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Why Should I Follow Holy Taco on Twitter?

I’m glad you asked the question I just forced you to ask via internal monologue. Why should you follow us on Twitter? Are there rewards? Is there awesomeness you won’t experience on the site itself? Will it make you a sexual Tyrannosaur? The answer to these and many other questions is yes.

Following us on Twitter means you’re joining an exclusive community of awesome. How awesome? This awesome.

jessica vaugn

That’s not just a random photo, that’s Jessica Vaugn, super-hot model and friend of the Taco on Twitter. She actually talks to us on Twitter. On purpose. More than once. I know, right? Join us and witness the fun. Not good enough? How about this?

That’s Victoria Vertuga, Stephy C and Titania Lyn, all of whom have hastily agreed to attend a waterpark with HT staff sometime in the future. Would that mean 4 hot girls and a crew of pale, pasty men on a water slide? You bet your ass.

Not convinced? Maybe you’re asexual or, you know, a woman who’s not into chicks? We appeal to you with pop culture awesomeness. Check this out!

That there is a video by the Salads, an excellent band you need to know. And a friend of HT on Twitter. Join the fun!. Not a music fan? Fine, check this.

The trailer for Severin film’s Birdemic, one of the best worst movies ever – Severin is down with HT on twitter, too.

These folks plus hundreds more are already interacting with us on Twitter and enjoying 140 characters at a time of Taco hilarity that you’re all missing out on. Why are you missing out on it? Won’t you feel ad when we run exclusive twitter contests and you miss them? Yes, you will! Join now!

One Response to "Why Should I Follow Holy Taco on Twitter?"

  1. nlght says:

    hey HT, you should really stop with the ADS with loud ass audio playing when you first startup the page,
    1) its annoying
    2) its gay
    3) its really annoying