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Verne Troyer Sues Poor Person For $20 Million

Ahh, suing people. The good ol’ American pastime. It’s nice to know that in this great nation of ours, taking someone to court isn’t just something the biggest and richest people can do. Little tiny people can do it, too. According to about a thousand celebrity blogs, Verne is suing his ex girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, the girl who leaked the extremely erotic Mini Me Sex Tape:

In the lawsuit, Troyer who is 2?8? and weighs 40 pounds, accuses the 5?5? 110-pound Shrider of intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery. The 39-year-old is asking for $20 million in damages.

“When you pick up a 2?8? human being and throw him to the floor, it hurts, Troyer’s attorney, Ed McPherson, told TMZ.

Troyer feared for his safety and “did not want to go into his own home without having someone else accompanying him, according to the court documents. The papers describe one instance in which “Shrider grabbed [Troyer] very forcefully by the arm, held him against his will, and did not let him get away from her.

Troyer basically says the chick terrorized him, once picked the lock to his bedroom door, pushing away a 100 pound scooter that was used to block the door, and then throwing him to the floor.

$20 million, huh? Does Verne know that if someone is forced to date Mini Me, then there’s a good chance that she doesn’t have 20 dollars, let alone $20 million. And while she probably shouldn’t've picked the lock to his bedroom, I’m not sure why he’s so worked up about getting tossed to the ground. He’s 2’8″. He’s already really really close to the ground.

And plus, I think he had to endure much worse earlier in his career when he was in the circus.

6 Responses to "Verne Troyer Sues Poor Person For $20 Million"

  1. Pratik says:

    He’s made millions by basically being a midget who ends up in pre-determined weird situations and making stupid poses. And now he’s suing some chick for $20M for “abusing” him? I can only imagine the weird midget shit he had to do to even get into the limelight to begin with, and he can’t take a little throwing? So lame.

  2. L says:

    Yeah, Mike Myers picks him up and throws him onto the ground in pretty much every movie, and it would be much less of a blood-from-a-turnip situation. Verne should reorganize the lawsuit.

    And not to put too fine a point on it, but that lawyer’s phrasing is terrible. Does being thrown onto the floor hurt MORE if you’re a little person? I’ll have to throw some midgets and check.

  3. TrouserSnout says:

    Who Cares…

  4. Seth says:

    what a short little asshole

  5. juice says:

    mini me is the worse

  6. Webster's Ebonics Edition says:

    Shouldn’t've…..Great use of phonetic spelling