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What Your Tattoo Really Says About You

Tattoos are more popular than ever. People from nearly every social, cultural, and ideological background are using tattoos as a way to identify themselves to the world.  But sometimes your tattoo can send a message that’s different than what you intended.  Here’s what your tattoo is really saying about you:
Tribal Band Around Bicep
What You Think It Says:  I am totally badass, and everyone is gonna be able to tell that I hit the gym regularly.  Now nobody’s gonna mess with me when I put on my sleeveless "Event Security" t-shirt.
What It Really Says:  I only do curls at the gym, so I need to circle my one muscular body part to divert attention away from my scrawny legs, and this design was the coolest one in the tattoo guy’s book.
Statement Heard From This Person:  " Hey, pussy! You can’t bring that camera in here! There are photos of Triple H and Chris Jerico available inside the arena."
Celtic Symbol on Back
What You Think It Says:  I’m out of the house now, so I’m totally getting that tattoo.  I’m freakin’ rebelious, and when school starts everyone is gonna know it!
What It Really Says:  I can’t go swimming when Granny is around.
Statement Heard From This Person:  "Do you promise mom and dad don’t know about my tattoo?  Okay, and what about those porn sites I charged to Dad’s credit card?"
Butterfly on Small of Back

What You Think It Says:  This is a cute accent to my already attractive body.  It will draw attention to my waist, which is a good feature of mine.  Then when they see what it is they’ll say, "Aw, how cute! It’s an adorable butterfly! It must be an accurate representation of that girl’s personality!"
What It Really Says:  Aim your cumshot here.
Statement Heard From This Person: "There are seriously no hot guys in here.  I’m gonna go talk to that Mexican busboy for a while."
Poem on Forearm
What You Think It Says:  I’m artistic and creative.  I went to a Liberal Arts college for a while, and my experiences there made me a better person and expanded my world view.  My new outlook on life is best-represented by this particular poem, so I wear in on my body at all times.
What It Really Says:  Hi, I’m a bike messenger.  I’m here to deliver some important documents.
Statement Heard From This Person:  Oh, you can definitely read a book and ride a bike at the same time…unless you’re reading Neitzsche."
Small Heart on Pelvis
What You Think It Says:  This tattoo is a special gift for someone who I care deeply about…when they go down on me.
What It Really Says:  I paid a hairy, sweaty tattoo artist $35 to rest his hand on my vagina for an hour.
Statement Heard From This Person: "Hi, it’s nice to meet you.  Do you have a tattoo? ‘Cuz I do. Wanna see it?"
Flower on Foot
What You Think It Says: I’m officially the coolest R.A. in the dorm building!  The other grad students are never going to believe I went through with it, and they are gonna think I’m so awesome!  Plus, I can hide it with my socks when people I respect come around.
What It Really Says:  I will regret this when I graduate and have to get a real job.
Statement Heard From This Person: "You have to let me check your backpack if you want to go up to your girlfriend’s room."
Fierce Animal on Calf

What You Think It Says: Hey, I’m still a badass.  It just so happens that I fathered a couple of children recently, so I’ve got some responsibility now.  I have to have a job, so I can hide this tattoo with pants.  But if it weren’t for the family and the job, I would totally unleash!  That’s why it’s a tattoo of a fierce animal: because if I didn’t have all of this "life" stuff piling up around me, that’s how crazy I could be.
What It Really Says:  I’m probably going to steal something from this convenience store.
Statement Heard From This Person:  "Did you see the Lakers game last night?  I almost bet my friend five bucks that they’d lose, but then I didn’t."
Funny Cartoon on Ass
What You Think It Says:  I’m going to be the life of the party now with this hilarious ass tattoo!  Everyone is going to pay attention to me!
What It Really Says: I let a stranger put his hands inches from my butthole for three and a half hours.
Statement Heard From This Person:  "You’re laughing at the tattoo and not me, right?"
Spider on Your Skull
What You Think It Says: I’m not satisfied by just freaking people out with my normal peircings and tattoos.  I need something that lets people know that I really, really don’t give a shit about anything.  Just shaving my head and wearing only black clothes won’t do, so I’ve decided to stack some badass on top of badass.

What It Really Says:  I’m on probation, and there’s a good chance I might kill you.

Statement Heard From This Person: "I’m not allowed near that playground."
Awful Name in Cursive on Neck
What You Think It Says:  There’s a woman that I love somewhere, but I gotta drive this big rig all the time, so I don’t see her much.  That’s why I got her name tatooed right here on my neck: so that everytime I check my rearview mirrors, I’ll be reminded of her.  Also, I couldn’t put it on my chest because I already have a huge tattoo of a naked woman there.
What It Really Says:  I totally f*cked this chick named Destiny once.

Statement Heard From This Person:  "You ever made love in the back of an 18-wheeler on top of forty-eight hundred boxes of string cheese?"

149 Responses to "What Your Tattoo Really Says About You"

  1. mococat says:

    Oooh, how fun! Retract those claws, kitty cat! This is just a forum, not Jerry Springer.

  2. Rob Grave says:

    “Tatts are Cool” – You’ve nailed on the head there. Cool being a word that is subjective and non-definitive in meaning.

    “and the body is an excellent medium to display it”. Woah, that’s profound!

    “All judgemental yahoos just need to stuff their opinions where the sun doesn’t shine”

    A Tattoo is going to be Judged in some way or another by anyone who sees it. Some People who want to be nice will say it’s “Cool”. Most people however will silently detest it. Meanwhile, the vulgar painted person carries on with life unbeknownst.

    In normal circumstances I would also be silently unimpressed, naturally here we can vent anonomous opinion.

    Thinking People shouldn’t be judged is the same as saying People shouldn’t Poo.

  3. mememememememememememe says:

    damn i have a foot tattoo that i got in college when i was an ra…..

    this article sucks………..bummer

  4. Rob Grave says:

    I’m sorry in turn, that you all have lame tattoos

  5. mococat says:

    I’m 50 and I have thought about getting a tattoo for many years. I’m not that squeamish since I got my last 2 ear piercings at a tattoo parlor. The guy just stuck a big needle through my ears and put the stainless steel earrings in. Believe me, I’ve been through worse pain than that. Try having gallstones!
    I think that tattoos are an expression of a person’s personality. Granted, if you’re looking for a job, as I am, you have to be careful about your appearance, which sucks. Tattoos are ok if you’re applying for a job at a tattoo place or are a surfer or working in a music store or as a carny.
    I’ve just wanted a tattoo of a Japanese koi fish, maybe with a lily flower and characters representing good luck or maybe prosperity.
    I just don’t get the “tramp stamps” that fat chicks have on their backs and then they wear tight clothes with short tops to show them off. That’s just fucking tacky.

  6. mococat says:

    Oh yeah, a message to The Tannier..did you watch that episode of “Two and a Half Men” where Rose explains the concept of Schadenfreude” to Charlie? I’ve known about that for many years. I try not to wish that on anyone cuz it’s bad karma, baby! What goes around comes around.

  7. inNe says:

    Really don’t care who has or hasn’t a tattoo, but regard those that do care, with suspicion, not the person sporting a tattoo, unless the tat us a trademark of some oppressive group. Where we never know what tomorrow will bring, I personally forgo obtaining an unique to me identifying mark.

  8. Bananas for everyone says:

    Just like graffiti, tattoos are a cultural invention that have been placed in the societal “box of misunderstanding”. I appreciate the long and varied history of tattoos, the artistry and the imagination of the people with the needles, but… the people without the needles tend to lack both of those quality ingredients and try to make up for it with regurgitated and poorly conceived ideas. I have two tattoos, and I took the time to put some thought into them. I utilized my skills and imagination and drew them myself, I then brought them to a trusted friend who happened to find an avenue in the body modification business, and talked them over. In the end, he now knows me for being the only person he’s tattooed that has had any original ideas. Does it make people douchebags? No, only in the same way having Prada sunglasses makes you a douchebag. Humans aren’t the smartest creatures, only a handful of us ever really amount to anything, and in the end, if someone has a horrible 3 Keyboard Cat Moon tribute tattoo on their chest, it’s their business, their shame, and our target for laughter.

  9. Rob Grave says:

    Well observed KC, all of the above actually.

  10. dakattack says:

    I wish you well along your travels of philosophical wonderment and may reaffirmation be abound to your nutsack in the form of a shoe at least once a day from now to eternity. Love- That guy who reaffirmed what you already know so well because of your divine sense of perception.

  11. joe bastard says:

    tattoos give people the same gratification that you get from writing anonymously hateful comments on web pages that the are as numerous as your views are bleak im sorry your girl broke up with you in the second grade its time to get over it you emo fucktard

  12. Linda says:

    I have the inside the arm tat but it’s not a poem so I really don’t know how to take that one!

  13. educated white trash says:

    Sorry guys, I beliieve that scars are tatoos with better stories. I don’t have a drop of ink. just 5 bullet holes and a couple of major zipper jobs from the sugeons. And all they say was I was a stupid F–K and listened to a recruiter.
    But when some chick gets all gushy and wet and says “wanna see my new tat?” all I can say is” Thank You for that visual confirmation of your place in the lower castes of society.”

  14. mococat says:

    Because I’m actully rather unattractive and my savvy for proppa grammer provides salvation for my vacuously dull life.

  15. Poison Ivy League says:

    Forgot to add “lesbian” in that response

  16. Cuntastic says:

    Stupid fucking CUNTS!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT FUCK FUCK FUCK

  17. KC says:

    Rob, you’re being ridiculous. I can’t tell whether you’re taking the piss out of people who don’t like tattoo’s or if you’re just being a judgemental asshole.

  18. Poison Ivy League says:

    U guys both need to get out of the dumb overly liberal and vacuous Barnard College type of fake ingenuous thinking.

    No I’m not from there, and I’m thankful of that

  19. Rob Grave says:

    It’s time for people who can’t stand the sight of any Tattooed Dipshit or Dipshitette, to declare war!

    Laws must be passed to enforce immediate Laser removal of this unsightliness. Date Rape drugs may need to be legalised so we can all intervene.

    “I got this tattoo because it means something” Fuck Off you retards, it actually means squat outside of your sentimental whim. Keeping a diary or decoration on your skin is just selfish, vain and daft. Most of us pity you.

    Sure there are exceptions where tattoos have significance for some traditional cultures of the world. But unless you are a Maori or a bum-raped prisoner, what the fuck are you really thinking?

  20. ozzie says:


  21. mitch says:

    sorry not funny

  22. some girl says:

    i have feet tattoos, wrist tattoos, ankle tattoos and rib tattoos. i’m not offended at all. everyone does their own shit for their own reasons. this shit is still funny.

  23. ceilteach anam says:

    some tatto’s have a meaning ,some are dumb some are really nice and mean something to the person. i think you should only get a tattoo if it means some thing to you. it shows your comitted to something and that (if its for the right reasons) it means something to you and is part of you both inside and out. just because you dont liek tattoo’s doesnt mean they are horrid things. everyone has their own opinions. and not all tattoo’s are distasteful alot are beautiful. a tattoo is a way of expression. not dissing your service to this country i support you on that and say thank you for it. but i would rather look at a work of art on someones body than a scar. keep an open mind

  24. the lad says:

    some of the “what it really said” lines just sucked. Others were actually damn funny, but I feel this one was missing that genuine spice. Somebody made this post in 10min.

  25. Rob Grave says:

    Think of me as a ‘bad art’ critic. Actually, no I wouldn’t call Tattoos ‘art’ in any sense. Get over it you fugly green fucks

    • atom12 says:

      RE: Think of me as a ‘bad art’ critic. Actually, no I wouldn’t call Tattoos ‘art’ in any sense. Get over it you fugly green fucks

      You are an idiot – tattoos aren’t art. You are one of those people who are ugly, short, never had a girlfriend, shitty job, dead beat trailer trash parents, who’s life basically sucks – on ALL levels. So you come here and talk shit, cause it makes you feel better. You wouldn’t know art if someone broke a ming vase over your head. Kook.

  26. Rob Grave says:

    Seems like I’ve hit raw nerve. There’s only a few replies from painted people, with skin ‘thick enough (pardon the pun) saying they don’t care about my comments. For you others, it really must signify your anger at your own stupidity. It must be really frustrating to have no self control, dragging yourselves into tattoo parlors, to imprint images that reflect your dumb-assed personality. Go for it retards.

  27. Gaunt Let says:

    Hey Grave we should start an anti-tattoo cult

  28. Amber Rose says:

    why do u feel the need to talk shit about other ppls tats the whole evaloaution of stupid tattoos was neither funny nore correct.. the point is u have no life.. and for u to take every comment that goes against you and turn into something totally immature and stupid just makes it even more obvious that u have no life…i could understand if it was something that was actually a problem that people should be makeing a big deal about.. but this is stupid. everyone has their own opinion on tattoos..so what? who cares.. their are goingt o be people out their that look at people with tattoos with disgust and their are going to be people that love them.. its baised on ur own beliefes.. But that is one of the factors that people have to think about when they are going to get a tattoo..not everyone is open minded and not everyone excepts it. I realized this a long time ago.. but i deal with it just fine.. if u dont like them well good for u but dont shun me for doing what i want to my body..because it is mine and it is my right to have them just as its your right not to like them.

  29. the tannier says:

    Thank you enlightened one.

    Maybe in the meantime while karma comes to bight me on the toosh, you shouldn’t take anything you read at face value.

  30. Jeff says:

    looks like this dude Kevin here has one of the tattoos that was verbally torn to shreds and he’s feeling hurt by it! hahaha these are all hilarious observations about really stupid tattoos, keep going buddy there are so many more out there to tear apart!!

  31. Rob Grave says:

    comon philosopherlovingraptor, you can abuse me more than that.

  32. Thunderscrotum says:

    A) Jesus fuck, Rob. So your only girlfriend left you for some guy that had a tattoo. We get it. Fucking kill yourself already.

    B) Amber — this is what I don’t get. How can you type all that brain-dead gibberish and still have the presence of mind to do the Captcha?!?

  33. The Tannier says:

    Maybe you should get a Tattoo of a Funny Bone

  34. George T says:

    Jesus. Saying nothing would have been a better way to die. That was fucking lamer than talking to yourself under 2 different names.

    Not that you really give a shit about tattoos. You’re just lapping up all the attention.

  35. Bananas for Myself says:

    Websitesaffirmin’… that’s what forums are for. It’s called debate, unfortunately at the drop of a hat the “debate” goes south, and fast.

    But it’s a fun time waster when it’s raining all day or like me, you have a horrible cold. Otherwise I’d be out riding my bike.

  36. i got so many tits says:

    i love you guys.. lets all get matching tatts

  37. WebsitesReaffirmFactThatPeopleAreJerks says:

    the funniest thing about this whole thing is reading the comments from us posters. If someone isn’t being a jerk, then one is responding as a jerk to some other jerk: Judgemental, overly defensive, self-esteem and inferiority complexes. Sad, little lifes that scream “pay attention to me, mommy!”

  38. Mouse says:

    I like cheese.

  39. wen-DEE-GO says:

    What the fuck does that mean, “Simply an affirmation of one’s delusions???” I don’t think you could back that up for your fucking life. Try to sound a little pedantic, a little schooled, over TATTOOS. RETARD.

  40. wen-DEE-GO says:

    You’re probably a fat, million jowled fucking idiot who wears the same sweater every day for fear of flapping his fat elbows in public. Which is why you can’t stand the sight of people with tattoos; sheer jealousy. RETARD.

  41. Rob Grave says:

    Cellteach, you waffle shit.

    A Tattoo is simply an affirmation of one’s delusions

  42. Rob Grave says:

    yeah sure, I lap-up the attention, much like a painted person hopes flesh is their msg board.

  43. Spencer says:

    I really hate most people who have tattoos today. It used to be that tattoos where a sort of a badge that you earned by doing something difficult, and being able to endure the pain was something you wouldn’t even question. My uncle made it through the 82 Airborne and he earned his tattoos.

  44. Rob Grave says:

    Don’t be a Git missy, the craving will pass. There are plenty of other Stupid things you can Do without needing to permanently remind yourself of it.

  45. philosoraptor says:

    Yeah, pretty hard to tell that’s you, Rob, get a fucking life already

    (I have no tattoos and don’t even like them, BTW, I just think you’re an assclown)

  46. whopper junior says:


  47. Miss Anonymous says:

    i want a tattoo. soo bad. . . . .

  48. mococat says:

    Im bak and redy to take it up my anal anal hole..

  49. steph says:


  50. Kevin S. O'Leary says:

    Tatts are cool – an excellent form of art, and the body is an excellent medium to display it. One’s motives are one’s business – it’s a personal decision. All judgemental yahoos just need to stuff their opinions where the sun doesn’t shine – oh yea, and get a grip!

  51. JOE says:

    this is really unfunny….. not because i have any of the tattoos mentioned, but because whoever wrote it is trying to be witty but failing in epic proportions.

  52. dakattack says:

    The person bitching about the foot tattoo DEFINITELY has some gay ass foot tats all over his/her feet- I don’t even want to imagine what… Ok I do- Probably kermit the frog riding your foot like a tiajuana crack whore with a huge boner and silly smile. It means “IIIIIII Bitch about EVERYTHING!!!!” “Hooray!”

  53. Gaunt Let says:

    “Cracked”, huh? Never heard of it but sounds good. And I agree that we are all hypocrites in the end anyway.

  54. Nicke says:

    And what does a tattoo of Taz or Tweety represent? 4 simple words…..A lifetime of regret (And a strong possibility of mental retardation)

  55. The Tannier says:

    Maybe you should get a Tattoo of “Sorry not Funny” on your forehead

  56. mococat says:

    Oh my god, Bananas for everyone, finally a post from someone intelligent who knows how to spell! And use correct grammar!! Forgive me for being an old fart but it just pisses me off that so many people can’t type for shit.
    As for the guy who wrote about Cracked, I grew up reading that rag and Mad Magazine as well. Wasn’t Sylvester that weird guy in the overalls and the painter’s cap? It was pretty cool, but no one can beat Mad. Except, of course, National Lampoon.
    But, I digress.
    I, too, hate poseurs who have to have the latest cool item du jour. What’s with all the guys with the shaved heads wearing their sunglasses backwards behind their ears? You can’t tell ‘em apart! And, of course, all the while yakking on the latest cell phone that they waited in line for hours to buy, only to find the price greatly reduced a few weeks later.
    The great thing about getting older is that you don’t give a shit about what people think about you. Which brings me back to tattoos. Yes, I still want one that expresses my beliefs. I’d actually love to have an Asian tiger tattooed on my back. Japanese art is incredibly beautiful.

  57. Myself says:

    Tattoos are for one’s self anyway, why should I care if someone silently detests them?

    You don’t have to live/sleep/eat with these people so why the ruckus?

  58. The Tannier says:

    Miami Ink (Reality TV in a Tattoo Parlour) is the funniest shit on TV. I think however, that they should change the name to Schadenfreude Ink.

    (Schadenfreude = pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others)

  59. not a fag says:

    “Shitting on everything isn’t funny.”

    Fuck you it isn’t. That’s why when they had a magazine Cracked kicked Mad’s ass. Cracked talked shit on EVERYTHING even themselves and constantly contradicted it’s self, showing the truth that we are all hypocrites that talk shit on what we don’t like but the next guy’s shit talking is just as valid as our own. They have always hit it from all angles.

    You probably don’t even know who Sylvester P. Smyth is. fucking noob.

  60. mococat says:

    I agree completely. I was just referred to as a lesbian for giving my frank opinion. I just think it’s funny. I think that the people who are the most defensive are the ones who have the lowest self-esteem. And like I said before, I don’t give a shit about what people think about me.

  61. hang rob grave says:

    Eat a dick

  62. Dumb Ass says:

    Go draw a tattoo of similar size and put on a normal pair of professional shoes, if your not wearing sneakers your gonna see that and look like a fool.

  63. f'urface says:

    people that cliche tattoos are the ones that are fuckin stupid. kinda like the guy above me said. tribal, tramp stamps, and some chicks name tattooed on you are just a few of the many. pretty good analysis.

  64. LexingtonSteele says:

    You come to holy taco for the wrong reason. Lighten up jackass.

  65. craptastico says:

    sounds like someone has a foot tattoo…

  66. dickspit says:

    She will regret it because it is shitty. That isn’t so much funny as accurate.

    And that comment wasn’t funny because you are an asshole

  67. uuuuuuuuu says:

    How does the foot tattoo mean that?

    Why would she regret the tattoo? It’s not visible, why would she regret it? Just doesn’t make any sense. Yeah, you guys just rushed the fuck through this one.

    Also some of these lists are just plain stupid. In your mind no one should have any sort of beard or hair cut or tattoo at all.

    It’s just bad and lazy writing. Shitting on everything isn’t funny.

    That’s why this comment wasn’t funny.

  68. you're a fucking idiot says:

    If you get a tattoo to be cool, yes, it will be dumb, and yes, you will regret it.
    If you get a tattoo that means something to you, you’ll never regret it and it probably isn’t dumb.
    People are just closed-minded dipshits.

  69. Gaunt Let says:

    99% of people with tattoos have absolutely zero idea where the symbols originate in the first place. If they did they would make much more mature and intelligent choices. In other words most people are tools.

  70. Weight Loss says:

    The tattoo on the lower back might as well be a bulls-eye.

  71. Joe says:


  72. Rick says:

    If you wouldn’t hang the picture on your wall at home then you probably shouldn’t get a tattoo of said picture. If you’re worried what some redneck might say about your tattoo you probably shouldn’t get one either. If you cover up your tattoo anywhere but work you were probably drunk when you got it.

    I have many tattoo’s but I think the most accurate one on here is the dreaded redneck armband. I live in TN and that seems to be the most prized tattoo of all. If they really wanna be a badass they should wrap a real piece of barbed wire around their arm.

    PS: Lighten up people, it’s not like it’s a list on FOX News or something. Although dry, it’s still humor.

  73. Becket Adams says:

    I think Rob Grave is poking fun, whether his point is correct or not.

    However, everyone here that is vehemently arguing against him is showing their own hand. It does not matter whether or not you have a tattoo. If you want to argue an objective truth, then argue it. But to fly off the handle and say that this mans “sucks dick,” “eats shit,” etc., tells us that you probably have one of the aforementioned tattoos (at which point nobody will take you seriously because the above article has just made us laugh at the idea of said tattoo).

    Take it easy everyone.

  74. Joker says:

    Hilarious! Too bad they look like crap when you get old and you are fat and wrinkled :O !

  75. goonfeld says:

    funny shit man
    good read

  76. Rob Grave says:

    Fuck, it’s people like you with ‘neutral’ opinions that actually waste space. Here I’m exercising liberty to give direct semi-satirical opinion.

    A lot of people think Tats are revolting, and interestingly, even people here with Tats, think they can be revolting.

    So, if I can help stop just one person from getting a ‘memorial tattoo’, I would have made a difference.

    Your body is not an obiturary plaque, rather show some real respect and keep the urn on the mantelpiece.

    What’s your comment worth?

  77. Rob Grave says:

    Interesting to see how there’s a hierarchy in the world of painted people. I imagine you being one of those ‘cool’ looking dudes who seems to carry his tats ‘well’. In the meantime being all too aware of how fugly tats can be.
    Until, a bigger better painted man comes around the corner, and judges down on you.
    oooh the politics.

  78. Hearty Nooks.. Tasty Crannies. says:

    jeez, it’s one of those things you can’t really argue about.. more of an individual opinion thing. i mean i don’t have any, how about you guys that tell these people with tattoos that they’re stupid just stop? i mean i bet you’re not gonna walk up to the guy on the street that’s probably twice your size and doesn’t sit on his computer all day putting people down and tell him that his memorial tattoo for his grandmother doesn’t mean anything at all and he’s a pussy. now would you?

  79. WTF? says:

    Ignorance is the root of all evil.

  80. Nick says:

    LOL this tattoo stuff is hilarious
    but dudes, check this out

  81. non-judgemental says:

    So Rob, are you against piercings?

  82. NerdyDillinger says:

    Poison the Well Lyrics !!!!

  83. Rob Grave says:

    No, as long as it’s not pierced through a tattoo

  84. Rob Grave says:

    You would at least look prettier then…

  85. pwik says:

    you just did judge. hypocrite

  86. LittlePirate says:

    In my opinion, a good tattoo is one that you design yourself or think up on your own.

    But either way if you paid for it, spent the time it took to get it–be prepared to take the criticism that may come with it.

  87. keithfer says:

    excellent tattoos, really cool, i need to find tattoo designs that looks so 3D as this, really great
    i am a great fan of tattoos

    Tattoo Images

  88. ianj says:

    What about a Taz tatoo?

    What you think it says: I’m freaking awesome.

    What it really says: I’m freaking awesome.

    Statement heard from this person: I’m freaking awesome.

  89. LunaVW says:

    The first impression is… ok somewhat funny.
    But now Im being serious> if you like mocking people for what they do then go ahead because most of them dont give a shit about you.

  90. putz says:

    I know everything. My comment matters because I know everything. Tattoos are bad, good, whatever. Blah blag belch shit… Don’t fukin judge!!!!!

  91. JunoSama says:

    Awesome post I totally agree, but unfortunately these bad tattoos will never stop because there will always be stupid people!


  92. dumb says:

    lol at everything

  93. Steph says:

    The poem on that guy’s arm is Poison the Well lyrics, which is totally fine.

  94. Rob Grave says:

    no need to be angry with me because of whatever stupid shit you have on your skin pal.

    I happen to have Holy Taco on my RSS reader. so that’s why this topic (that I happen to have a strong opinion about) came to my attention.

    I happen to have a six pack but, er I’m gonna drink it soon.

    oh, on the tattoe subject, I do have friends who have fuck-ugly tats. and they know my point of view.

    spice of life my friend, get on the program.

  95. Rob Grave says:

    Ponkey Dunch, please describe your tattoo/s?

  96. Ponkey Dunch says:

    Dear Rob/Gaunt:

    Congratulations! By talking to yourself under 2 different names on Holy Taco, you have just discovered a whole new class of worthless pathetic shitfuck loser! To celebrate, find a tattoo needle, dip it in some good ol’ HIV, and die a slow painful death, please.



  97. Gaunt Let says:

    Maybe YOU’RE the fat fuck, since you’re coming up with this shit in the first place

  98. Your Name says:

    Ok its obvious that Gaunt Let and Rob Grave are the same person, either that or he just had his lips grafted to Rob’s ass. Since you’re one this is directed @ you…Eat a dick hater! I mean that so much I might just get it tatted on my cock so I show you momma.

  99. Rob Graves needs to eat a dick says:

    okay Rob, look this is pathetic, if you don’t like tattoo’s then maybe you shouldn’t go looking them up on the internet. i mean come on, how attention hungry are you? Your probly a fat fuck who sits on your fat ass all day taking shit on anyone who won’t pay attention to you. you need to grow up and get a real life

  100. Rob Grave says:

    Actually, upon a re-read , your tattoo/s must be as fugly as you are.

  101. Gaunt Let says:

    By the way Rob, I hope you didn’t think the previous commment was directed at you cuz’ it wasn’t
    (Gaunt Let Says:
    August 1st, 2009 at 10:03 am
    Maybe YOU’RE the fat fuck, since you’re coming up with this shit in the first place)
    it was intended for the other guy

  102. Gaunt Let says:

    yep, right on

  103. Rob Grave says:

    P.S. – while I’m spilling my entrails:
    I have vivid memories of a stunning girl I had a short relationship with (travelling at the time). She had a tattoo on her lower back that was extremely well done, meaning I could see the artistic merit in it.
    Seductive, yes
    Memorable, yes
    Artistic, yes
    Beautiful, befitting her as a person? That’s the debate.

  104. The Penis Of Justin Thomas says:

    I enjoyed this article, and furthermore, I enjoy being inserted into an asian vagina.

  105. justin says:
    If it could type, that’s EXACTLY what it would say.
  106. Shizzire says:

    Mine can type. Here’s what it has to say:
    Ddfdfdddfddddx dxxxxzxxccc
    Can you tell it curves a little to the left?

  107. Rob Grave says:

    Me arrogant? not as much as someone who gets a tattoo.

  108. J- says:

    This guy is completely missing the fucking point. We get tattoos WE like. I will never regret it, I will never end up in a job kissing ass to some dipshit boss. If they dont like me I wont work there. There are plenty of succesful people with tattoos. I dont speak of celebrities either, many many people have em. The truth is when your old youll regret being a little pussy your whole life and never doing anything crazy, have you ever riden a motorcycle, are you against pot, its all predictable. your a pathetic fuck in some journalism class and you wanna have butt sex with your professor so you listn to every opinion of his. your a slave to the man and to your mind, EXPAND YOUR MOTHER FUCKING HORIZON, try it atleast for a week man, i dont wanna see you end up old and alone, or do i?

    Theres a huge problem here, you think people get tatoos to impress people and because there freinds will like it. so if our freind tells us which tatoo to get we would listen to be cool, but then you want us to listen to your opinion and not get one, because then we would be cool. you see the problem assface. either way its listening to someone else when i wanna listen to what i want.

    Die old and alone you will

  109. robgravessucksdick says:

    yea dude youre getting way too worked up. why dont you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and lighten up. Its EXTREMELY ignorant of you to put down every person earth who has a tat, and say that their ideas arent valid. who the fuck are you to tell someone theyre wrong? fuck you.

  110. robgravessucksdick says:

    and having tats makes you arrogant how? wow youre even dumber than i thought you were. just stop whining you little bitch. get off your ass and off your computer and go meet someone. not everyone is as stupid as you. so go fuck yourself you cock sucking piece of shit.

  111. Darrel says:

    As an employer I Shun anyone that walks through my doors with a tattoo. I don’t care if its a heart on your pelvis or a cross on your back. If I can see it I’ll send you packing. 99% of these morons that get tattooed will regret it and if they are at all visible it will seriously reduce your earning power!

  112. Rob Grave says:

    It’s time for people who can’t stand the sight of any Tattooed Dipshit or Dipshitette, to declare war!
    Laws must be passed to enforce immediate Laser removal of this unsightliness. Date Rape drugs may be needed to be legalised so we can all intervene.

    “I got this tattoo because it means something” Fuck Off you retards, it actually means squat outside of your sentimental whim. Keeping a diary or decoration on your skin is just selfish, vain and daft.

    Sure there are exceptions where tattoos have significance for some traditional cultures of the world. But unleess you are a Maori or a bum-raped prisoner, what the fuck are you really thinking?

  113. Rob Grave says:

    Why Arrogant? umm because you think people will like it…

  114. Amber Rose says:

    tattoos are for self expression, if a person chooses to have a tattoo its their buisness and for u to shun them for that makes u totally immature.. just because u wouldnt have a tattoo on ur body doesnt meen that ppl that do should be alienated…

  115. NSD says:

    Having a single tat makes me daft? How so? You’re an ass and probably no fun at all.

  116. philosopher says:

    I love when HT brings the harsh truth to the world.

  117. whim i mean i dont know says:

    love the skin you’re in, not you’re on.

  118. mateo. says:

    the spider web on the elbow and the star on the ribs were seriously overlooked.

  119. dfd says:


  120. Rob Grave says:

    as long as he likes to spoon

  121. Anonymous says:

    Gotta take ‘em any way you can get ‘em, Robby-Rob.

  122. Robert Garris says:

    I have over 100 Tattoos don’t care if you don’t like them and don’t care what you think I thought this was funny and am not the least bit offended by it.I like my Tattoo’s and I have them because I want them.It just goes back to the old saying “TATTOOED PEOPLE DON’T BITCH ABOUT NON-TATTOOED PEOPLE” Because we don’t give a shit if you have a Tattoo or not.

  123. Rob Grave says:

    I’d probably vomit at the sight of you. although that’s not to say I wouldn’t be your friend.

  124. Gaunt Let says:

    I love Texas Toast. I buy it very rarely though. :-(

  125. texastoast says:

    oh crap man now i’m wondering what mine really mean. now i feel like a douche bag

  126. T-Bone says:

    Haha good stuff. You nailed it with the small of the back tattoo. These guys do a good tattoo feature as well: http://www.namethegarels.com/?p=2423

  127. Mac says:

    yeah but you still read/skimmed it

  128. Gaunt Let says:

    “Rob Grave”, huh? Love the name, simple word play but hilarious.

  129. whatever says:

    Hell, its the people who DON’T have tattoos that are the original ones. Everyone has them anymore. Good for you if you get one because you want it, but don’t think it makes you unique. My grandmother has one.

  130. Your Mom is a Whore says:

    I have seen this same article idea on a thousand different websites written by a thousand different people. This happens to be one of the much stupider ones. Not to mention, I’m sure this article was written by some pussy who would defecate himself just getting his yearly flu vaccination. If your going to make fun of something you are too scared to try, at least make it somewhat funny.

  131. Amber Rose says:

    The truth is if someone has a tat its there choice and its no one elses buisness,there the ones who have to live with it and there the ones that have to take the critisizam, thats what u have to expect when u get one. But ppl should stop getting mad over other ppl critisizing them..your going to get it ur hole fucking like in one way or another.. anyways if u like it good for u.. be happy dont waiste ur time getting mad over what other ppl say because its on ur body not theirs.. if u dont well then go get it removed or suck it up..

  132. Dan says:


  133. Rob Grave says:

    ooh you’re a sensitive person with a dumb tattoo I bet.

  134. fartepiphany says:

    There is absolutely no possible way to improve a womans looks with ink. Women are crazy beautiful in any color shape or form. All tats tell me is that you are impulsive, which translates to me having a better chance of bedding u tonight.
    Sorry I let out the secret guys.

  135. tattoos are gay says:

    you sound offended, which one do you have, i am betting it is the butterfly

  136. I'm inked and I'm laughing says:

    aww, boo hoo. sounds like the whining of someone who actually HAS one of these totally played out tats. Probably that dude in the tank top with the Tasmanian Devil or the eagle tattoo. You are just getting bitchy because you have seen a thousand different websites written by a thousand different people all telling you that your tattoo is lame. Getting inked dosn’t make anyone hardcore so quit getting so defensive ya puss.

  137. Arliss says:

    Sheesh Amber, learn how to spell!

    Saying “There” when you mean Their makes you look stupid and “critisizam” and “critisizing” when you mean Criticizing and Criticism removes all doubt that you are an idiot!

  138. mococat says:

    Ok, Cuntastic, you sound like an intelligent person. NOT!!!!!!!! I’m sitting in front of my computer at 3:30 am, drinking a beer and trying to hold my shit together.
    People like you are the reason the human race has much to fear about its future. (and, what hell, maybe myself included as well.)
    But the main reason this forum exists is to talk about tattoos.
    Like I said, it’s all about personal expression.
    And maybe someday I’ll actually get one.

  139. NothingToxic says:

    What does it mean to have the Whiskas Cat tatooed on your shoulder?

  140. Tibor says:

    Probably the same as getting a tweety bird:
    You think it means: “I’m crazy, random and funny”
    What it really means: “I’m crazy and random but in a few years when I put on a bit of weight, it’s going to stretch out and look like big bird.”

    watch live tv online

  141. Gaunt Let says:

    why are you planning to get murdered and mutilated any time soon? Ans what doesn it matter to you if they find you once you’re gone? It’s not like you’re going to know the difference.

  142. YellowHippieGurl says:

    i wanna get a tat wit my nephew’s name on it n several other tats. tatooeed ppl hav a better chance of having their dead, murdered bodies identified :)

  143. Gaunt Let says:

    lol right on, educated

  144. someguy says:

    i think the tattoo on pelvis should have the same “what it really says” comment as the butterfly on small of back imo

  145. Douche says:

    tattoes are cool – dont be a wuzz and get one.

  146. WilsonTaylor99 says:

    OMgosh dude that is just too funny. Spot on bro, spot on!


  147. r.kels24 says:

    It’s a good thing that guy didn’t bet that the Lakers would lose, they clearly can’t be beaten.