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UPDATE: Australian Spicoli Now A Hero

Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party – Watch more free videos

When I first heard about this Australian kid who had a party and trashed his parents house while they were away, I thought he was kind of a spoiled little dick. But I’ve changed my tune on Corey Worthington after seeing this interview with an Australian reporter. Screw Barack and Hillary, I’m voting Worthington in this year’s election.

14 Responses to "UPDATE: Australian Spicoli Now A Hero"

  1. Tom says:

    this is old ass news down here in australia, the kid has faded in to obscruity.
    as for the shit journalism the show is a currant affair or today tonight both pretty piss poor news programs, they mostly cover grannies getting ripped off by dodgey builders or “car hoons”, they are generally in court every other week for defaming someone or just plain face lieing in thier reports.

    if you search the dumb kid on youtube you will find a few vids of him bieng beat up and one of a tribute song done to the tune of the hurricane.

  2. HeDaMan says:

    This stupid bitch! What kind of interview is this? This is journalism? Take your glasses off, apologize, you like what you’re wearing, you have an attitude, you need to take a hard look at yourself, did your parents say you could have a wild party? Lady, get bent.

    16 year old kid has a party, idiots show up–break stuff, cops run around threatening people because they look stupid wasting helicopters and $20K on this. Wow, cutting edge news reporting here.

    He’s a kid. You ain’t got shit, and you ain’t going to get shit, deal with it.

  3. Phil says:

    Cool? The Shit? How aboout stupid punk kid who needs the crap knocked out of him as do the people giving him all the press.

  4. FunkyMunkey says:

    It’s very funny, but both interviewer and interviewee are fuckwits. That kid is gonna get 5 minutes of fame, but no-one will give a toss about him in a month’s time and he’ll end up even more fucked up than he is now

  5. Anonymous says:

    well… think about it. If he was your kid, would you hurry back ?

  6. GymRat says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it is really weird that the parents are still on vacation? why don’t they come back? The shots of them look like they are super relaxed walking around on their vaca, not like they want deal with their fuck up kid.

    Oh wait, I see, there in lies the answer to why this kid is such a dumbass.

  7. Dingo says:

    that guy is a tool

  8. Spencer says:

    Fuckin halarious

  9. Brendon says:

    This kid is awesome.

  10. dave says:

    oh my god this kid is something else. or wait is he? guys of his mentality seems to pop up all the more often and it bugs the shit out of me… funny at distance but up close i swear to god “no i’m not gonna take of my glasses, they’re famous” sounds exactly like “kill me please, just do it, for mankind, for everyone breathing the same fucking air i breath”. i swear to fucking god that’s what i hear…

    that came out wrong. i’m an atheist.

  11. Ryan says:

    First, the reporter is a freakin’ idiot. “You’re parents didn’t say you could have a party, why in the world would you do that?!” Send her back to whatever fucking cave she just walked out of.

    Secondly, this kid doesn’t deserve half the attention he’s getting. Some drunk-off-his-ass stoner throws a house party and all of a sudden we got a national holiday or something. I mean it would be a little more newsworthy if things like “conjoined-twin strippers were climbing the crystal chandeliers” were in the headlines, but it was just drunk guys breaking stuff. Since when is that so new?

  12. Billy Bumghole says:

    fuckin amazing

  13. Hairy Balls says:

    the fucking man

  14. Jamie says:

    If people really think this arsehole is “the man” then its a sure sign our civilisation is doomed.

    This is our new religion. Moron-worship.