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Who Will Be The Fattest?!?!

The fight for the title “World’s Fattest Woman” is becoming an intense battle between two women who will eat whatever it takes! We can’t get enough of it here at Holy Taco, but if it’s not your thing, feel free to leave our site by clicking one of our ads. Still here? Good! Then you’re as weird as the rest of us. Our morbid curiosity about the lives of anyone who would want to make themselves dangerously fat in order to get their name published in a book is ever-growing, and now that there’s a new girl in town, the plot has thickened to a three-day old gravy-like consistency!

That’s right, there’s someone else is trying to take Donna Simpson’s cake. She’s currently the woman who holds the title of “Fattest Woman To Ever Bear Children”, which was not an easy thing to do — her child birth took thirty doctors to successfully pull off. She’s incredibly proud of her awesomely fat mom status and is even a bit of a celebrity in the “feeder” world. If you’re not familiar with what a feeder, it’s basically a guy or girl who wants to fatten up their partner. What I’m saying is, Donna Simpson is a queen in that world, and she doesn’t want to get knocked out of her tired throne. Which I imagine would be difficult, mostly for logistical reasons. If I were to make a completely uneducated guess, there’s not a whole lot of guys clamoring to feed an already morbidly obese woman enough food to get even fatter, so naturally, competition is a little fierce.

Donna Simpson

Donna Simpson: "Worlds Fattest Woman To Bear Children"

So who’s hot on the tail of Simpson’s sweatpants? The 728 pound Susanne Eman from Casa Grande, Arizona. Casa Grande, Arizona, I said. Casa Grande, meaning literally “large house” in Spanish. Guess who takes getting fatter VERY seriously? That’s right, Susanne Eman. She’s living the life, completely. She’s also got a very specific goal in mind: To weigh a ton by the time she’s 41. Like an actual ton, as in 2,000 pounds. And she’s eating really hard to achieve that goal. She’s currently 37 so she’s got nine years to complete that goal. Nine years is plenty of time to gain the required 1,300 lbs, but it’s also a really long time to live when you have a man you found on the internet funneling bacon cheeseburgers down your throat.

Susanne Eman

Susanne Eman, the young newcomer

In the world of potential reality TV fame, and dudes who love plumping up their women to cartoonish proportions, these two ladies are in an epic battle. The sad part is it’s a battle where nobody actually wins in the end. Though, we here at Holy Taco wish both women the best in their pursuit of fattiness. Maybe, if the Guinness Book of World Records if feeling generous, they’ll give whoever loses the title of “Fattest Woman” the title of “Woman To Accidentally Sit On And Lose The Most TV Remotes”.

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