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Who Is Your Drinking Hurting?

This commercial makes me want to have children.

14 Responses to "Who Is Your Drinking Hurting?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This commercial is not realistic. The wheels NEVER come off the General Lee! FAKE!

  2. KTFO says:

    I love scotch…scotchy scotch scotch…..down it goes, down into my belly.

  3. scotch and soda says:

    yeah man…that kid looks ripped.

  4. Sum Ting Wong says:

    Jesus, I remember that commercial from my childhood. Thanks, you Taco assholes, now I am going to wet the bed.

  5. ahhsome says:

    touche sir, touche…LET’S HAVE A ROUND FOR THE LITTLE ONES!

  6. Bob says:

    The solution is so obvious I can’t believe the idiots who produced the commercial didn’t include it. Let the kid get drunk with you nect time, then he too won’t give a damn about the broken car.

  7. fiord says:

    It’s true. I’m from Ontario and that’s exactly how we fix cars.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Friends don’t let friends drink and fix cars.

  9. A priceless, timeless vid .. lol

  10. gouraud brooklyn's says:

    well then you’re from Ontario and are by definition a fucktard. congratulations, way to fail at life.

  11. 721 says:

    I remember this vividly and I am so glad I finally found it. Brilliant!

  12. Amber says:

    The kids look is priceless! It’s saying F-off dad you big drunk. lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    When I’m drunk and my kid wants me to fix stuff I just say NO. Just Say No.

  14. Josh says:

    I was expecting a birth control product.