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Who Would Survive the Apocalypse?

A post-apocalyptic world will undoubtedly be a hellish place, so it’s safe to assume that all of the annoying and terrible people and things that won’t go away right now will somehow survive the destruction of the world. We’re curious to know who/what you think would survive, so send your own photoshopped Apocalypse Survivor pics to feedback@holytaco.com and we’ll add them to the gallery below.
Jon Gosselin and a Pile of Ed Hardy T-Shirts
Seth McFarlane’s One Man Show

Dick Clark and His Rockin’ New Years Eve
Amy Winehouse, a Syringe, and a Dirty Condom
Another Scary Movie Movie
Fox News
Magic Johnson and His "Immortality"
User Submissions:
McDick’s and The Hoff
Submitted by Chris N.

19 Responses to "Who Would Survive the Apocalypse?"

  1. Off and Onymous. says:

    Why is Holy Taco not on this list?

  2. mostly eighties says:

    You forgot Corey Haim…or that other dipshit Cory…one of them will survive..the more annoying of the two.

  3. jerk says:

    How about dumbasses that comment on blogs? “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!”
    That and the idiot that always has to post “FIRST!”

  4. Failblog.org says:


  5. Dick Face says:

    At first glance I thought Seth was Joe Jackson which would make sense because the bible says that the cockroaches shall inherit the earth.

  6. orifice jerk says:

    well played sir

  7. HB says:

    These were all pretty funny except the Amy Crackhouse one, the Dick Clark one and the Magic Johnson one. Other than that it was “LOL” time

  8. Cyrus says:

    How empty is your life if you actually watch family guy, let alone that loser’s “whacky” show of doing lame voices?

    Fuck off, I got work to do…

  9. Ricky says:

    I hate be the one to say this but atodoso, I fuckin atodoso!

  10. Randy says:

    Frig Off Rick

  11. underwater mile-high club says:

    What’s wrong with AVP?

  12. Paul says:

    i dont like it

  13. Sinislaw says:

    too lazy to photoshop the image but insane clown posse needs to be on this.

  14. aLaNa says:

    along with Keith Richards

  15. really? says:

    this is really one of your articles?

  16. Thunderscrotum says:

    What about Will Ferrell? No matter how skull-fuckingly putrid his movies are, he still gets like $8700 bajillion thousand hundred dollars per film.

  17. asdasdasd says:

    what the hell is the point of this? this is fucking retarded.

  18. mmfb says:

    You’re fuckin retarded.