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Uhh, Roger, You’re On Live TV

Shouldn’t the first thing a TV producer says to his reporter be something like, "OK, so we’re going to cut to you live and you give your report." And shouldn’t the first thing a reporter think when he’s told this information be something like, "OK, don’t say "cocksucker" because you’re on live TV"? I guess not.

9 Responses to "Uhh, Roger, You’re On Live TV"

  1. KJCanuck says:

    Wasn’t live his editor screwed him on this one. Should check your facts, funny as your take was.

  2. Xtra Dry says:

    “…and BOOM went the dynamite!”

  3. ballsack johnson says:

    and he was doing so well

  4. Buddy Ice says:

    I like how nonchalant he says it. He fucks up, pauses, thought that the situation deserved a very well articulated “cocksucker”, and then he gave us this gem of a clip.

  5. PEIslander says:

    wow, i’m surprised Doug Maclean didn’t yell out “THATS BRUTAL”

  6. GutZ says:

    It was pre-recorded, and sent as the right copy, when clearly, it was the Riaaaght copy.

  7. GrandLakeCasino says:

    hahaha….later you are fire!!!

  8. derpty derp says:

    he must really hate cory sarich

  9. Oatmeal says: