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Woman Eats Only McDonald’s Mega Macs For A Day

mcdonald's mega burger japan

Over in Japan, McDonald’s has released something called a Mega Mac, which is like 50 beef patties and 100 slabs of cheese between two sticks of butter or something. And apparently they have one for every meal of the day (which, in my book, should include: breakfast, brunch, lunch, lupper, dinner, supper, evening snack, midnight snack and Last Call With Carson Daly snack). So some girl named Khalilah who had never had a Big Mac in her life decided to eat nothing but Mega Macs all day (she had a whopping three, big deal) and see how she felt. Here are some of her reactions:

I’m tired, with low energy, irritable, and I have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, with a metallic taste in my mouth after eating.

How in blazes was I to eat a hamburger that had four slices of meat, three slices of bread, a slice of cheese, and limp lettuce and pickles?

Even after the huge meal I felt no satisfaction at all. Just lazy, guilty, nauseated, and sleepy.

During this interesting but health detrimental quest, I learned that nothing beats a home cooked meal, that fast food is a definite killer, and that “you are what you eat.

Today was a mega tired day, a mega nauseous day, and a mega upset stomach day.

C’mon Khalilah. You’re saying this like it’s a bad thing. Everyone knows what their getting when they go to McDonald’s. You’re usually going to walk into one with a raging hangover that only 12 pounds of beef/shredded newspapers and a bucket of deep fried fries can cure. Then you’re going to waddle out of there in a zombie-esque stupor and so disgusting full you will resort to guttural grunts and snorts as your only form of communication. But, your hangover will be gone and you will be considering just a “couple” Happy Hour beers after work with some friends. Then you’ll end up “accidentally” shitting your pants in a cab at 3am. And tomorrow, the cycle will continue. This is how it works for everyone, right?

11 Responses to "Woman Eats Only McDonald’s Mega Macs For A Day"

  1. Bundy says:

    When I eat fruits and veggie’s I get diarrhea! LOL Just kidding, but seriously! All over the toilet!

  2. Luco says:

    goddam she’s a dumb fuck.

    if “you are what you eat”, I’m sorry for the guy who’s her.

  3. ken says:

    To eat like that, the next morning you would need an ice pick to open your colon. Just do what I do.Fry up three turkey patties, three pieces of vegitarian cheese, lettuce,pickle,red onion. Use onion powder,garlic powder on the meat. Add catsup,mustard.A lot less fat and still good.

  4. rich says:

    Ken, ken, ken . . . Turkey patties and “vegetarian” cheese (?!) is good? Maybe, but as good as Japanese McyD’s mega? You quite possibly have lost your mind.
    This story proves just how clever the Japanese are. (Oh, and forget about the trip and quad sanwhiches from BK and Wendy’s; it it don’t have the golden arches, it isn’t the same.)

  5. Tabby says:

    I agree fast food once in a while is not bad, I eat mostly fruit and veggies through the week and eat junk foods on fri and sat. If a person eat’s this way everyday it will show especially in there attitude and physical appearance.

  6. Bundy says:

    Fuck those things sound good! Do they have those here in America yet? Fuck it I’ll just go buy 4 Big Macs.

  7. Steve says:

    Fuckin’ A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. oki says:

    We’re here in Okinawa and just saw these the other day. I watched a Japanese woman suck one down at breakfast while her 2 yr old chomped away on a filet o’fish sandwich at 9 am. How the hell are these people skinny? I’m impressed. I know that if I even put a big mac near my mouth I automatically gain 7 pounds in my ass. They do have some other noteworthy choices here…like the McPork. Sounds delicious right?

  9. seth says:

    well shit, i dont know what the holytaco people are talking about, mcdonalds taste good to me, you just cant eat the shit every fuckin day or you’ll die at 40, once in a while is ok and it taste good then, and obviously i dont order 1400 calorie double quarter pounders with cheese.

  10. JB says:

    Not sure why McDonald’s is the only one picked on. Has anyone seen the double, tripple or quad sandwitches from BK or Wendy’s that have been around for years ? What about Sonic? What about Thick burgers from Hardies?