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Who Has It Worse: The Blacks Or The Gays?

I would’ve like to have heard Wyatt’s producer call the white supremacist’s house and ask him if a black guy and a gay guy could come over and ask him some questions. Was he excited to get a platform to espouse his racist and homophobic views? Or was he worried about getting "gay germs" on his couch? I guess I’ll never know.
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8 Responses to "Who Has It Worse: The Blacks Or The Gays?"

  1. Barack You like a Hurricane says:

    Asians. No contest.

    this shit is too fucking funny:


  2. Kefkai says:

    I’m gonna have to admit I don’t think I’d fly on a plane flown by snoop dogg either, you’re taking a much bigger risk due to the excess of drinking and pot, but then again you just don’t know if you can resist the stewardesses.

  3. m3 says:

    But Black guys get all the hot chicks. That’s gotta count for something.

  4. diddledee says:

    I believe blacks have it worse. A gay can keep his or her sexual preference a secret but it’s kind of difficult to hide being black unless you’re Michael Jackson. Try spending a week in a predominately black neighborhood as a white person and you’ll see what it feels like to have people hate you for the color of your skin. I did and it was a real eye opener. Maybe if everyone experienced that, we could have an end to racism.

  5. TackyTerry says:

    White power

  6. Andy says:

    Link lead me right to some nefarious popup shit, and I’m using a mac!

  7. Anonymous says:

    the white supremacist seemed pretty polite. weird.