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Where’s Holy Taco?

Hi everyone, I’m not dead!  Rejoice!   fact is, I do most of my work these days over at Break.com.  You may recall almost two years back that the hilarious Jim Tews and Luis Prada left Holy Taco and it was just me here.  Since then I’ve split my time between here and Break.  well, now things are picking up at Break in terms of how much writing I do, we have Seanbaby over there as well and we’re just cranking out more comedy along with funny videos and picture galleries and that means Holy Taco is splitting my awesome wit.  Do I write my best stuff here or do I do it at Break?  Do I write two awesome articles a day?  How do I chose which one goes where?

I like to make folks laugh and I like to produce the best work I can, and right now that means focusing mostly on Break.  So go read Break!  I have a new article up today.  I have one up every day, in fact, but still, go read today!  Am I abandoning HT?  heck no, I’ll post when I can, but if you want consistency, you want Break.com for now and, of course, I am always on the Holy Taco twitter account if ever you need to ask me for advice about your love life or send me photos of your cat.

Never fear, Ian Fortey s not about to stop writing hilarious internet comedy, it’s just sometimes I do it in different places and hopefully you like me enough to follow me as I hop around.

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