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Who Farted?


27 Responses to "Who Farted?"

  1. darkman71 says:

    I got enough for all of them in my tank!!!!!!!

  2. yoness says:

    I prefer “Cum Dumpster” to “Meat Curtain”.

  3. blunderbuss says:

    That’s a big stack of pussy.

  4. Jackk says:

    yea we look at their asses, i bet they have faces of a munter!

  5. Dougie(the dog) says:

    nice bit of pyramid building girls

  6. God says:

    Theyre only loose because youre so small.

  7. Jeff says:

    Yeah, what does that mean?
    Anyways, call me what one will.

    more skin on this picture, I masturbate to it.

  8. Ducatis4 says:

    saggy loose vagina = roast beef curtains

  9. Buttfinger says:

    Check out the roast beef curtain hanging off the one in blue

  10. nemesis says:

    what? what is a roast beef curtain?

  11. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    Roast beef curtain = pussy lips

    This term is generally (but not always) used when referring to a woman with larger than average pussy lips. For example, “Yo, Edward, I just yodeled in your mom’s canyon and MAN, is her roast beef curtain copious.”

  12. i smell like ass says:

    because knowledge is power!

  13. Teddy Picker says:

    well, it is whats for dinner

  14. Cipher says:

    Fuck That! I AM the other white meat!!

  15. HausBroken says:

    One thousand two hundred… *blink blink*…O_O…thousand?

    I’m sold!

  16. onewetfigure says:

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  17. taintnothinbutabrowneye says:

    Eat. A. Dick.

  18. Lonny says:

    Egypt’s newest attraction:
    “The SphixSter”

  19. Lonny says:

    yeah, I know I misspelled that… should have been SphinxSter – give me a break… I’m drunk!

  20. Molester Of Nuns says:


  21. why? says:

    What’s that dark stain on the blue bottom?

  22. Sid says:

    Did roast beef curtain died?

  23. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    Damn, don’t tell me I hafta cum 5 times in one afternoon!!!

  24. Maestro Of The Deadly Symphony says:

    that is a six-way just waiting to happen

  25. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Actually more like a one-way with just you rubbing one out.

  26. blueBalls says:


  27. DAYUM!!! says:

    I don’t give a fuck which one of these bitches farted, I just want to know why it wasn’t in my mouth!