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Woman Gets Hit By Lightning, Screams

Woman Gets Hit By Lightning – Watch more free videos

Since it’s Sunday we should all be reminded that our God is a vengeful God who will strike us down whenever he feels like it. As we all know, he doesn’t like coveting, adultery, stealing, bearing false witness, murdering, working on the Sabbath (blogging isn’t work, right?), or gays. But now it looks like we can also add “filming rain storms” to the list of things that pisses God off.

This woman was out filming a rain storm when she got struck by lightning. Luckily she lived to tell about it. According to her:

From what i understand, it went through my left hand holding the camera, crossed my back and exited out of my right hand holding onto the metal railing. No entry or exit wounds, just a really good zap!

7 Responses to "Woman Gets Hit By Lightning, Screams"

  1. Pratik says:

    That would’ve made the greatest picture ever… and the caption would say PRAISE JESUS!

  2. A Vengeful Chipmunk says:

    Muah hahaha!

  3. Thunder & Frightnin' says:

    Sounds to me like she just found the pants she was looking for

  4. jenny says:

    Fun! There is another gossip – Jenifer Aniston joined a celeb/rich dating site ***millionaireLover.Com*** as she is alone for so long!

  5. Eli says:

    Fuck you jenny!

  6. L says:

    That is so interesting Jenny, perhaps you have some V!@gra to sell us as well

  7. E says:

    Holding a metal railing, HAHAHAHAHA! Who would have guessed, huh?