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Turns Out Everyone Loved the How I Met Your Mother Finale Except You

Hardcore Internet users are notorious Negative Nancies, eager to spew their vile bile at anything that doesn’t leave them positively orgasmic.

Hardcore Internet users are also notorious for being wrong — angry, pissed-off rageheads are ultimately a very loud, very small minority. Their negativity might dominate the online conversation, but satisfied customers who rarely speak up vastly outnumber them in real life. This is why One Direction and Michael Bay’s Transformers sell so well, despite the endless hate-filled barbs sent their way by professional naysayers connected to their computer like it’s the goddamned Matrix.

Another case in point: the visceral reaction to last March’s How I Met Your Mother finale. Scrolling down the typical Twitter feed, and clicking on the typical pop culture snarksite, you would think this was the worst, most ill-received finale since the Seinfeld gang spammed us with endless flashbacks and then went to prison.

And you would be … wrong. Recently, a social media analytics program knows as Canvs surveyed 185,000 tweets about the finale. That sample, by the way, is bigger than the typical telephone survey, and IMMENSELY larger than inconsequential ticky-tack bullshit like Presidential polls.

The results: a mere 19% of people who watched the finale hated it. That’s it. Everyone else thought it was just peachy, with reactions ranging from “enjoyed it” to “loved it.” Apparently ending a sitcom that’s focused on a guy looking for love with him actually finding love is precisely what the majority of fans want to see.

The absolute closest the Angry Few got to any kind of support were the 15% who called it “sad,” since death and divorce do tend to stifle the yuks a lot of the time. But even that doesn’t automatically suggest those people didn’t like the finale. Remember, a ton of people actually enjoy watching things that make them sad, hence the enduring popularity of Sophie’s Choice, The Notebook, and the Annoying Orange.

Yes, that last one counts. It makes me weep for humanity every time.

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