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Tupac’s Hologram Performed At Coachcella. The Future Is Now. And It’s Wearing Saggy Jeans.

It must have been a mind melting experience being at Coachcella this past weekend, especially if you were on drugs. Not only did you get to see performance from Snoop Dog and his cavalcade of surprise guests, including Dr. Dre, Whiz Kalifa, Warren G., and Eminem, but you also saw the triumphant return of a man that’s been dead since 1996 – Tupac Shakur.


Not really, though. But with the help of some wacky sci-fi wizardry, a terrifyingly realistic hologram of Tupac shared the Coachcella stage with Snoop Dog for a performance of “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

MTV.com interviewed Nick Smith, the president of AV Concepts, the company behind bringing Tupac back to life for the one-night only performance. While not getting in to specifics on how much that effect may have cost, Smith mentioned that similar effects have been budgeted anywhere between $100,000 and $400,000.

Smith went on to say that AV Concepts can take any performer and bring them back to life with their technology, which paves the way for a crazy future in which you may one day pay an obscene amount of money to watch Elvis perform live, or watch Mozart conduct a symphony.

Wait…what if The Rolling Stones have been dead for years? What if this technology has been the reason we all think Keith Richards is actually alive? Does this mean watching The Stones perform isn’t so much an exercise in trying to figure out how these men are still alive and it’s more about the insane and wondrous ways we can keep musical legends alive for future generations?

Mind. Blown.

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