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Who In The Holy Taco Is “Tyler The Creator”?

Don’t be silly, old man. Tyler the Creator is the young and hilariously brazen front man for the alternative hip-hop group known by most as “Odd Future”. He just won “Best New Artist” at the MTV VMA’s, so you’re probably going to hear his name a lot for the next seven minutes. We don’t want you to look stupid, so we’re providing you with some basic info and a few videos. Now you won’t feel stupid when you’re talking to your kids, or that girl that works at Starbuck’s who’s way too young for you.

Tyler, The Creator is an ambitious young L.A. native who produced his own first two albums. He’s a little on the outrageous side, and a lot of Odd Future is about shock value, but their goofy arrogance is kind of charming. Here’s a few select clips from the Odd Future Youtube page.

“She” Featuring Frank Ocean
This video’s about the well-intentioned sexual assault of an attractive neighbor!

This clip is a Tyler The Creator solo video featuring lots of bodily fluids and a terrifying bug.

This video has some more awesomely creepy undertones and overtones. Actually just overtones. It’s about a guy wanting to tape a girl getting undressed. IT’S LIKE HE’S SAYING WHAT WE’RE ALL THINKING!

Skateboarding, drugs and graffiti. High school is the best!

So, there you have it. You’re all caught up with youth culture now!

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