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Videos Of Things Crashing Through Windows!

It’s not really a slow news day, I’m sure there’s a lot of important things we could cover, but sometimes we don’t like doing that. So instead, we’re going to provide you with a series of clips in which various things (pretty much just people and cars) crash through windows. It’s not making the world a better place, or even informing you, and it may not even be that entertaining. But we’re doing it, because we’re Holy Taco, not The Huffington Post.

Cops Crash Through Building During Chase – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Car Crashes Through DMV – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Guy Crashes Through Glass Window – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Truck Crashes Through Office Wall – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Waitress Falls Through Window – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Drive Through Crash – Watch MoreFunny Videos

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