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What The World Needs Now: A Meat House

Let’s face it, yesterday was a bad day in the world of news. The stock market took a huge tumble, promising young actor Heath Ledger inexplicably died, and I accidentally shit my pants while bending over to pick up my mail (that last one didn’t make it onto CNN, so let’s try and keep that between us.) Luckily the geniuses at EasyJo.com have given us something to rally around: A Meat House. If you’re wondering what a “Meat House” is, it’s a house made out of meat. Here’s a a few of the steps they had to go through to create this architectural meatsterpiece:

Starting to lay the walls on a bed of breadcrumbs
Building up the walls more
We decided kebab sticks would be a good addition to hold it together during the cooking
Creation of the lawn, (750g of sausage meat, seasoned with sage, and a load of food colouring)

So, the next time Wolf Blitzer gets your spirits down with a story about a blogger’s painful and crippling pants-shitting shame, take a second to sit back and contemplate the inspiration that is Meat House. It’s the simple things that make America great. Or at least delicious.

Make your own Meat House with the step-by-step photo gallery here.

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