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Warning: This is a Video of a Woman That Appears to be Eating Her Own Poop


Normally, if you wanted to find a video of someone eating or smelling butt-related objects you’d have to look up a little 2girls1cup action, but not anymore. Somehow someone has found a way to make fecal consumption a relatively Safe For Work activity, which is sad, really. It’s sad because we now live in a world where people are nonchalantly shoveling poop in their mouths in public, as if they were simply licking their fingers after downing a bag of Cheetos.

So, be warned, while the video below isn’t gratuitous or graphic or pornographic in anyway, it’s still so damn disgusting that you’ll have wished you had never watched it.

So there you have it. A woman cramming her fingers in her butt in public and…well…proving that some people just shouldn’t be allowed to breed; namely, her parents.

There’s much we can say about this video to add a bit of light comedy to the actions of such a tragic and disgusting person, but instead we will take a back seat to the brilliant comedy minds of the commenters on this video’s Youtube page. Why? Because sometimes the mouth breathers that are responsible for posting the abhorrent shit you read on Youtube comments can accidentally post some entertaining thoughts. They’re rarely intelligent thoughts, and they rarely seem as though they are being written by people with any form of higher brain functions, but they are entertaining nonetheless.

So, what would Youtubers say about a video of a woman eating her own poop in public? Let’s find out…

“if you are going to eat in class, make sure you bring enough to share with everyone”

“Eww that’s so nasty! I do it too but not in public, she is just GROSS!”

“You people are too quick to judge. Maybe it wasn’t poop. Maybe it was ass hair, maybe some ass flint, maybe a combination of them all with some poop crust. It’s not like she’s eating a turd in a hot dog bun, give her a break!”

“How can you say you love her if you can’t even eat her poop?”

“Must be the welfare line.”

“wow. do you think she left to collect the rest?”

“The best part of this video is that she believes she’s eating her own shit in a way that the people sitting around her wont notice.”

“At least she saves a shit ton of money on her food bill”

“This Snickers in my back pocket tastes like shit…”

9 Responses to "Warning: This is a Video of a Woman That Appears to be Eating Her Own Poop"

  1. xxKingofKingsxx says:

    DonkeyXote’s cock just exploded in his pants. He diddnt even have time to pull down his underroos and fap.

  2. smorsh says:

    i would have appreciated if this article was BEFORE the video! I watched the video (made me wanna puke!), then scrolled down and saw this article of warning right after it! Either way, funny and incredibly disturbing all at the same time. Well done HT!

  3. Your mom says:

    Is she eating anything? She could just be smelling her butt. I can understand because my ass smells spicy and exotic. Honestly, though… she doesn’t look like her ass would smell spicy and exotic.