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Weekend in Vegas Bingo

There’s nothing like a weekend in Vegas to remind you of exactly how shitty your life could be.  The next time you venture off to Sin City, take this handy bingo card along, so you’ll have something to keep you occupied while your fiance snorts coke off of a tranny hooker’s ass in the hotel bathroom.

4 Responses to "Weekend in Vegas Bingo"

  1. incorrects says:

    Mexicans with call girl cards should be the free space. They’re EVERYWHERE in Vegas.

  2. pratik says:

    Wrong. The Fake Tits space should be in the middle. It’s not Vegas without fake tay-tays.

  3. Takashi Akashi Takahashi says:

    When you live in Vegas, all said things on bingo board are part of the life. Every time you venture onto The Strip to do anything, you don’t even notice it.

  4. tranny hooker says:

    they’re not mexican but Chilean, how much of a fecking dumb ass are you? racist pig!