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Two and a Half Men Finds a Fresh Audience

We here at Holy Taco have taken it upon ourselves to find a fresh, young audience who can truly enjoy the show and subsequently keep Charlie Sheen from completely destroying himself. The video below is from a test screening we set up in the Holy Taco labs, we think that NBC and the producers of the show will find our results particularly promising. If you know Chuck Lorre, please make sure this finds his desk.

I am speaking collectively for the entire Holy Taco staff when I say “We’re tired of writing about Charlie Sheen.” We’re tired of the train wreck factor, and we can’t stand by and watch another human being destroy himself. What Sheen needs is good, steady work. Unfortunately, the only thing he knows now is Two and a Half Men. There will never be another Platoon, or another Wall Street Charlie Sheen, the only Charlie Sheen that exists now is the one who leans on set pieces when he’s too drunk and barks out his lines from a couch. This is why we must keep taping new episodes of Two and a Half Men with Sheen. It’s the only thing that may save his life.

If you’re a grown up of average intelligence, and you’re not stoned out of your gourd, you probably don’t laugh at Two and a Half Men. The humor is incredibly simple and juvenile. Which is why we felt that babies would probably be the most fitting live audience for the show. Babies love bright colors, loud noises and people getting hurt. Babies have lizard brains that never feel the need for a story line or character development. The perfect audience for Two and a Half Men.

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