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Under Boob!


26 Responses to "Under Boob!"

  1. pinomex says:

    You know when she brings her arms down,them boobs will be at her waist line.

  2. tarabit says:

    yep. my vote goes for under-booby cleavage.

  3. Jett McCandless says:

    would like to hire you as a personal model please email more pix k thxbye

  4. Capt. Obvious says:

    It’s a beaver with big titties.. still though… I’d sugar glaze her.

  5. tapered baikal says:

    you know, you can just say “too long didn’t read” or “tl/dr”. there, you learned something today.

  6. the one who cares says:

    who the fuck will read such fucking long texts you whores? noone!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jesus titty-fuckin Christ, Philosofucktard — that fucking sucked out loud.

  8. Paul says:

    Well, I couldn’t read your whole fucking essay do to the amount of shit spewing out, you say he has no life, yet you write a report on a comedy site bashing him for making a comment. Your the one with no life.. At least he had something to do with the pic, your the one wasting time out your precious day to insult him, and now you got me doing it to you. Fuck ass.

  9. philosopher says:

    yeah well fuck you that was awesome. you don’t know goddamn shit about me. i’m just a fan of this website. go abort yourself with a shotgun.

  10. greg says:

    after all this time i think i’ve worked you out. STOP TRYING TO THINK OF A FUNNIER FUCKING CAPTION THAN THE ONE WE’RE GIVEN! YOU’RE SHIT. STOP IT!

  11. John McCain says:

    referring to “that was awesome”

  12. John McCain says:

    someone has too much time and goo on their hands

  13. That Was Awesome. says:

    Alright seriously dude.
    Philosopher you gotta change your name if you don’t want to get ragged on for the rest of your holy taco eating life. This is getting pretty bad.

    From reading your posts and checking out what you’ve basically been into. I can tell you have WAY too much time at home…you don’t have too many close friends, maybe one. But i suspect that you like to read a lot and it makes you feel smarter than others around you. I think you could be a guy, early 20′s, bigger build, you really like your porn collection (not a jab, just saying because of the comments you make on chicks) You are probably slightly socially backwards, you want to say things to come off witty or to be accepted but it back fires.

    Id say your a states kid, probably west coast. Somewhere with trees. havn’t gone out in a while. Probably not the best start in your childhood but thats not your fault. You hate to lose, and if it cant be your fault it has to be the entire worlds’.

    But who knows, i could be complety off on this one. But I just think you should know that you only cause yourself harm and further dysfunction if you keep this up. Go outside, think about what you want and focus on that. The rest of us can just type whatever the hell we want and go back to our lives but you, you are obsessed. EVERY pic, all the time, all the way through these posts you leave your mark.

    Go and live life, because your the only one dieing in here. the rest of us just do this dumb shit for our lunch breaks.

    - Fucknut

  14. philosopher says:

    now, if only we could get her to stretch a few more inches

  15. This girl is hot! says:

    Philosopher you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

  16. Runswithknives says:

    Hhahaha This Site is great!!!
    No one likes That Philosopher kid and then this other kid writes a friggin hilarious essay about the guy and every one starts bashing on him!
    I think you pegged him wrong though. I guessed that he’s just writing all that stupid shit because everyone gets so pissed off. I kinda like pissing stupid people like them off so why can’t he?

  17. couch Peraz says:

    you are an assclown.

    (referring to “John McCain”)


  18. That Was Awesome says:

    See? The net is full of backlash and its AWESOME! I AM A FUCKASS! I DONT CARE! Everyone here is pretty much a fuckass, but if anything yeah i was a bored ass motha fucka on a lunch break. But seriously type in The Philosopher in the search engine and you’ll find the best dialog on this whole site.

  19. PhuckngPhatPhuck says:

    semi trailer boobies

  20. Guy dude says:

    Is that Shay Maria?

  21. Tankstah says:


  22. Little Miss Anonymous says:

    Wow. She has really big boobs.

  23. Jesse Morgan Mischner says:

    Super sexy!!!

  24. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Boobs = awesome.
    Old lady face = not so much.

  25. pratik says:

    Her hair is a little boyish but that’s a pretty minor adjustment.