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We Live In A World Where 10-Year-Olds Are Giving Birth


One thing we hear about every so often is some old lady with osteoporosis and cataracts squirting out a tiny human from her leathery vagina long after her junk should have gone bad. When we hear this we cringe and groan and think, “My God. What the hell is going on? I’m confused. Will she breast feed it? For the sake of that baby’s sanity, I hope she doesn’t breast feed it with that sheep’s stomach water pouch of a tit she has.”

For as weird as it is, old women giving birth is actually fairly common. You know what’s not? Ten-year-olds giving birth. But what do I know? Maybe it happens all the time and I just don’t pay attention, or maybe my brain automatically ignores such horrors. If the latter is true, then the ignoring-children-giving-birth portion of my brain must have malfunctioned, because I am fully aware of this story about 10-year-old girl in Spain that gave birth. To a baby. A human baby. At age 10.

According to the AP, the father of the child is also a child, but no age was given, so you can now drop your guard as you no longer have to anticipate a weird child molestation twist in the story. The mother of the child (who is also a child) and the child that the child had are both in good health, which is a weird thing to say, when you think about it. A child and a child had sex, and one of the children gave birth to another child – it’s like a Russian nesting doll filled with Spanish children.

The mother of the child (not the child mother, but rather, the mother of the child mother) is Romanian, and reportedly said to the medical staffers who treated the child mother (the daughter of the mother of the child, but not the child of the child mother) that children giving birth at such a young age is fairly common in her home country. This proves three things, ladies and gents:

1)    Romanians are odd folks

2)    Other than not understanding the hyper-witty dialogue, Romanians would not understand the plight of the title character of Juno from the 2007 film Juno. At age 16, Juno should have been less worried about whether or not she should have the child and focus on school, and more worried about her children surviving the winter and of coyotes stealing the baby, because, apparently, in Romania, it’s still 1840.

3)    And lastly, this proves that one person’s “WTF?!” is another person’s “meh…”

17 Responses to "We Live In A World Where 10-Year-Olds Are Giving Birth"

  1. my name says:

    to DonkeyXote’s “..Roma peeps are an ample minority group in several Central and Eastern Europeans countries and have been since the middle ages (a subgroup if you will) and that alone makes them Rumanians …”

    That’s not true, gypsies have Indian origin and they spread all over Central and Eastern Europe, as they are nomads. In each country they stood for a longer period, they took the name of that country, hence “roma” from Romania/Romanians. That means there are gypsies under different names in other CE countries.

    There is a huge difference between roma and Romanians, roma are gypsies, with Indian descendacy, while Romania and Romanians are European population, descending from the combination of Dacians and Romans (Latins), after the Roman Empire conquered the local Dacian population.

    Get your facts right and then rant about a topic!

  2. Dung Deets says:

    Wow, that is most interesting indeed.


  3. Anonowhatareyoudoinginmyhouse says:

    meh, now a five year old giving birth to an alligator with a top hat… that i’d like to see.

  4. Boner says:

    Especially if said alligator blasts through her stomach with a cane and tap shoes whilst singing “Hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gal…”

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Someone’s been watching a few too many Looney Tunes…

    Why don’t YOOOOOU, get back to your Teletubbies and let the big boys comment?

    Thank yoooou!

  6. spn says:

    Spaceballs, not Looney Tunes.

  7. Orifice Jerq says:

    ” it’s like a Russian nesting doll filled with Spanish children.”

    Thank you HT

  8. This is my name. says:

    I enjoyed that too.

  9. Boner says:

    I quite enjoyed that too!

    Are you two guys regulars here? :)

  10. Moses says:

    This was good

  11. DonkeyXote says:

    Woah! what an entertaining little article.

    Let’s hope the child of the mother of the child – in other words the child of the child mother – doesn’t have a baby before the mother of the child turns 16, which gives her 6 years to guard her cooch (assuming the child of the child mother is a female child) and not create an infinite loop of infant pregnancies, although if the child of the child mother is a male it would probably lead to the same outcome….

    We’re doomed!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Andra says:

    I’d like to state that I’m Romanian, I have all my sanity, and even I said “WTF” at this.

    This doesn’t prove that all Romanians are “odd folks,” It proves that someone out there isn’t fit to be a mother for not teaching her kid stuff to protect her from doing such things. This happens everywhere, not just in Spain or Romania, maybe you should look closer to home and see how many kids are abandoned by teen mothers in America.

    Also try to think about what’s provided in this country that is not in others. Abortion and birth control or contraceptives, because unlike Spain, South America, or Italy, all prominent Catholic countries where almost everyone goes to church it is considered to do any of those things. It’s not a sin in America to have sex promiscuously at an early age though. And only 4 out of 10 people in America say they go to church while 9 out of 10 Nigerians attend Church regularly.

    So maybe your shock led you to make stupid broad conclusions, or maybe you just wanted to shock everyone else, but you should try to learn something before trying to teach others.

  13. Pär Larsson says:

    Ok, decent point.

    Let’s make that “SOME Romanians are odd folks.”

    That doesn’t disprove the image problem that Romas and/or Romanians (two different things, unclear which we’re talking about here) suffer in Europe and elsewhere. An image problem that’s at least partly rooted in truth, I would argue, but I also hope it will no longer be rooted in truth once the Romas figure out that a nomadic lifestyle frequently on the edge of the law just isn’t viable anymore in progressed, post-industrialized New Europe. And once Romania itself becomes a lot more like Western Europe in terms of productivity, worker efficiency, education, health and good governance.

    Until then there’s nothing wrong with a bit of shock journalism to point the finger at some awful stuff that needs to be publicized so that people can turn their energy and efforts to fixing the underlying causes. And while that’s happening don’t be so quick to get your fanatically nationalistic panties all in a bunch.

    No disrespect intended. We’re all human, we all make mistakes and I highly doubt this kind of stuff is representative of ALL Roma or Romanians, whichever the ethnicity of the children involved.

  14. Serge says:

    To Par Larsson:

    Romas = gypsies = ugly, stinky nomads of Indo-European origin.

    Romanians = Hard working and very smart Caucasian people living in Romania.

    Learn the fucking difference, asshole.

    I’m sick and tired of being called names by faggots who aren’t very sure where Romania is located on a world map.

  15. DonkeyXote says:

    Not quite, Roma peeps are an ample minority group in several Central and Eastern Europeans countries and have been since the middle ages (a subgroup if you will) and that alone makes them Rumanians (what the fuck do you think their passports say; GYPSIES?! YOU DOOF!), you’re just nitpicking social status and whatnot to categorize who’s really Romanian.

    Also, you miiiiiiiight wanna show a little respect next time someone has taken the time to explain things accurately and without any ethnic slurs like Larsson did up there.

    Fucking homo! xD $10 says you got at least 1% Roma blood running through ya.

  16. Mihai says:

    Even the author knows that this is well… rubbish. A person with at least a 5th grade education could tell that this article is more “meh…” rather than “WTF?”. This idiotic generalisation only proves that you don`t have it … Mr. “Holy”…Taco :)
    And… dear Taco, try to grow up and realise that insulting articles are not by far good (as journalism is concerned, that`s if you want to call this an article). it`s 2010. wake up :)

  17. DonkeyXote says:

    Journalism??? Since when did HT become a newspaper??????

    I thought it was just shits and giggles, I guess I gotta wake the fuck then! 2010!! NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo