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White Trash Weddings – A Gallery

Wedding season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than a gallery of photos from weddings that will ultimately end in domestic abuse or divorce.


24 Responses to "White Trash Weddings – A Gallery"

  1. tim says:

    pregnant smoking bride outside the trailer is a pretty obvious photoshop.

  2. Sixxer says:

    Disturbing… every other pic with camo-tux.

  3. Jimmus says:

    Actually, I thought the girl with the cornrows was kinda hot! Or do I need some new glasses.

  4. Sara says:

    Hey, some of these aren’t as silly and obscene at middle-class folks spending $60K for a “classy” wedding to go w/their $60k of student debt for a bachelor’s degree that will get them a $40K entry-level job. Three cheers for white trash!!
    Sara, retired English professor!

  5. nacho libre says:

    not really thats worlds famous hiedi klum

  6. matahari says:

    seeing these pix i think to myself…. the survival of the species’ ensure…. sic.

  7. iris says:

    oh man i love the one of the bride doing the keg stand…that is priceless.

  8. Catcher says:

    The one with all the ballons in it is from ireland, we call them tinkers

  9. d00d says:

    More camouflage than I’ve ever seen, and 99% of the women are overweight. Glarrgh..

  10. Rodger McPherson says:


    40K a year…not a lifetime.

    As opposed to what….flunking out?

    Wait….isn’t that you in nearly every picture?

    That explains your logic.

  11. IDGAF says:

    Betcha 90% of them met on E-harmony.

  12. Lance says:

    I would ike my dog to be a part of a wedding too. And sit and lick his balls in front of everyone.

  13. Reality Checks and Balances says:

    Hey, at least they are keeping it real.

    And the divorce rate won’t be any worse than the country club weddings or church weddings.

  14. Anonymous says:

    OK, I would most definitely NOT eat the corn out of these girls’ shit.

    Birke yeasts

  15. Nikisa says:


  16. dickspit says:

    I seriously think I have to been to all of these redneck weddings…

    I hate South Carolina

  17. Sammie says:

    Girl deers don’t have horns!! Those deer are gay!!!

  18. Nasty Girl says:

    Who needs a white trash wedding when you can watch Girls Stripping Nude on Webcams!

  19. KyleDub213 says:

    Look at that…even with the annoying login process and Captcha…we still get this bull shit

  20. BigBen28 says:

    im ashamed to say that about 80% of these people are probaly from pa.

  21. Mr. Obvious says:

    This is why genetic diversity is important.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the second to last picture. Except for the guy drinking in the background.

  22. Ookla the Mok says:

    Meh. Kinda like a compilation of getting kicked in the balls.

    But that rottweiler in pic # 28 is kick-ass. Best thing in the whole series.

  23. Assey says:

    Lol, You’re too late fellas! =