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Weathermen are Hung Like Windchimes

9 inches? That’s pretty impressive for a white guy who’s so insecure that he brags about his dong on local television.
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7 Responses to "Weathermen are Hung Like Windchimes"

  1. boop de doop says:

    Hahah I live in Boston and that guy is an idiot on many more occasions.

  2. dwightskites says:

    haha! he was probably readjusting his man business. you know, all “9 inches” of it.
    but seriously, WHO SAYS THAT ON LIVE TV?! come on!

  3. Scott's tot says:

    What was that little ballet squat he did shortly before he made the comment? I don’t know which concerns me more.

  4. CumDumpster says:

    1st fuckers!

  5. Anonymous Jones says:

    1999 called and they want their Slashdot comment back.

  6. The Souless Ginger says:

    Do you mind if I fill you up with a juicy premature ejaculation? You won’t even fill it, my 2 inches of love are pretty stealthy.

  7. pratik says:

    That is pretty sad. I bet he drives a really nice car too.