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Updating China’s Hilarious Population Control Slogans!

In China, most couples are only allowed to have one child. Sure, there’s a few exceptions, but for the most part, average folks are only allowed a single offspring. As an American, it’s oddly unsettling to hear something like that. Your government is going to control your human right? Yeah, pretty much, that’s how it goes in a communist country. The most awesome thing about the whole situation is that the Chinese government must constantly remind the people of China that they should help control the population, which they do by using bold slogans on posters and other propaganda. China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission has agreed that they need a bit of an update. These old slogans are a little intense:

“Kill Your Family”

“Kill all your family if you don’t follow the rule”

“If you escape (sterilization), we’ll hunt you down; if you want to hang yourself, we’ll give you the rope”

WHOA CHINA, WHOA! Take ‘er easy over there. You’re getting a little intense. You can’t outwardly state such things, you have to finesse your message into the public sub conscience. Maybe mild suggestions on how to limit family size would be less jarring, and result in a better response. Try out a few of these:

“Take two children up a mountain, come down with one.”

“Take family to amusement park, put children on rickety roller coaster operated by drunk man.”

“Uncross your legs and your fingers! When you’re sterilized, there’s no risk of pregnancy.”

You see how that works? You’re enticing people in passive, harmless ways to eliminate members of their family, or stop before they’ve even created them. If you really want to make your anti-family advertising work, watch a few seasons of Mad Men. Get a real feel for how we make people do things over here in the states.

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