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Well, I Hadn’t Considered Becoming A Mormon. But Now….

I really hope that God has an itunes playlist that he goes running to, and someone snuck into his office and put this on it, and right in the fourth mile of his run, as he’s getting tired, it comes on and he lets out a sigh of "you f*&kin bastards."
Mel B’s Birthday Bikini (TotallyCrap)
Alejandra Pulido Is A Babe (DoubleViking)
Kristen Bell Is Perfect In A Bikini (HollywoodTuna)
The 10 Sexiest Fast Food Commercials Ever (Manofest)
Hot Girls In T-Shirts (TheChive)
The Kardashian Twins (DailyFill)
Jewel Looks Good In A Bikini (CelebSlam)
Britney At The Beach (Ehowa)
Mom Cancels the WOW Account (NothingToxic)

2 Responses to "Well, I Hadn’t Considered Becoming A Mormon. But Now…."

  1. Fuck says:

    The Mormons I know definitely aren’t this cool.

    Piety minicam.

  2. Johnny5 says:

    Righteous dude! Go John Smith