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Vida Guerra

Age: 34

Where you’ve seen her: Since Vida Guerra is basically all ass, I don’t think you’ve ever actually seen any other part of her body. You’ve seen her ass in FHM, Playboy and her ass’s voice was used for the Scarface: The World Is Yours video game.

Pointless quote: “The biggest challenge has been convicing people that I’m more than just a model.”

12 Responses to "Vida Guerra"

  1. lg says:

    Shes cuban not puerto rican

  2. blogwiz says:

    I want her naked at my house now! She is so hot and that ass is more than one man can handle!

  3. Reneo says:

    Vida for Presidente !

  4. Edwordrules says:

    You know, aside from that HUGE ass of hers, she really isnt that good looking. Shes what youd get if Sarah Meichelle Gellar(?) and Penelope Cruz and a side of ham were combined in some wierd experiment like in The Fly.

  5. Bosco says:

    I like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Penelope Cruz and Ham! If somehow we could add beer to the experiment….perfection.

  6. Loopy Snoopy says:

    r u kidding? r u insane? r u blind? r u a man? Vida is absolutely gorgeous!! She is the sum and more, of all her considerable parts! Good God man get some eyes!

    Love Vida Loco

  7. ndhwn says:

    Though she was extremely hot, until I saw her on Chappelle’s Piss on You Video.

    Never looked at her the same way again.

  8. johnsonator says:

    yeah ur right…she isnt that good looking. but thats like getting a ferrari and complaining about the look of it. of course that ferrari would have to have drug dealer rims, an impractical spoiler, and been ridden round the world a few times. not to mention the tailpipe being fucked out

  9. cunty cuntall says:

    Some of You Guys must be Gay – She’s Hot….Just Like My Mom, and more than worthy of Beating Off to….again Just Like My Mom.

  10. vida says:

    She has an ugly boriqua face at least her culo is fat

  11. Edwordrules says:

    LOL @ Cunty. Myra Veronica is WAY better looking than her. If we add beer, then shed have a funny smell to her. Kind of like spending a day with Courtney Love in the gym after one of her “special” nights.

  12. Lily says:

    She is beautiful with an outstanding body!!! If u cant see that I would recommend a visit to an eye doctor!! Im a female telling u that.. and no I am not a lesbian but I know beauty when I see it