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Videos Of People Awkwardly Showing Off Their Piercings

I’ve never been huge into piercings, I got my left ear pierced back in the nineties, and that’s where my love for body modification stayed. However, piercings and tattoos are becoming increasingly more common, particularly among young people with no foresight. Once you make the decision to blow your earlobes out to the circumference of an oil drum and get “Born Free” tattooed on your knuckles, your next step is to show yourself to the world. Preferably via YouTube…

Guy shows off huge gauges.

If his earlobes got any bigger, they’d present a tripping hazard.

Girl shows off septum piercing.

She spends the first thirty seconds using her webcam like a mirror, then out of nowhere admits that she knows nothing about Welsh people…


You may be incapable of growing a real mustache until you’re in your late twenties, but you can jam a plastic one through the middle of your nose at any age with a parent’s signature.

In case y’all were wonderin’ how my lobes were doin’.

“I’ll do anything to draw attention away from my teeth!” – ^That guy^.

Please stay away from my sister.

Guys with split tongues don’t have to say much…

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