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23 Responses to "Wilson!"

  1. Suck it! says:

    While you fuckfaces were arguing about who’s the biggest horses ass I was fucking a hot Russian chick.

    I win.

  2. Stink says:

    Why is it that you assume that anybody you do not agree with or rags on you is Dwight? Jackass, can’t you see that there are many people ripping on you. Based on your vocabulary and some of your comments I can see you must be somewhat intelligent. I’m sure you spend much of your “life” sitting in your bedroom reading and jacking off to the internet. It is also clear that you are only “book smart” because you are a fucking moron. Look at your own hypocrisy about the alleged camel toe. Look at your insistence that only one person is busting your balls. You insist that everybody is Dwight. Donkey, you could not be more of a dumbass if you tried. There is a reason somebody speculated that you were a plant by HT. Nobody can be that much of a douche bag without trying.

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    fingfangfoom, you stupid fucking fuck, a cameltoe is a vernacular expression that refers to the outline of the labia majora seen through very tight clothes that results in the appearance of an EVEN-toed ungulate (a fucking ruminant for you dumb ass).

    Now, if you have ever seen a naked woman up close – in which case I assume you have in porn not in real life – you would have noticed that women by-and-large have TWO FUCKING prominent folds that extend from the pubic mound to the perineum!


    As for “Stink aka “Dwight K. Schrute, shut the fuck up! You’re just a try-hard wannabe trying desperately to team up with others to get back at me because you’re too much of a fucking pussy to do it with one single moniker.

    You stupid fucking retards!

  4. Phil Jones says:

    Donkey i think it’s time for your enema. Open your mouth as i transfer ass juices fresh from my hemmorhoided ass to your filthy lips from an unwashed hose that came from Dwights catheder. Hurry up! Fapping without lube is chafing the skin off my love pole!

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Barely a camel toe, you myopic stupid fuck!

    The fabric is clearly wrinlkled up slightly.

    P.S. Fuck Dwight, regardless of what avatar you use you always end up making a fool of yourself.

  6. Stink says:

    Every “photo of the day” should be like this. While I’m sure people do enjoy looking at Russians & a birthday party, camel toe wins every time.

  7. DonkeyXote says:

    fingfangfoom, your assumptions about my sexual life do not justify your blatant ignorance.

    You were wrong, I was right.

    End of fucking story.

    As for you Phil – or should I say Dwight – shut the fuck up!

  8. fingfangfoom says:

    and here i was thinking a cameltoe was when the pants/panties/bikini/whatever was so tight the fabric was jammed up inside the whores snapper and it sort of looked like a camel toe… Dr. FaggXote cleared me up on that issue with all his sexual knowledge (read: access to anatomy books). Anyone who knows any of those fancy ass names and aint a doctor will never and hasnt ever gotten within sniffing distance of a real fuckhole. your a douchebag, douchebag, with a capital X.

  9. fingfangfoom says:

    ….and yet a few posts previous you mention how her “v-j-j” or whatever you girls call it nowadays is eating up her bikini bottom, clearly alluding to the fact the fabric is pushed up into her cunt lips, which is what they call a fucking camel toe you stupid fucking retard. when you point out the cameltoe its cool, when someone else does they are wrong? what the fuck ails you??

  10. YESSIR says:


  11. LFSG says:

    Holy Cameltoe!

  12. Xzibit says:

    Yo Dawg, I heard you like Holy Taco so we put a Holy Taco on Holy Taco so you can fap while you fap.

  13. hahahaha says:

    that jus made my day. u r master of comments

  14. Anonymousy says:

    gonna go fap. see you all tomorrow.

  15. Bill Clinton says:

    My goodness, I’d lick that all night long.

  16. shoop says:

    Nicky Whelan

  17. jethro says:

    Jeezus, i have an erection

  18. Phil Jones says:

    I would like to be the sweat all over that hot body!
    Even in her asshole! :D

  19. DonkeyXote says:

    Yup, I can just see you enjoying yourself in a conglomeration of sweat and dead skin cells between her toes right after an arduous running marathon. Man, you’d eat that clammy toe-jam right up, and would still be eager to make a pitstop at the bottom of her gym bag just to scoop up any juicy remains.

    Oh yeah!!

  20. Phil Jones says:

    You are correct my hermaphrodite loving wannabe horses’ ass! But! Toe Jam is not my thing. I would settle for the poop berries from her sweaty butthole if you please.

  21. DonkeyXote says:

    I don’t think that’s the proper sport’s gear to be playing volleyball, no wonder her va-jay-jay is chewing that fabric right up.

  22. SirFuxALot says:

    She can volley my balls anyday!!! (nailed it)

  23. Buck Naked says:

    That quip earns you 17 Internet tokens. Spend them as you wish.