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This Is What Happens When You Hire 16-year-old Product Development Guys

I’m imagining the head of this company sitting in his office, when his assistant comes in and they have the following conversation:

ASSISTANT: Sir, may I have a word with you?
CEO: Make it quick, I have thousands of soup related problems to solve.

ASSISTANT: Well, I just, I don’t understand why we can’t just call this soup mix something besides "cock flavored soup mix."
CEO: I say son, are you dense?  It’s cock flavored!  What would YOU suggest we call it?
ASSISTANT: I don’t know, chicken flavored? 

CEO: Chicken flavored?  Well, you don’t know what you’re getting with chicken flavored.  No no, I see cock flavored I know what I’m about to eat is going to have the flavor of cock.  Done and done.  Now please leave and make sure you confirm that appointment to have my wife’s pussy trimmed.  It’s been leaving hairs all around the house.
Thanks to reader Clay for sending this in.

6 Responses to "This Is What Happens When You Hire 16-year-old Product Development Guys"

  1. Paulo says:

    Shows how mature I am. I laughed that it was 69 cents.

  2. nate says:

    its cool. i was planning on making a comment about the 69 cent thing. i feel it really brings the picture to another level

  3. Anonymous says:

    You might notice next to it is the Chicken flavored stuff. Cock and Chicken are different, ldo.

  4. Rejected slogan: Penis. Its What’s For Dinner.

    Other slogans:

    Hard going down

    Now with no salty after taste!

    Mouthwash included.

  5. Stewmeat says:

    +1 for the Foghorn reference.

  6. sexyyy kizmis ya yerim onu