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Why Don’t They Just Say “Fat”?

You know your life already sucks when you’re on the run from the Feds. But you know it probably doesn’t get any worse when you click on CNN.com from your hideout and see that you’re also being referred to as “jowly.”

Not only are you a fugitive, but you’re a fatass fugitive. Which is just above “fat ass in iron lung” on the totem pole of life.

I just wish CNN would have the guts to tell it like it is.

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18 Responses to "Why Don’t They Just Say “Fat”?"

  1. morepowerr says:

    For the same resign you don’t use the in “N” word about people of color.

  2. readabook says:

    That’s “Jowly”, not “Jolly”, you gits. It means “having jowls”.

    I know some REALLY HONKIN’ HUGE PEOPLE who don’t really have jowls, and other, smaller people, who DO.


  3. Jowly doesn’t necessarily mean fat, it just means saggy-cheeked (in a manner that gives you, well, jowls) and whatnot.

    It generally happens with older age rather than being fat, though that isn’t to say that there aren’t fat dudes who are jowly like a motherfucker.

  4. Tony says:

    John, why don’t you go back to Kindergarden. This is the real world. If Sgt. Hardhat, I mean lardass is on the run from the motherfucking FBI his fatass deserves to be called out for what it is.

  5. L says:

    morepowerr is stupid. i think you mean _black people_.

  6. m says:

    Why is everyone so rude to each other? I am not talking about the article, I am talking about these forums. Very few people can discuss issues without insult, at least on the internet. Frankly, I find that a little annoying… Ok, more than a little.

  7. JT says:

    Hey, anyone killing federal agents these days is doing the world a favor.

    I would give this man a medal for protecting us!

  8. George says:

    You can’t say Fat cos that would refer to *all* americans..

  9. erichansa says:

    hahaha… oh… I might have to use that word today.

  10. Pratik says:

    They don’t/can’t say “fat” because some special interest group would sue them for violating their civil rights, since the term “fat” singles them out in a lude and demeaning manner.

    Meanwhile, most people wouldn’t even know how to spell jowly.

  11. fatass says:

    Well I take offense to it. Only because I dont have the self discipline to shove my fat belly away from the table and I can not eat just one of something, gotta eat the whole pile. And because of that I have a handicap parking pass hanging from my rear view. There is really nothing wrong with me, I just eat to much. Dont hate me because I am a fat slob.

  12. Dick says:

    Ha ha, Pratik doesn’t know how to spell lewd.

  13. pretty pinay says:

    lol fatties rule right??

  14. mer says:

    The constitution of the United States does not protect anyone from being called fat.

    You do NOT have the right to not be offended.

    Remember that, and embrace it.

  15. aaaaa says:

    Fat people are fat.
    Gay people are gay.
    Retards are retarded.

    Why do we have to change wording to avoid hurting someones feelings? The words mean what they do for a reason.

  16. bbbbb says:

    ^^ Amen to that.

  17. fat bastard says:

    ‘great big tub of shit’… hilarious

  18. John says:

    Because feelings HURT! Connotations matter.

    Do fat people deserve to be miserable? So they are genetically predisposed to gain weight easier, or are naturally lazier. Why do they have to be made fun of? It’s not like they are monsters like Hitler, or aaaaa, or bbbbb.