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Conan O’Brien’s Next Job

Conan O’Brien’s future is in jeopardy. NBC wants to move his Tonight Show out of it’s current time slot, a place it’s held in NBC’s late-night line-up for 60 years, so that they can fit Jay Leno’s fat ass in front of him.  Conan leaving the Tonight Show would be an absolute disaster. When dealing with disaster scenarios, it’s always good to have a back-up plan.  That’s why we’ve come up with a few alternative careers for Conan to pursue after NBC screws him over:
Conan O’Brien: Plumber
Conan O’Brien: Astronaut
Conan O’Brien: Tanning Salon Franchise Owner

Conan O’Brien: Roadside Citrus Salesman
Conan O’Brien: Black Guy/Member of Smashmouth
Conan O’Brien: George Lopez’s Personal Assistant
Conan O’Brien: Matador
Conan O’Brien: Barbarian

19 Responses to "Conan O’Brien’s Next Job"


    Leno’s Done. Finished. Fried & Nullified.. like a spoiled rich kid taking back his toys and sending the partygoers home with no cake, he’s ruined the fun for everyone.. if johnny were here.. leno would be toast.. I would rather watch reruns than that dunderheaded mouthbreathing knuckledragger..he should be ashamed of his behavior.. it’s his vanity and hubris that prevented Conan from reaching his audience.. they were all put to sleep by leno’s public access tv interviewing style.. i give leno a year and then 60 years of tradition will go down the drain..pity..

  2. Mr.L says:

    Yeah, I can see why Conan leaving the Tonight Show would be a complete disaster. After all, his ratings were nowhere near those of Leno when he hosted the Tonight Show (until this past week).

    Conan’s a douche-bag.

  3. DamnCali says:

    Can’t stand either of them really. Craig Ferguson on the other hand….

  4. Mr.L says:

    Fuck you, asshole

  5. Condemned says:

    See Jay Leno’s hypocrisy:


    Pass it on… Jay is scum.

  6. Erik says:

    True that! Craig Ferguson beats them all, and without a band or sidekick, or much in the way of staff support. Conan’s still okay though.

  7. ERD says:

    What about “Conan the Barbershopper?”

  8. WRONG says:

    Get your story right moron!

    Jay Leno was on the Tonight Show and they gave him his own show earlier in the evening and gave Conan the Tonight Show. Leno’s show is bombing because he is a fucktard that isn’t funny without the Tonight Show so they want to boot Conan and give it back to Jay Tool, I mean Leno.

  9. justin says:
    According to Conan’s press release (which we linked to above), they’re just bumping back the time of the Tonight Show.  Conan’s show after is still going to be called "The Tonight Show".  Basically, they’re putting Jay’s new show in the timeslot that The Tonight Show has held for 60 years, and that’s what Conan disagrees with. They are not planning to give Jay the Tonight Show back, though.
  10. Coco puffy says:

    1st. Keep Coco alive.

  11. Noved_20 says:

    Yeah Team COCO !!!!!!!!

  12. Barn Door says:

    zzzzzzz. . . . .

  13. haha says:

    conan the babarian now that’s funny stuff…not, hahaha not jokes are even funnier

  14. pale white guy says:

    kick jay leno off he is not funny, keep coco alive its awsome having andy back, conan and andy should just go to comedy cental instead.

  15. Dennis Abner says:

    Wow, Conan is cool and all but Leno is KING!!


  16. Condemned says:

    Leno is scum… watch this clip from 2004 of him conceding TTS to Conan. Hypocrite!


  17. NogStomper says:

    fuck them all. Nuke them & start over.

  18. victor gonzalez says:

    Guys its all about the money! NBC lost over $200 million in ads and more than $20 million in sharing. Leno doesn’t care about wanting his old job he has his full hour show and can do whatever he wants! Conan to me is a lot better in the tonight show but can’t compete vs David Letterman. Letterman got 2 million more viewers after the whole cheating thing on his wife those two million were Tonight show viewers. I watch both Jay and Conan but would stop if they switch Conan to Late Night.

  19. T says:

    if conan gets screwed out of the job, which i hope he doesn’t, wouldn’t mind him producing/writing a few simpsons episodes. His were classics back in the day.