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Uh Oh, Moms Have Found The Internet

I’m pretty sure this is how MilfHunter.com got started.
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11 Responses to "Uh Oh, Moms Have Found The Internet"

  1. Andrew says:

    Fact: the internet can get Legolas to deliver flowers to your doorstep. Why? Because you have “the power”

  2. BoboJones says:

    i think that was the pilot episode censored

  3. mdogg says:

    The best part of this for me is that 15-16 seconds in the boom mic drops down into frame. I love that.

  4. Buddy Ice says:

    How come “especially the hot models”? You don’t think that your ugly friends would appreciate the humor in the video?

  5. Cathyllove says:

    funny vid, i will uploaded this to tall dating site —Tallmingle.com— to share with my best friends,especially the hot models.

  6. Buddy Ice says:

    Someone should do a mash-up to this video of them going surfing the web and then coming across two girls one cup.

    “Oh look Melanie! I found a recipe to that apple pie you always wanted to make!”

    “Oh that’s great! What else is there? Oh what’s this? Are those to girls going to bake something? What are they doing with that cup … “

  7. mezzanine says:

    mhmmm foursome

  8. MJJM says:

    “I think this is how milfhunter.com got started.” – LOL

  9. JerseyCash5 says:

    jajaja funny!!!

  10. willybabes says:

    this is really only funny because it is so dated. i guess if you pulled up a video of someone teaching people how to use a vcr in the late 70′s would it be as funny? yes of course because ignorance is funny to stupid people. would it be funny to watch a video of a person learning.

    looking for sinners!!!


  11. Redrum says:

    Yes, yes it would.