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World of West Virginia

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10 Responses to "World of West Virginia"

  1. Hugh Jassole says:

    1:04 slow it down and you’ll see a French fry fall from one of the folds in his multiple necks.

  2. Fatty Hater says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Yer I know where you live, in a F__KING TRAILER!

    Real scary there you little girl, I could probably just run rings around you you fat muppet.

  3. Anonymous L says:

    Poor kid kept running out of breath

  4. Judging says:

    Hypocrite made fun of them for being fat lol

  5. orifice jerkoff says:

    i mean. that HAS to be made in deepest sarcasm and irony. theres no way someone is THAT fucking stupid.

  6. shim says:

    hahahahaha i still dont kno if thats a boy or girl. hahaha and the real world isnt as easy to fight in as it is in wow

  7. Fattymcfatt says:

    This makes me want to make fun of him/her more. Also for the record was that a fat girl or a fat guy. I can’t tell someone help me out?

  8. Anonymousa says:

    Holy Fuck it’s a girl

  9. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    hahahaha @ 1:56 it admits its a she ! holy fucking shit this blob kept running out of breath

  10. vonshine says:

    At least she showed some moves. I was all like I fuckin hope there will be a demonstration of skillz.