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Watch As Jay Herrod Unravels The Mysteries of the Female Race

Meet Jay Herrod. After you hear what he has to say on the subject of the many mysteries surrounding women you may find yourself wondering if he is some kind of super smart scientist philosopher guy. He’s not. He’s just a man with a camera that has some serious knowledge to drop on your ass.

For those that found Jay’s monologue to be too electrifying to continue watching, here’s his entire list of wonderful advice.

1. Women may forgive but, never forget.
2. Start giving a woman say flowers too often and she will think a man is up to something.
3. The only way a man can win an argument with a woman is when she lets him.
4. Women talk just as dirty as men.
5. All women have a set pattern, figure it out and a man can figure her out.
6. During courtship, a woman will let a man chase her to be sure he wants her.
7. Not all blond haired women are dumb and stupid.
8. Women are just as smart as men.
9. A man cannot hide something from a woman in her house because she knows when something has been moved and is out of place.
10. Most women hate to be ignored.

You know all of this information is true because, well, just look at the source.

This is the face of a man that has basked in the warm folds of vaginas for a vast majority of his life. If anyone is qualified to lay such bombshells of knowledge as “women are just as smart as men,” it’s the man with the checkered polo and a head like James Spader if he lived in Iowa and worked at the post office. This guy has probably talked to dozens of women in his life, and probably 90% of them had IQ’s that could be categorized as above that of a dead plant, which is something not many of us can claim, seeing as Jay Herrod just broke the news about women being able to craft individual words in to coherent sentences that convey intelligent thoughts — and all without ever once shitting their pants in the process. NOT ONCE!

When you’re as big a poon hound as Jay, you understand that women are actually just normal human beings like the rest of us. None of us knew that women hate being ignored. We probably would have figured that out had we not been ignoring them and actually paid attention to their hatred of being ignored.

One Response to "Watch As Jay Herrod Unravels The Mysteries of the Female Race"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    If you think that’s hilarious, check what Mr. Herrod has in store for you guys in 2012. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS!! w00p w00p! Jay for President!! Don’t believe me, hear it straight out of the horse’s mouth…


    …and just when you thought it couldn’t get better, then this comes along…

    “Hello Jay just now I tried to pay one hundred dollars ($100USD) to your paypal account but it flashed an error message with red text saying that the account was blocked giving the reason as “Political Donations”. What happened to your paypal and why won’t they let us support you???” qbqbqdbq 1 day ago