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We Will Post Anything Predator-related, No Matter How Gay It Is


12 Responses to "We Will Post Anything Predator-related, No Matter How Gay It Is"

  1. First Brute says:

    first suckers,
    get your brute overhere http://www.KPAKEH666.mybrute.com

  2. pale white guy says:

    people who say “first” cant get laid, cant get it up, live in thier parnets basement, got beat up in school and by thier little sister and have no live cause they wait around in front of the computer looking for pictures or videos that no one has commeted on yet just to wirte “first” like its some life time achivement…sorry xbox 360 dose not have that acivment award.

  3. W00t says:

    Wow, some grammar Nazi is going to have a field day with this.

  4. pale white guy's mother says:

    sorry…my son is kind of a needle dick ass licking turd sniffer…i blame his father.

  5. pale white guy's father says:

    shut the fuck up bitch! And come swallow my excrement!!

  6. Picture it first says:

    Leave your family feud behind and just enjoy the picture all!!!

  7. snide little bastard says:

    technically you said first, I did to but i can live with it

  8. TannerW says:

    Chris Hansen will stop at nothing!

  9. Djouf says:

    Why are the pretty ones always insane?

  10. pratik says:

    Because of “special time” with their daddies when they were young.

  11. ZigZagFag says:

    Does anyone have his number?? He’s fucking hott!! I’d leave him shoot his crazy green alien cum all over me!!!

  12. snarfy says:

    Why is the alien having a charming picnic with wine on a checked cloth next to a giant cotton bale while waiting for the “choppah”? He must be an officer in the alien army.