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Why’d You Bail Out On Our Flashmob?!

Hey “Friends”

So let me start by saying, you all really put me in an awkward spot yesterday. I don’t want to get accusatory, because I haven’t heard from any of you since then, and I’m sure you have a valid excuse, but what you did wasn’t cool. I felt so stupid running into that Macy’s all alone. We planned that flash mob out six weeks ago! You had plenty of time to make arrangements, or at the very least, let me know you weren’t going to make it.

Not only was I betrayed by my members of my own sketch group, but none of the friends I notified showed up either, and apparently, your extra friends must’ve slept through their alarms too. I feel incredibly foolish right now. We had everything laid out, we all pick an entrance and at exactly 7pm, we run towards the center of the store, screaming “The LOL’ing Stones”, then we strip to our underwear and make a quick exit before security snagged us. Jason and Alex were supposed to already have been in the store, video taping everything, but they were nowhere to be found either.

We went over the plan repeatedly. We had meetings, we shared a google doc, we had a phone chain in place, yet at 7pm at the Macy’s in North Side Mall, I was the only one running full speed through cosmetics, screaming the name of our sketch group. Luckily, by the time I hit menswear, I realized none of you were behind me so I had only taken my shirt off. If I’d followed through with our entire plan, I’d probably be in jail right now.

This is bullshit, you guys. That could’ve been a huge break for us. You know the video would’ve gone viral. I’m just really disappointed more than anything.

If you want to reschedule this, I think we can do it. We just can’t use that Macy’s again, because I’m now banned from the North Side mall forever.

- Chris

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