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Want To Stop Smelling Like A?

When I was 9 years old  I played quarterback for my little league football team. The center was a dirty fat kid named Jeremy and Jeremy always smelled like A. As the quarterback, I had to put the top of my hand directly on his A to receive the snap, which made the back of my hand smell like A. Had Aspray been around then, this all could have been avoided. I’d probably still have gotten ringworm, but I definitley wouldn’t have smelled like A.
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2 Responses to "Want To Stop Smelling Like A?"

  1. karli says:

    this means i wont have to shower ever again?

  2. Fiercedeity says:

    “I got odors in special places, and i ain’t gotta worry about that any more! m m…. my butt”

    What the hell! haha