws and restrictions so if you want to idk make marijuana legal make sure you study those restrictions cause all these laws we have now against it there are other constitutions regulations and rules that send said subject into a spiraling shit storm of a clusterfuck that will rape all those 90+ aged tight assholes

    THAT IS ALL GOD FUCKING BLESS AMERICA no get back to the lesbian and midget and fucked up porn i know you love

  88. Badass says:

    You’d be a hobo?

  89. Rev. Wilson says:

    You’d have enough for proper clothes that won’t announce to the world what a raving fucking slut you really are

  90. valleygirl71.blogspot.com says:

    Man, if I had a quarter for every time that happened to me…

  91. Some Random Dude says:


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  93. Anonymous2 says:

    The last one is the best.

  94. ralph says:

    My fav is pic number 3…like the guy is having a heart attack! I laughed so har. Yo, if you want a good laugh, my Buddy just showed me this, some funny shiz….callingallcaptains.com

  95. ALL THE PLAYERS says:

    What’s there to say? This is HUMAN NATURE at its best!!!

  96. onewetbed says:

    Lecherous man home,beauty paradise!!!
    beautiful woman her combat index to 3200.. is she still stay with her husband.. someone posted on yahoo answers that she has an profile on an online site___Sugar^loves___ you know it is a bad site for rich men to seek girls.night long!!!dont stop till you get enough!!

  97. dogface says:

    The last one is classic. :} Bless.

  98. booberry says:

    Europeans are and have always been unappreciative bastards.

  99. kevin says:

    Boobs and butt are the ultimate attraction of women to us man apart from the looks part how sexy is she, consider as we just love both of them just can’t take my eyes away, almost all of the men of earth will tell you this since our great country Australia has some of the most beautiful women in the world apart from France, Greece and Italy.Also I as a roman catholic like over billion others in the world are attracted toward virgin women for marriage because u know

  100. anonamous says:

    the guy in the third picture, Could his eye’s open any wider without them popping out? the boys in the second and last picture, sorry to say, “there balls haven’t even dropped yet”. where as the boy in the first picture is thinking, “I WISH I HAD GOTTEN MILK”.

  101. mikeyeyey says:

    WHO IS THE BLONDIE in 8th or 9th pic shes damn hot firt thing my eyes were droven to was her boobies ! So what? Can u do anything about your hormones (take a pil or two doesn’t make a difference :D )

  102. Ontopofyourmom says:

    Mmmm, Milk bubbles !

  103. Joe Foust says:

    Hey if yer gonna stick em out there we are gonna look! I had one girl ask me in a disgusted tone “What are YOU looking at?” I just pointed and uttered one word. “those!” She just snorted and walked away. Then I stared at her ass.

  104. MATT2438 says:


  105. s3xt0y says:

    ha john kerry and his daughter? or some random chick look at the other chicks boobs.
    does he have a daughter?

  106. J says:

    haha lol, we cant help but look

  107. Phil Lethbridge says:

    There another good group of images like this at


  108. Echuu says:

    I have a picture with me and the girl in the 8th picture “Natascha Peyre” I’m way too excited in the picture to post it online.

  109. igloo7777 says:

    boob watch is damn good

  110. e says:

    Who is that in #2?

  111. EXP1969 says:

    If they didn’t want us to lOOk, they should just keep ‘em covered! Duh!! [OO]

  112. lowrydaz19 says:

    That cheerleader is smokin’ hot!!!

  113. Ronok420 says:

    i am not a beutiful rose,bur you are the really nice.

  114. Ronok420 says:

    i give a rose for u.

  115. tonails says:

    i masturbate in public to massive boobs all the time an no one even cares

  116. ThisGuy says:

    please tell me thats not his daughters,otherwise he would be one sick fuck

  117. MQS 88 says:

    Words are only dirty if you make them that way EX sex-fuck,Is there one worse then the other if so why? If you think its bad dont say it!

  118. WTF? says:

    How the fuck did this go from Kerry looking at tits to religion?
    BTW XENU is my homeboy!

  119. Being a pervert is a prerequisite to running for president.

  120. Anonymous2 says:

    Spaghetti monster win!

  121. American says:

    How does this make you want to praise Ala?

  122. Sahii says:

    I dont knw why is it necessary to use wrong words……….If u dnt want to talk about religion its ur wish….. u will be answering ur own!!

  123. @a loss says:

    Is that John Kerry in the 5th pic?

  124. AngryWhiteBoi says:

    its freaken awsome how it looks as if there both taking a look

  125. Kenworth says:

    hahaha look a Moslem!
    just remember that God is not the same as Allah, Allah is the Arabic word for god, God is a separate Christian deity.

  126. Mohammed says:

    It’s Fact that God made us this way for a specific reason, if you read or believe in God you will know why…
    this is a verse from the Holy Quran.

    14. Beautified for mankind is love of the joys (that come) from women and offspring, and stored up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded (with their mark), and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode.

  127. sahii says:

    If they r not then y dont u call ur parents like tht?????

  128. Pierre says:

    damn, i thought he was a robot! respect++

  129. Camelot says:

    You are all a bunch of SICKOs. These are his daughters.
    Get a life

  130. Jeff says:

    I don’t know what the dude who thinks Allah and the “christian” God are different is smoking but, he must have been using a whole bunch of it. Christian god = muslim god = jewish god, which all = the same Abrahamic god from which each of them came from.

    Not to mention, all gods = the flying spaghetti monster.

  131. Muslim says:

    This is a fact for all christians ……………u call urself Christians and can u tell me 1 thing are you really listening to isa aleysalam (jesus)….he died telling u to follow one Allah He is the only 1 who created us…….And seeing isaalyesalam’s miracle u considered him as Allah son…. U people r just wht to do wht u want and not to listen to ny 1,…..isaalyesalam speent his whole life teaching u about Allah and u put all his efforts in vain………started praying him…….Come on grow up…… U still have time dont let ur life wasted……….start ur preparation to protect urself against Allahs Ajab………..and ask for His mercy……..
    @mohhammed………this was not the time to talk about this ayat……We all knw Allah has made everything for human pleasure and us for His ibadat…….try to represt urself right whn its needed…….not when and as u wish………..

  132. Big Ed says:

    Yea like he hasn’t done them Theresa ain’t all that and never home

  133. Anonmeymous says:

    i hear that he served in Viet Nam

  134. j-dawg says:

    man i coughed up my drink and rofl’d from your comment… priceless

  135. anon. says:

    That’s sick Mohammed – your OFFSPRING too???

  136. Anomynous says:

    I think Kerry is actually looking at his withered penis to see if it has responded in any way to the mammos in the picture with him.

  137. noahaction says:

    hey john, why the long face?

  138. jojo says:

    Sure is

  139. kshaw says:

    im lovin the kid thats like “fuck the picture lady i got somethin better to look at”—smartest kid on the planet

  140. Anonymous says:

    What the fuck is a scrimmage point?

  141. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s David Beckham. And he’s not looking anywhere near her boobs.

  142. Pierre says:

    the cheerleader one is priceless.

    Cheerleader: Oh I hope my team scores enough scrimmage points to win the match!

    Dude: Dear baby jesus, i don’t pray for much …

  143. Darryl says:

    The one with Beckham…I could see the caption…

    “Oi, if only Posh had some meat on her ass like this Yank girl???”

  144. Hilary Clinton says:

    Well, hopefully one day you can go get some self-esteem. Do you not expect guys to look at you when you’re obviously showcasing your breasts? That’s like shoving a cake in a fat dudes face and expecting him not to lick the frosting off.

  145. ziggy303 says:

    Leave it to Hilary Clinton to say some ridiculous shit like that. Trying to give this young lady a lecture is all fine and dandy. But if her friends and her want to shake their boobies for the boys then that is their Natural Born God givin American Right that I fully support!!!!! Fucking Hilary…. This is why you weren’t elected president.

  146. erica12 says:

    the reason why i jump rope at the gym is to get as many guys to stare at my boobs. its a little competition my girl friends and i started 2 years ago. its funny how many creepos are at the gym these days. hahaha..


  147. Malick says:

    A five years ols with a new toy is desperate for attention?? Wow.. that’s a first. Attention from whom? The toy? Lmao!

  148. Sciuridae says:

    you call the guys creepy for watching girls more desperate for attention than a five year old with a new toy? i think the reason you’re saying there’s so many creepos, is because someone is winning the competition… and it’s not you

  149. abrar faiaz says:

    god, thats why i love america!!!!! i have been here for about a month now and the boobs i see on campus are just extraordinary.

  150. Balsac Teabagger says:

    Take I look at this asshole!

  151. longrod von hugendong says:

    bewbs :)

  152. RoxHardy says:

    Clarification: Beckham and the guy in the white dress shirt are actually staring at the ass, not the boobs. All hail the Assman.

  153. Syph says:

    Of course David is looking @ That cheerleaders ass. He has never seen a real ass before….

  154. Cosgrove says:

    For God so made the tits so that men might stare at them, yea, and not at goats, which would be outright.

    I think Mohammed is a troll, whatcha think?

  155. Tim Giangiobbe says:

    James do you ever say anything Intelligent? You Ignorant Moron!Do you ever write anything that is not Gibberish.I can’t make any sense from your Rambling.You are obviously pro Jail and Not for The Tax Cannabis Tax Act 2010 in California.Just another Brain Dead Conservative.If you don’t smoke herb then that is the reason for being so stupid.You are probably an alcoholic Child molestor.That’s no Joke!Do you read what you Write before Pressing the send Button.Can You Read? Can You Write? Don’t think so!I Like The Tiny Hole in the Bible Remark and I’m a Christian.That’ not hate it’s Funny!Funny is Funny!Some of Those Bible Toting Bastards are so self righteous it’s truly sickening.Haters never do make much sense.God Will still forgive them.GOD BLESS ALL

  156. Peter says:

    Guess there should be a couple og thousands pictures of me then

  157. firstbizzay says:

    The dude in the fourth pic jizzed his pants…lol

  158. Fukkad.com chick says:

    the tenth guy is actually admoring her ass!!

  159. Arinze mario says:

    Dude,can’t imagine P diddy starring at retired boob like its fresh.

  160. Moviesloverjack says:

    We are men when something get our attention we just can’t help.

  161. Ronnie Stigs says:

    In the picture with the guy in the Bass Pro Shops hat, he’s staring at his sister thinking, “Mmmm…”

  162. rom says:

    Unless you know something I don’t about anatomy, David Beckham is actually staring at the cheerleader’s ass!!

  163. i lost my boner says:

    i love politics but that belongs on a different site then my boobs time hahah get off my titties and why has nobody noticed p diddy haha

  164. Jain says:

    This is so funny and similar to Time Wasting Quotes

  165. really says:

    So one of the threads turns into religion
    and the other into politics
    I just wanted to look at some dumbasses getting caught staring at boobs

  166. emmawalker says:

    this is really funny………
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  167. Jbazzle says:

    Gotta love beckham…. just ruthless not even caring about whose watchin!

  168. sohbet says:

    What are you doing here? Dont you have some 14 year old altar boy to fuck through a tiny hole in the bible?

  169. Guess there should be a couple og thousands pictures of me then

  170. sohbet says:

    Love that handle. May be my favorite of all time!

  171. Nasty Girl says:

    When it cums to boobs, I like them Thick and busty!

  172. Rev. Al Sharpton says:

    Fuck o(secondletter)ama

  173. Metmill says:

    If Mecca were boobs instead of it’s present symbol, the whole meaning of worshipping this religion would change.
    If the catholics had looser standards, membership would increase.
    Protestants have it better but are acting too much like the catholics.
    If belief is an option like pick a belief or go agnostic and don’t pick, then too many things bacame optional lately.

  174. paakashi says:

    Having 3 Boobs 5 funny clips

  175. justin says:
    Definitely David Beckham.  This is one of a series of photos, where he checks out the cheerleader, and then Victoria is very clearly upset with him immediately after.
  176. DaveLovesBacon says:

    The second one looks like Hillary Duff…that little cock tease!!

  177. jay says:

    lol yea i saw that series and victoria looked pissed in one as if she caught him.

  178. TG says:

    tribute to boobs and ass

  179. Anonymous says:

    Would you blame David Beckham… clearly the Cheerleader is very hot and well his wife is not!!

    Good on you becks!!

  180. Dayne says:

    NOt only Beckham……. Any fricking Super star will go nuts to see a girl next to him ……..So hot with a body which is calling for Fuck …… Dont blame beck even we look at that pic and get amazing by her physique ………..by the way the girl is got real good legs

  181. grahamatical says:

    He’s starving! Can you blame the man? And this is coming from a lady!

  182. The ONE says:

    I would be right there with Beckham, with my mouth hanging open and drooling slightly.

  183. Robert says:

    The fifth picture down has to be John Kerry. Right? Does anybody know?

  184. Davidnlafayette says:

    Yep, that looks like Kerry. A good sailor always appreciates the Master’s handiwork.

  185. Mudbutt says:

    Congrats on being the 84th person to figure that out.

  186. Chris Harris says:

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  187. not european says:


  188. BAMF says:

    Your name is Pierre. You obviously suck at life; go die.

  189. Pierre says:

    i was trying to illustrate the mindlessness of the cheerleader, but why am i bothering when slackjaws like you are reading it.

  190. I'm a wanker and proud of it! says:

    A wanker is also slang for a penis. And since penises are used to fuck the hottest women in the world, I guess you are saying that Americans Fuck the hottest women in the world. So really, thank you for the complement, you non-wanker, ugly lady fucking euro.

  191. halogirl says:

    uuugh…proud to be stupid, typical american

  192. mike mead says:

    comeon sears it brings life to the world think about what would have dan jones been like if boobs werent fantastic hu think about it by mike mead

  193. Cranky says:

    I guess it comes from taking all the people smart enough to get out of the rest of the world. Americans are not superior, just happy where we are.

  194. Anomynous says:

    “Scrimmage point” and “match” are terms that faggoty Euro-assholes use when trying to demonstrate knowledge about sporting events, in an effort to make themselves appear less gay.

  195. Aus says:

    To wank, is actually to jerk off. So, as a proud wanker, you’re actually a proud…bat boy.
    I spose I should be impressed that a yank got it that close, though.
    In every sense. ;)

  196. nothingness says:

    i am american and i totally agree with you on that one. americans are proud of the stupidest things, and most if not all of the “american way” ,as political freedoms are refered too, are found in countless other countries around the world. i hate pariotic people.

  197. Anonmyous says:

    1st: We don’t care for proof of the mindlessness of a cheerleeder IN A PHOTO. If you point her out to us in a bar, thats different. We can at least ‘chat her up’…as you’d probably say.

    With a gay accent of course.

    2nd: We maybe slackjawed, but we’re proud. Proud that we’re slackjawed, and proud that we don’t use the phrase scrimmage points…or ‘match’.

  198. American for life! says:

    sorry guys, we americans really are stupid and dumb.

  199. European says:

    Wanker is a term that we use to describe Americans.

  200. Superfastellis says:


  201. Holly says:

    Definitely NOT Holly Madison.. Turn on E! News or better yet, open a playboy mag and you’ll see that I’m right.

  202. Aunt Edna says:

    Id think Justin would know if he was staring at Holly Madison’s boobs or not…and yes, that is Holly Madison.

    your mother

  203. seth says:


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  205. Anonymous says:

    That’s not Holly Madison its just some random plastic playboy groupie, but really, its all the same.

  206. soro says:

    BIKER GIRLS GONE WILD – full length video – 30 day rental for 3.99

  207. OHMYGOODNESS says:

    Men and Boobs – OH MY… I think this would be a mans perfect world!!!! http://bit.ly/4xglFC

  208. Anonymous1 says:

    Your an idiot if you actually think that is Brett Favre

  209. Anonymous says:

    wrong photo DA

  210. Anonymous says:

    Not Favre… David Beckham, British soccer player. He got busted by his lady too. The other pics in the series are hilarious. She was *not* happy! :)

  211. Anonymous says:

    10th photo, Brett Favre

  212. europe smells like ass in the summer says:

    name says it all ho

  213. AD says:

    Fantastic collection.

  214. Anonymous says:

    the one with Diddy is classic. but 2 and 3…not bad

  215. Anonymous says:

    Don’t miss Susan Sarandon giving Jake Gillenhall a nice distraction (at the Toronto Film Fest.)


  216. Daneurysm says:

    Amazing. I wonder if I have ever been caught looking on film…

  217. sad says:

    i want a hot girle

  218. justin says:
    That is indeed Justin Thomas.  Looking at Holly Madison’s boobs.  That was at a party we went to where we were supposed to report, but we just ended up getting wasted and trying to take pictures of us pretending to masturbate next to playboy playmates. 
  219. Anonymous says:

    is that justin in the 9th picture?

  220. Donzaloog says:

    I love a woman with big tits, all these women were beautiful.
    I love the picture with Eva Amurri, that dude is just blatant(I would have done the same thing) she is fucking hot!!!

    I love the ones with the little kids, it just goes to show you that even at a young age boys know what the scene is. David Beckham looks like he’s ready to tackle that cheerleader and get it on right there, P Diddy has the same look on his face with Jessica Biel, can’t blame either one of them I feel the same way beautiful women make life worth living even if you’re not having sex with them.

  221. boing boing boing boing says:

    Well, I guess I bought them for a reason and paid extra so they’re extra soft and squishy and bounce just right!

  222. Muckus says:

    The blond on Kerry’s left is looking too!

  223. stephbxl says:


  224. cnnic2005 says:

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  225. ghostrecon says:

    if you have it show it!!!…lets make this fucking country a better place to live and the children enjoy the nice views their mommas show the world!!!

  226. Pat says:

    I think they should all by an E-Cigarette then they can touch there boobs “lol” everyone i meet always wants to touch my JOYE

  227. AmericanBad@$$ says:

    Funny stuff…these mugs got cold busted. BTW, if gals don’t want the fellers looking at their rack or @$$, they shouldn’t dress like harlots.

  228. r4 dsi says:

    that last one was just awesome…. just couldn’t stop laughing… keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

  229. Anonymous69 says:

    Most of the guys are checking out the chick’s ass not their boobs

  230. Tibor says:

    The reaction on the face of the guy in the 3rd pic down is priceless. You know he’s thinking Holy crap is anyone else seeing this?

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  231. Luke says:

    Beckham knows what’s up, his wife ain’t got nothing on Ms.Titty Booty Bang Bang there ha!

  232. Anonymous says:

    the one above p diddy is def a stare at the ass. the man thinks like me.

  233. casualencounters.com/blog says:

    I want to say it’s wrong, that it’s objectification, that it’s sexist and evil, but…. I can’t stop staring… http://casualencounters.com/blog/

  234. Fah Q says:

    I bet Tiger fucked them all….

    I’m just sayin’….