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World’s Most Disgusting Apartment Is In Houston

When your apartment gets to this point, I wonder if you even bother shitting in the toilet, or anywhere near the bathroom, for that matter. The moment you feel a dump coming on, do you just drop your pants, squat down and start squeezing no matter where you are in the apartment? I’m also assuming you don’t wipe if you’re willing to live in this, too. According to Houston-Imports.com:

This has nothing to do with the Hurricane. We had a resident who had an outstanding balance for over a month and no one could get ahold of her. The Bookkeeper went inside after so many tries to leave a note and this is what we found.

The pictures do NO justice. There is suppose to be 2 cats living here but we cant find them (we think they’re dead somewhere inside the apartment-we contacted the SPCA). The place REEKS to say the least, i gagged non stop.

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292 Responses to "World’s Most Disgusting Apartment Is In Houston"

  1. Jason C says:

    So that’s why we’re always doing it at my place!

  2. Dom says:

    Yeah at least their clothes are ironed and their teeth are brushed.

  3. ajesquire says:

    Best part for me: The Oral-B electric toothbrush box. At least they had clean teeth.

  4. Mr Landlord says:

    The sad part is that the security deposit will probably not cover all the damage done by this low-life p.o.s. They don’t even deserve to live indoors. That bitch needs a pin with the rest of the hogs. I hope the judge awards the owners way more than what is owed for back-rent , damages and all the headache she caused.Hell garnish her welfare check too. She has to have some kind of income to by all that junkfood.
    Most landlords are not rich. They are busting their butt to build up some assets and have a decent retirement. This means working full-time and then tending to your rentals after work. You end up working a lot of long days just for some low-life scum to shit on you like this bitch.

    Fuck-it just shoot her.

  5. Bosco says:

    I don’t fucking get it. Look at all of that fast food! I betcha this bitch weighs 400 pounds…. I also bet you she is on some sort of welfare or disability. Fucking social programs… they need to crack down on pigs like this. When are we going to start holding people accoutable?

  6. Gourry says:

    Taco Cabana and Whataburger FTW!

  7. Dom says:

    My question is, did she ever go, “oh which one of these was the drink I just got?” And then chug one that was actually an ash tray at some point. That would be funny.

  8. MoJo says:

    Will you marry me?? I have a bigger house where you could stack twice as much trash. Yummy, just the thought of you sitting on my face is making me so randy!!

  9. Spinladen says:

    The apartment, I’m sure smells horrid, but imagine what it smells like underneath her fucking fat, “oatmeal in a nylon” tits! SOUR!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Blue turf says:

    I’m sure she washes her vagina with a dirtier vagina..

  12. Napo says:

    once you pop, you can’t stop!

  13. Stephen67 says:

    Now you know why smoking is a disgusting habit.

  14. Pratik says:

    I found the perfect match for the chick who authored this disaster:


  15. Confused says:

    how in the hell would she navigate around the house? this bitch must be BANKING, she has at least 1000 cartons worth of cigarettes in the pictures alone not to mention the thousands of dollars she has spent on fast food over the whatever time period it took to get the house this nasty.

  16. Roman says:

    I love the sporadic cleaning products in each pic, especially the broom. I bet they were left by visiting friends kinna like how we used to put a bar of soap each day in the smelly kids locker in school and like him when she found it would go WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??

  17. Todd says:

    Interesting items for me: Febreeze by the ironing board (“ahhh…fresh as a spring breeze”), Tilex by the bathtub and Bleach on the kitchen counter (recognizing you have a problem is the first step), Antenna/Rabbit ears on the TV (wonder why she couldn’t get the cable guy to come over). Also, what the hell do you say to the Domino’s guy…”Oh…this mess…the maid doesn’t come till tomorrow!!!”

  18. jizzo says:

    look like they need to call missjunk.com

  19. Cumpidgeon says:

    You could probably pin point this apts location by narrowing down where in town is a Whataburger, Taco Cabana (which is fucking awesome BTW) schloztkies and a shipleys donuts, to confirm start hitting up gas stations asking about the obese smoking bitch who reeks but has ironed clothes…

  20. Ron Larson says:

    Could be worse… she could have 500 cats, and some dogs.

  21. MacGeek says:

    I’m a PC!

  22. Aftersun says:

    world of warcraft IMO.

  23. wtf says:

    Makes me feel like Mr. Clean.

    Wow, this is insane, didn’t the neighbors SMELL any of this BEFORE it got this bad?

  24. KG says:

    I love the fire extinguisher on the coffee table, its like this sorry cunt knew the place was going to burn down sooner or later.

  25. nikki says:

    My mom would have a heart attack if I sent her this. I’m close to one myself.

  26. Kimo says:

    Seriously, this is EXACTLY how my exgirlfriend Alison McNamara lived. I had to move out because this is how it was. Seeing this gives me flashbacks!

  27. Anonymous says:

    “two things, do you think they will get their security deposit back and what are they going to do with that couch cause it looks like a perfectly good couch.”

    I think the second question is what are the previous tenants going to be spending that security deposit on (cause getting it back is a lock.)

  28. wowthatshot says:

    Also, in one of the bathroom photos, there’s a high heel on the floor.

  29. Gee says:

    Becuase it is a SHE. Learn to read

    “no one could get ahold of her.”

  30. Yucko says:

    WTF! look at all the used tampons / pads on the bathroom sink. That is seriously fucked up.

  31. GM says:

    It’s a chick because it says so in the article, and in the bathroom there’s a womens show on the floor. Apparently she’s not obese because the shoe is pretty regular size.

  32. Beneyen says:

    Also the “empty spots” on the bed and couch are pretty small, plus for maneuverability a fatty probably couldnt get around.

  33. Mu Shoe says:

    You can sort of track where most time was spent by the cig ash. What the hell is that smeared around the monitor screen? How does that happen?

  34. Embot says:

    There’s no way a large person could maneuver in that place. I’m siding with the guy who says stripper. #1 Large people have a hard time wearing heels, and #2 the only way to survive a drug addiction without the ridicule of most of the population (sans delivery drivers) is take out, and LOTS of smokes.

    That’s not an appartment, that’s a goddamn ecosystem.

  35. munch says:

    Never seen anything like it. Unbelievable. But I’ve heard stories.

    There was a house in my neighborhood that was neglected for 15 years (had an in-ground pool with a 20 ft tree growing out of it). The neighbors across the street never saw a trash service for the 7 years since they moved in. A Police Officer from Pontiac made a visit and said he had never seen the filth that was in the house (Pontiac, MI is in the 96th percentile in the nation for violent crime).

    One arson fire and $95,000 in insurance repairs and the interior is clean as a whistle. And now the house has a new owner . . . me. True story.

  36. clean b**ch says:

    a hold is TWO words

  37. Burgur says:

    GREG375 – You used capitals. You rock.

    And half of you bastards can bitch about people calling her a fat hoe or whatever, but seriously.. You just jump on the banwagon, and I bet you’ve never checked up on your neighbours or even know what they’re like. The tenant here obviously had no friends who checked up on her, and that is fucked up. Fucking hypocrits. Go say hi to your neighbours you ignorant fucks.

    And somebody clean that shit up!

  38. matt says:

    The iron is for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

  39. James says:

    No one WANTS to have an apartment like that. No one WANTS to have filthy disgusting crap everywhere.

    Is it not apparent that this woman NEEDS HELP? Be thankful that you are not so mentally ill that you live in a world of filthy shit. Count you damn blessings.

  40. clean b**ch says:

    she should have used the automatic shower cleaner by scrubbing bubbles. it would have really helped.

  41. Anonymous says:

    mother fucker you are the most disgusguting person in the hole wors

  42. clean b**ch says:

    maybe she was abducted by aliens….thats why she never came back and no one could get a hold of her……she lost one shoe as she was running away for them sucking her up the beam.

  43. Burgur says:

    The beam theory = win. Explains everything. And maybe the alien space ship dumped all that shit there on the way out. Makes perfect sense.

  44. clean b**ch says:

    thanks burgur! glad someone understands

  45. Dustin says:

    I wonder if she is hot

  46. clean b**ch says:

    Why does evryone assume its a she????


  47. DougD says:

    Why does evryone assume its a she????


    From the article:
    This has nothing to do with the Hurricane. We had a resident who had an outstanding balance for over a month and no one could get ahold of her.

  48. Karen K says:

    All the bitch, ho, and whore comments need to be left at the door. Yes, it’s god-awful. But no one but the individual in question knows what the hell exactly happened.

    Two thoughts…

    One. This was an elderly woman who didn’t know how to care for herself and had dementia. This happened to a woman living down the street from my parent’s in a nice neighborhood. My mom caught her going to the bathroom in the middle of the garage with the door open. Since she was a nurse, she went up to talk to her, then contacted adult services. The interior of her home looked EXACTLY like this…

    Two. Age doesn’t matter, if this person was suffering from any type of mental disorders, she obviously wasn’t getting the help she needed.

    This apartment is a good metaphor for how well we take care of the mentally ill really.

    Sad. Really fucking sad.

  49. this guy says:

    i hope he dies horrible.
    i only feel sorry for the poor cat that must lived there

  50. Anonymous says:

    In Holland, they now allow euthanasia
    for severe mental illness, last I checked.
    And you know, maybe that’s the best thing for
    someone who degenerates to this point. I mean,
    what are her choices… continue to be insane
    (and get even crazier with time) or be drugged
    into a zombie-like state, in the back wards
    of some grungy mental hospital… mental
    illness isn’t really treatable, shrinks just
    drug headcases into a stupor to make them more
    manageable. How is this better than death?
    Why do things like this happen? Because of
    RELIGION. We think that it would be murder
    to put someone like this out of their misery
    based on ANCIENT SUPERSTITIONS. A high price
    to pay, for taking our moral cues from
    ancient goat herders… and people like this
    woman (and her landlord) get to pay that
    price. Fun, eh..?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Im a 17 year old typical girl, and i live in a home that reminds me of this, but not as much trash hanging around!
    The walls and skirtings are horrible with dirt on them.
    The bathroom is disgusting. The carpet is black (its meant to be cream). My brothers room always has his matress hanging off his bed, looks like food down the walls, messy stained flooring, horrible smell, stained matress and bedding…
    My brother has a number of severe mental health problems including OCD and for a while he had to spit food everywhere and make a mess, it was hard to keep up with him, and my dad wasnt supportive as he got ill(not because of the mess, just generally) and had TB. My mum is a really soft mum and wouldn’t try to stop my brother and because the mess built up so quickly, she got tired of doing it. Myself; i was probably 14 and i wasn’t much help. But now it’s so stressful and i’m always trying to clean up but it’s impossible to clean, and i’m always bossing my brother around but because he has autism aswel, he doesn’t understand, and my mum won’t confront him because she doesn’t want to effect him. But i can’t keep living like it and i want to move out :( grrr. None of my friends come over, i’m always going over theirs if we meet up and they’re always wondering why. Pffft.
    Just, when you look at this, please dont judge. Maybe they’re just lazy, yes. But it’s not you’re life and somethings obviously gone wrong in theirs for them to decide to settle like this.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you are an idiot. I don’t think this has anything to do with Prozac or SSRI’s. They are not mind deadening escapes. Prozac is a mild anti-depressent. This is more likely the result of living in a world filled with hateful morons like yourself. Grow a brain.

  53. THE PROPHET says:



    ” Your life is unbearable. You sooth your mortal pain with food. You are A DIAEBETIC. You have incurrable thirst. The SUGAR you consume is a POISON to your body.
    It is KILLING YOU. You have NO bladder control, urine just runs out of you. You feel, UNLOVED, UNDESIRABLE, and constantly UNHAPPY. However, YOUR DIRT IS ONLY SKIN DEEP. I shall wash you in HOLY WATER and you shall be CLEAN. ”

    ” YOU are MENTALLY ILL ! YOU NEED TO GO TO A MENTAL HEALTH FICILITY. THIS PROBLEM IS NOT A PROBLEM YOU CAN HANDLE ON YOUR OWN. GOD WILL HELP YOU. Please go to a mental health ficility and sign your self in for serious care ! “

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. richard1952000 says:

    I live in Houston and was hired by different individuals to clean their apartments. I gave a set price for cleaning and sorting through materials. I’m allergic to cats so I could only work on those apartments that did not have pets (dog owners rarely let their apartments get this bad but I didn’t make an exception for those clients either). Sadly, these pictures are very typical of the state of quite a few of the apartments. So,if anyone is interested, there is more than enough business of this sort in our fair city. I think we have more places like this because of the weather. It is so humid and torturously hot during April through November that most people don’t go out until the weather cools.

  56. Anonymous says:

    it’s totally fake

  57. Crystal says:

    Ok I admit I am not the cleanest person around but seeing this is sickening,I have let my ashtray get really full but never to the point that cigs are falling out of it,I might leave an empty burger bag around but only if it is truly empty!Right now I have this awful urge to clean everything!

  58. jake says:

    I have the same laundry hamper lol

  59. Diane says:

    She is definitely mentally ill ~ poor lost soul

  60. t. rash says:

    I had a roommate with aids on heroin who lived like that.
    He kicked me out for being neat.

  61. RocketPower says:

    This is either a very depressed and as someone else said, a very bad case of “compulsive hoarding syndrome (type of OCD); or this girl, for some unknown reason was trying to get some kind of revenge on the landlord; because, quite honestly it looks like she intentionally wrecked the place. This girl probably moved a month or more ago. Believe it or not, that is probably only about a month worth of trash that one individual collects; which is why it is so important to be more environmentally conscience. If this doesn’t give a good case for “going green”, then hell I don’t know what does. The reason I think it is staged is because of the restroom. If she actually lived there but was hardly home, then that meant this place would have been her little secret. Thus, in society, she would have probably portrayed a different image. Therefore, she more than likely dressed nice and cleaned up. That shower and bathroom has not been used for a while. I see no evidence that she used that shower any time recently. On the other hand, there is evidence that she slept in the bed, since there is a ‘clean’ side.

    So I don’t know what to think of this horrific mess. If this truly is how this girl lived then she seriously needs to seek professional help for this. If anyone reading this can identify with her because they life like this too, then by all means go get help. This is damaging both mentally and physically and it really is nothing at all funny about it. Queens of Comedy – ‘funny’, this is not. Ellen DeGeneres – ‘funny’, this is not. Seinfeld – ‘funny’ this is not…If one truly thinks this is funny, then ones lack of empathy and compassion is about as bad as this girls piles of trash.

    It this is how she lived, then this is every thing about mental health, self respect and depression.

    lunchmeat317 – Who says that ‘laziness’ is not a mental problem? Mental health encompasses so many aspects of who we are and how we behave. Laziness is just one effect of a serious problem that caused her to be like this.

  62. paradoximoron says:

    Okay, she clearly had enough money to support a delivery/takeout only diet and what appears to be a heavy Bensons and Hedges habit….a pricy brand of cigarettes.

    WHERE is she getting money? I can’t imagine someone living in this kind of filth could have anything approaching sound personal hygiene. I mean… it looks like the bathtub was being used as a second toilet.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I knew some people in south Texas who had a house like this. When they moved they left wet coffee grounds on the floor and bisquit tins that had popped open were all over the place too. It can’t just be a Texas thing, I live in Illinois now and have seen two houses almost this bad.

  64. Marlie says:

    Good afternoon. Better by far you should forget and smile than you should remember and be sad.
    I am from Tome and also now am reading in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: “Kharar, june – in exercise of the powers conferred under section a of the drugs and.”

    Best regards :( , Marlie.

  65. Dlicious69 says:

    I don’t think she was a WoW addict, because all the number all dirty. Since I play wow, I know for a fact that all players use the numbers for the skills. She was probably ill and really gross. How did she get money for all this food? I mean, she must stink with all those cigaretts around… was she even going out ? :o

  66. Cinamin29 says:

    I feel sorry for the cat………they need to be charged with animal abuse. Poor thing. I can’t believe that someone is that nasty!

  67. Anonymous says:

    My cleaning service wood take a day to toss the stuff & vacuum butts. Wonder if there is anything valuable, why didnt she pay the rent? Reminds me of frat houses and male roommates rooms. How does she get around. What does she wear & put clothes? Most of the trash is just empty food containers and cups, filthy bath room & kitchen is Worst thing. Yes there are filthy clothes and who knows where cats go. She does love to smoke and neat piles of butts are special! Ever see so much ash over the computer and furniture! Wonder how she sleeps. Its the landlords fault for not looking in on her. At least make fake excuse to maintain it. Some judge in MA had similar problem. Many hoarders love living with lots of animals and family members. this isnt so bad, yeah.

  68. Mikhail says:

    Hello. Reveal not every secret you have to a friend, for how can you tell but that friend may hereafter become an enemy. And bring not all mischief you are able to upon an enemy, for he may one day become your friend.
    I am from Republic and bad know English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: “Find the right expert or researcher in.”

    Waiting for a reply ;-) , Mikhail.

  69. RyanBoy says:

    Did anyone notice the bottle of Febreze in the kitchen? ha ha ha

  70. Blarg says:

    We had a Thing like that living a few blocks away. One day the snow caused a branch to fall on her power line and the only way to fix it was to go inside and reconnect it there.

    When we walked in the stench almost killed us alone. She had about 10 – 20 cats living in there who she never let out. The poop problem was so bad that the back bedroom was at least 3″ thick in it, plus scattered all over the house and furniture.

    Add to that a scene much like the pictures, sans the cigarette butts. Actually, the smoke probably would have killed the smell slightly.

    She never changed her clothes either. Just standing within 10 feet of her was an ordeal.

    By the time she was thrown out the house it looked just like that one. It would have been something to photograph, but she was so mentally ill that it seemed mean. (and here I am talking about it).

    People like that are capable of holding jobs (well, unless you smell like that) and doing social things. You’d think that hoarders were just eccentric until you are forced into their world.

    Someone else noted that Prozac or some SSRI was involved and in my experience I’d agree. Mentally ill people need help, not mind deadening escapes.

    Disgusting altogether

  71. Anonymous says:

    eww. what the fuck is ths

  72. Anonymous says:

    How the FUCK could ANYONE live like that? this is BUGGERED UP!!! FUCKING PIG CRACK HO SCUM!

  73. BEATSIL says:


  74. toe-jam69 says:

    This be da house where i live. u no like my decorations? it took many time to soil diz houze. why u judge me. zjiofjioajiojiozjoriho843iu988irwdoijf oopz, i hit my face on the keeboard. i be da lone ranger mazcot for what-a-burger. me enjoyz burgerz. if u no notice, my ezzz key quit workin after i zoiled everythang… apple zay they gonna donate new compooter to me zo i can continue to watch da pornoz. me like da pornoz. why u no like?! why u judge!? i gotz a problem! me zo lonely me have to confide in compooter. my catz no help… they dont like me touching they bum bumz. they bite my face. i try to play barry manilow, but they no like that neither. they like da cotton candy, zweet n low, they love when i makez da tootzie roll. but me too obeze now… me no roll tootzie. u help me jenny craig? i pay u in zoiled zockz… kwaejoighjwiuhjiojjgoi8ju7u89u8y7 o zhit. i had another epizode. me needs a zmoke break… 2 at a timez iz good for lungz. i breath eazy propped up high on me pillowz. well, i needz to iron my clothez. gonna go to what-a-burger for me ogre like azz. me like to be ogre… u come by to play, ok? me take care of u! rae9y8uihjgr98y98u9i90uioj yez. me go now. me feel a big zhit coming on. oops, me zoil pants…. wherez my bucket….?

  75. H says:

    In the bathroom there is a can of roach killer. I HIGHLY doubt that little can will do the trick. Those roaches are in heaven! I feel sick…

  76. bahlahahaha says:

    This person is clearly bulimic

  77. alicia says:

    I agree with the comments here that say this person is mentally ill and/or a lonely person who had no friends or family near her so she spent most of her time on the computer and ordering fast food because she was too depressed to cook for herself.

    The really sad part is that there are millions of ill/lonely people out there just like herself.

    I find it ironic that in this digital age of social networking, we as a people are becoming more and more disconnected. We are losing our sense of community and what it means to be a neighbor and a friend.

    Everybody please do yourself a favor and get off the computer and force yourself to go out into the world and meet new people, be open-minded to new experiences and non-judgmental and you will have some new friends.

  78. Sara P says:

    That is what a Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama public housing project looks like in Chicago. The state had to condemn 95% of the housing shit he was involved in and a bunch of dummies voted him in as pres. You get what you bray for.

  79. Upskt Celebs says:

    That’s ashame. It is always difficult to watch someone who has mental issues. Too often we see them as “normal”, and just a slob, when in reality they need so much help.

  80. primrose says:

    FYI, “ahold” is not a word.

  81. Jayme says:

    Yikes. I might get slightly careless occasionally, but I’ve NEVER let anywhere I’ve lived look like THAT. A counter or a desk may get cluttered during a busy week, but the first spare second I’m scrubbing and cleaning like a fiend. Sheesh. This is awful.

  82. Krug says:

    what a shithole

  83. Phrogg says:

    Sadly, this isn’t much worse than the shape my ex-wife kept my apartment in while i was deployed.

    She didn’t even bother cleaning when i came home.

  84. Chris says:

    “# smarv Says:
    September 23rd, 2008 at 7:08 am

    two things, do you think they will get their security deposit back and what are they going to do with that couch cause it looks like a perfectly good couch.”

    Ya just spray a bit of Fabreze on it and its good as new……

  85. digerati says:

    I dont think there is a cleaning service in the world that would touch that place do you ?

  86. Nathan says:

    It looks to me like she plays World of Warcraft.

  87. Wowzers! says:

    So to me this looks kind of staged. If you notice the junk food bags, containers, wrappers, and cups all look very new. They don’t look stepped on or anything. I think that they had a massive party and forgot to put out a trash can, or this is just a weeks worth of garbage laying around- and don’t you worry- Sunday is my cleaning day and I’ll get it lookin like brand new. No biggie.

  88. Oy vey says:

    I saw the shit stained rags all over the floor in the bathroom, and wondered WTF was wrong with the toilet – then I saw that most of the tank top was gone – figured it was screwed up inside so she just got a bucket…

    Un FUCKING BELIEVABLE… I’ve had tenants that were ***BAD*** but nothing like this…

  89. joshspoon says:

    I guys they didn’t like landfills

  90. joshspoon says:

    I guess they didn’t like landfills

  91. Jesse Lowe says:

    Obviously schizophrenia. Bipolar and ocd with a hint of autism. I would bet she is really smart in other aspects.

  92. Pat says:

    The post say’s they weren’t able to find the tenant. Maybe she left town, someone got into the place in her absence and squatted there. I just have a hard time believing someone would let themselves go to this level.

  93. Mr.Clean says:

    I think this is a hoax..that’s not a apt.. that’s a dumpster..

  94. Kyle says:

    It sucks to see some one let them selves go this much. Ive seen things like this before in my counseling programs. In fortunately, she’s prolly close to sucidal.

  95. Zephyros says:

    I don’t think it is a hoax, I had a roommate with a room like this (not even close to this bad) and he was/is one smart sob when it came to math on the quantum level etc.. Mental problems for sure. I don’t care how poor you are, just don’t live like a fu#%ing pig.

  96. Anon says:

    Meth much?

  97. Bloop says:

    This is clearly the work of a someone with a mental disorder of some type. Its disgusting but sad that this person has been reduced to such a lifestyle with no help from family or friends to get her on meds or take care of her.

  98. marc says:

    Well.. at least it’s well lit!

  99. CT says:

    It’s a sad day when the sloppy, disgusting lifestyle of some young woman has to be BLAMED on some type of mental disorder. Do you have no heart? Couldn’t you think that maybe, this girl was a normal human being? A woman who was just not brought up right, and that this could possibly be 100% her OWN fault? It’s a sad day in society when people resort to ignorance and use whatever minute knowledge they have of the real world to try and explain things. And no, I don’t have any mentally disabled relatives, I just wanted to point out how stupid and ignorant you were.

  100. Ashy Rim says:

    It’s a sad day when the sloppy, disgusting lifestyle of some young woman has to be BLAMED on some type of mental disorder. Do you have no heart? Couldn’t you think that maybe, this girl was a normal human being? A woman who was just not brought up right, and that this could possibly be 100% her OWN fault? It’s a sad day in society when people resort to ignorance and use whatever minute knowledge they have of the real world to try and explain things. And no, I don’t have any mentally disabled relatives, I just wanted to point out how stupid and ignorant you were.

  101. Monger says:

    Imagine the roaches and rats…at night,when you laid down in a pile of filth,Roaches would scurry all over you…in your mouth….ears..ass…her cunt……

  102. adrian says:

    She isn’t fat. She is a witch. Look closely and you will see a broom, and you just know the skank didn’t use it to clean the house.

  103. Anonymous says:

    i love whataburger too :P

  104. This shit is ridiculous.

  105. jeff says:

    man thats nothing try living in mexico

  106. Plops says:

    To assume she’s fat just because of the fast-food trash everywhere shows how stupid some of you are. What you see in those photos is YEARS worth of garbage, not a week or a month If every one of you frat jocks gathered up all the pizza boxes and burger wrappers and slurpee cups you’ve used in the last 5 years and dumped them all into a small apartment, it would look exactly like this. Use your fucking brains, what little you have, and think about that for a minute.

  107. cra8zy girl says:

    I dated a guy that had a few rooms that resembled the pics above. I used his bathroom and ants were crawling all over the toilet and out of the shower. I got curious and pulled back the shower curtain and almost screamed aloud. His shower was soot black and orange mold and ants everywhere. Mold on the hair products and anything in the vicinity. There was at least an inch of black mold and his curtains were thick black mold. His sink had mold all over too and the towels looked like they were never washed (EVER!). Also he had no vacuum cleaner and I could tell his carpets were never cleaned. I took my shoes off and stuff stuck to the bottom of my feet. When I mentioned that I was bothered by his filth he first tried to make a joke about being friends with ants. Then I mentioned it again and was so turned off that I could not imagine myself lying in his bed with vermin crawling over me. YIKES! He is also very intelligent and an managerial executive. Sometimes there are reasons why men are BACHELORS!

  108. David Carroll says:

    Umm.. Since when to bookkeepers have the right to break into people’s homes, take pictures and post them on the Internet?

    Hoarding syndrome is a terrible mental illness related to ADD, and is very difficult to treat.

  109. Daniel says:

    But do you think she ever washes her hands? lmao

  110. jesus… how does a human being stay in such a place?

  111. Burgur says:

    Come to think of it… Reminds me of a guy who lived down the road from me as a kid. We kept biking past this “abandoned” house and thought it’d make a cool hut. Scouted it out one day, never saw anyone in there over 3 months. So one day we decided to make it into our gangsta ass hangout, got on the bikes and pulled up with a screwdriver and a crowbar… Only to have the guy walk out the front door, “whaddya want” …. “uh… is this place for sale?” His couch was made of junk, an old bike, mouldy clothing, a cheese grater and lots of broken electronics – covered by a sheet.

    And yes, as far as this apartment goes, you can’t blame it on a mental illness, unless laziness is one. As most people have said in this chain of comments, people who live in this kind of shit are geniouses at math or science or whatever. E=mcleanyourfuckingroom²

    Blame the parents for not teaching them how to clean up.

  112. sarcasm detector says:

    Thank you very much, Plops. I think it’s just fantastic that you found it very, very important to make sure no one on your internet be allowed to think that some woman who does nothing but eat fast food in front of the computer without ever lifting a finger around the house could be fat. That was both a valuable AND intelligent use of your day. If only there were more people willing to sputter with rage in their chairs over inconsequential internet nonsense and then congratulate themselves on their own genius for having done so, the world would be a more meaningful place. “Frat jocks” beware, Plops is here to call you stupid on the internet! Do his brain-smarts not shame you with shame? Do you regret all the wedgies you gave him now?? Oh you’re a fun, magical person. I like you.

  113. Matt says:

    this just shows … dont mess with Texas

  114. Nikki M. says:

    I once stayed in a condo that looked similar to this, but not nearly as revolting (there were no overflowing piles of used toilet paper or anything like that). The owner was an elderly Southern Californian woman who had hoarder’s syndrome on top of a million other mental disorders. She was a nice, intelligent, generous, chatty person, and she cared a lot about animals. She was retired but she used to work in aerospace. My friends and I felt really sorry for her, so we cleaned out her apartment top to bottom. We organized everything into neat little piles. Underneath the piles of junk, there was food that was rotting and had somehow gotten ground into the carpet. The more we cleaned the worse it seemed to smell. We came back to visit her about six months after I had moved and everything was back to what it had originally looked like. Although she was physically healthy, she just couldn’t take care of herself and she ended up moving into an assisted living place.

    By the way, why all the bitch and cunt talk? If it were a black person, would you call them the n-word? Guys, there are women reading this too.

  115. thomas says:

    My son is a contract painter and has numerous contracts with apartment complexes to do “move out” repainting. He says this sort of thing (even this bad) is not uncommon at all. He had one that was three+ feet deep in beer cans throughout the entire apartment … there was a path between the couch and the tv in the living room, and a path to the bathroom, and a path to the fridge.

  116. therealdeal says:

    looks fake because walls and all white things should have been nicotine stained

  117. Wowjustwow says:

    This person is clearly mentally ill. Not an excuse, but this must be the case. As far as the cats they can only stand so much filth themselves. They are clean creatures by nature. They probably escaped a long time ago. I would doubt they were still in the house.

  118. travis says:

    well, at least she irons?

  119. Melanie says:

    I in someways believe that most of the people responding to these pictures are more ill than this person. I can’t believe the the harsh and cruel things people are saying about her. You can only look at just one of the pictures to realize she has OCHD: Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Disorder . Its not that they are lazy or just some dirty person they can’t part with anything. I knew of a woman who’s place looked similar and well she was finally placed into a care facility because she could not part with anything. After being place on medications and monitored she was finally allowed to move back into an apt which was then monitored by mental health care workers.
    http://understanding_ocd.tripod.com/index_hoarding.html and another web site that has a good help on it it’s called http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/296059/facts_about_ochd_obsessive_compulsive.html So I think instead of calling her a welfare lazy bitch slob 400 pound woman you might want to check out some of the sites and get educated.

  120. me says:

    This has been the best page I’ve ever visited. The comments are even better than the pictures. Wow I just got a bunch of laughs. Which I had something ridiculous to add to the comments though. Some of you are crazy.

  121. govtdrone says:

    THAT is why you shouldn’t smoke!

  122. Anonymous says:

    yeah it looks fake..they should have trashed the wall and the door’s to so it would look real…

  123. sMan says:

    Also looks fake because some keyboard keys are clean and others are not – are you saying this person used the computer regularly but never used the “Q” key for example?

  124. Troo says:

    Oh puhleeze, people, this is so obviously staged! The only-lit-for-10-seconds cigarettes, the too-perfect groupings of the same kind of soda cups with nothing else in between them, the cigs and ashes on TOP of the monitor? Wtf-ever! Nice fake pics, landlord, you’ll probably get a settlement out of the poor dumb chick, who likely didn’t take photos to prove the apartment was NOT in that condition when she left.

  125. jim says:

    This girl looks like she was trying to do a “sustainable dave”, and collect all her waste in that apt. for 1 year. Epic Fail!

    And, that PC can’t run WoW. Oregon Trail, FTW.

  126. Mr Landlord says:

    Enough of all the comments that either allude to this waste of life being a victim. THIS WOMAN, YES IT WAS A SHE, was capable of getting all that food, cramming it into her face,ironing her clothes,and she was also capable of paying her bills up until she fell a month behind as the post states.
    SHE IS NOT A VICTIM. For those of you bleeding heart types out their who certainly want to label her a victim do us a favor.
    Get of your high horse, come out of your tower, go find her and help her. Bring that filthy P.O.S into your home. Let see how fast your opinion changes when they do this to you. The property owner is the victim. That animal, needs her income- welfare or payroll garnished for the rest of her life. Or maybe instead of a GOV program to help her, how about using your tax dollars to reimburse the property owners when they are the victims. I mean this could classify as a natural disaster, hurricane “fat worthless P.O.S”
    I need FEMA asap
    Where is natural selection when you need it.

  127. Anonymous says:

    ill stick to my high horse and white tower. you sound like the next hitler

  128. Anonymous says:

    these comments are fucking retarded, im sure youR DAD AND YOUR UNCLE WORKING IN THE APT INDUSTRY HAVE SEEN MUCHHH WORSE (100X WORSE!) PLACES AND SHES FAT AND SHE SMELLS LOL!!!! fucking faggots

  129. Anonymous says:

    The walls are so clean…

  130. Kris says:

    “I say we … nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  131. Randolph Carter says:

    This is not so bad. It’s just rubbish after all. If it was full of corpses then it would be much more disturbing. Although I guess there may be a few stiffs under the rubbish (maybe that’s why it’s there). My house is in a far worse state then this and even though the chicks I bring home don’t really dig it I have kind of adapted to it. At least I can always find a cup when I need one. The fact that I have no arms kind of makes it difficult to clean up anyway. I just kick the rubbish out of my way and go about my business.
    A bloke came around a while back trying to sell me a vacuum and offered me a demonstration. I let him in and had a bit of a chuckle as he turned white as a sheet. I do keep my sheets clean and have fresh towels and I have a system installed that sprays my arse with water after i take a dump so it’s not that bad.
    I own my house so it’s nobodies business what it’s like inside.
    And if your wondering how I typed this with no arms well I have a voice recognition system on my computer so I just dictate. Yeah life sucks but so does cleaning up.

  132. Astorr says:

    I completely agree with Aftersun,
    it has to be World of Warcraft.

    Bet she has some good gear.

  133. Q says:

    The first thing that struck me is how *clean* this place is. YES there is shit everywhere, but there is no dust on all the pizza boxes/cups etc. But then the TV and antenna are covered with dust. This definately is “Where’s Waldo?” My favorites: In the kitchen and bathroom there are some cleaning product spray bottles, in the hallway there is a broom lying partially on top of the garbage along with some clean rolls of paper towels. There are a couple books lying around (what does she read?). The fancy electric Oral-B toothbrush package in the hallway. The tupperware container and CD on the coffee table. What are the orange bags under the ironing board? Also, the USPS box in the bedroom. Cookies from mom?

    All time favorite: the Q key on the keyboard!!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    obviously it’s staged.

  135. I guess no one could smell any of that, on account of the Glade Scented Oil Candle she burned.

  136. Dom says:

    Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s staged. It looks like the cigs were just poured out onto everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just took a dumpster and unloaded it in this place.

  137. sorry folks says:

    sorry folks

    this was my place

    i am not fat
    i am not ugly
    i just fell off the rocker and …………then i didnt bother
    i will help clean up now

    thank you all very much for your encouraging comments

  138. Lidador says:

    Nice linkbait but you forgot the walls and doors! It clearly gives it all out.

  139. bill gates says:

    yum, pizza and quzzino. Makes one want to run out and get some!

  140. roger doger says:

    WOW as in world of warcraft. Epic gear.

  141. Chris says:

    My friend and I were amazed and shocked at the pics. We came up with a semi-decent idea. Gameshow….1 million dollars to the winner if you lived in this house for one year without cleaning! I honestly couldn’t do it! lol

  142. catmmm says:

    i don’t think she bought enough cleaning products and febreze to make that place better. but she sure had enough pizza :(

  143. ryan says:

    My friends place is way worse.

  144. loudly says:

    heads up to whoever lives there — i think something spilled inside that chili’s bag

  145. Rachel says:

    This isn’t fake. This is like the house I grew up in, except not as bad. That’s right, not as bad. Imagine growing up in a house where the trash isn’t taken out in 16 years. Imagine 16 years of trash. Imagine never eating dinner at the kitchen table, because you can’t see the kitchen table. Imagine never having friends over. Imagine all the curtains taped shut, the floor buried under two or more feet of trash, the winding paths from room to room, furniture buried that you didn’t know you had. Toilet stopped working when I was ten, so we flushed it by hand with buckets of water. I never opened the fridge or turned on the stove. Couldn’t reach them. The minute I got out of bed I put on shoes. I took a sponge bath every other day in the tub (there was a cooler of rotting food in the rest of the tub). I brushed my teeth because my mom told me to. I went to school and got good grades, did my homework.
    But I didn’t tell anyone until I was 16 and my therapist finally dragged it out of me. They sent in Children’s services since I was still a minor. They took pictures and documented and said, “We’ll be back in two weeks and we want to see progress.” There was “progress.” They never came back. Progress stopped. We moved, and had to clean out 18 years of trash, just me and my mom. My room took 78 trash bags, and it was a small room. The place we moved to was clean for a couple years, but it started to get worse. I moved out. And now, she’s doing it again. She’s not on welfare. She’s a database administrator and she’s very smart and has friends and none of that matters, because it’s happening again.
    I’ve talked to her about it. I’ve offered to help clean up. I’ve bullied her about it. I’ve nagged. I’ve outed her to her friends. None of it is helping because she won’t do anything about it. I read up on hoarding syndrome. I printed off pages about it, and underlined pertinent facts, and asked her to read it. I’m sure it’s in a pile somewhere, collecting dust. At this point in my life, there’s not a lot else I can do. Except keep my own house clean.

  146. Createdeemcee says:

    Best part for me: The Oral-B electric toothbrush box. At least they had clean teeth.

    haha me too, but the food, and cigaretts probably that toothbrush wont help. I wish they showed the person.

  147. Seatowngrrl says:

    I have the sneaking suspicion that my neighbors house looks like this from the inside. At the moment they have a container full of garbage out side the house… like a container that they bring in on a truck. and the house is still full. and the scary thing is that a couple times a year a charity group or something will come and clean the place up and then it gets back nasty as hell. the last time they came and cut down all the weeds it let the stench from their house float over to our yard. Couldn’t go outside for days.

  148. tim says:

    cleanest part of the place is the cat’s litter box.

  149. junkpost says:

    is that residence evil?

  150. Professional says:

    It’s called hoarding disorder. I’ve been in worse houses than this one. It is a mental illness, it is not staged, it is not uncommon in the least.

  151. Rio says:

    I had to help someone with this same issue clean out her apartment. It is a form of mental illness. Her place was FAR worse than this, though.

    And, by the way, she was a very thin person.

  152. butseriouslyfolks says:

    I’m pretty sicked out. Yo, I live in TX and to think that someone like this could be in an occupation where they deal with the public and touch other peoples food or anything else really bothers me..

    I went on the original website this comes from and read through the comments and the person who originally posted these pics posted an update saying that this was a Caucasian Woman in her 40′s and the cat(s) were fine living somewhere else. So they must’ve eventually reached her.

    I’m no doctor, but in my opinion this is a person with a serious eating disorder, probably Bulimia. Yeah there’s trash everywhere, but 95% of it is FOOD trash. That comes from the binging and purging of the disorder. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was vomit all over the bathroom either. Cigarette smoking is also something people with eating disorders do compulsively, because they want to burn every calorie they take in..smoking burns like 250 cals a pack or something like that.

    Nonetheless..this shit is whack. Get that chick some help.

  153. yummy says:


  154. Concerned says:

    What concerns me is that anyone would even discuss something so grotesque. I’d say this is between the landlord and the resident. Just think, if this woman was depressed before, seeing her old place online… even worse now.

  155. Dara says:

    Boy, the office worker who posted this to the internet better be looking for a new job, ’cause I’d bet my Christmas bonus the tenant is going to have a damn good legal case against the property management.

    Miss Piggy there obviously hadn’t yet been evicted (as in, served official eviction suit papers, in person), therefore it was probably a huge invasion of privacy to take all those pictures and share them with the whole world. Also, the worker who posted it mentioned that they had put a secondary locking mechanism on the door to prevent the tenant from entering – not allowed in Texas, even if her rent was late.

    I smell a HUGE lawsuit here. :(

  156. Poofz says:


  157. Oh je.. says:

    It’s definetly World of Warcraft, because the space is clean from that point that needs to be used to jump, W A S D are clean, and other buttons to type, never used “, .” but used “?” because these buttons are clean, and jesus, i think it IS NOT a Female..

  158. Been there sorta says:

    My last bachelor pad looked nearly that bad before I hired two day laborers and a 20-foot stake bed truck to haul all the trash to the dump. But I never left food trash lying around. Beer bottles, yes, lots and lots of empty beer bottles. Cig butts, yes. Paths between piles of unwashed clothes and empty 2 liter Diet Coke bottles, yes. Shit, no. Piss, no. Cat went outside to shit.

    The reason? Cuz I didn’t fucking want to clean. I was a bachelor, and grew up the son of a fastidious single mother, who made me do all the fucking chores. So when I finally got my own place after college, I tried cleaning weekly for a while, and realized one day after it had gotten outta hand for a few weeks “screw this, nobody has to look at this mess but me, I’m just gonna leave it.”

    How do you live with it? Lots of alcohol. Lots of online games (pre-WoW). Lots of eating at restaurants. Lots of Febreeze to take the stale smoke odors off of clothes. Shower at the gym.

    Nine years later, it was pretty bad. But I cleaned it up myself, washed and painted the walls, cleaned the carpets, and replaced all the curtains. The reason I didn’t get my deposit back was “disposal of abandoned furniture.” (It was perfectly good furniture. Truly!)

    Now I’m married and hire a maid to help my wife clean. Good thing for online dating.

  159. Paul says:

    I bet she let it get like that because she is a role-player; she wanted to pretend she was in Duck Tales, only instead of a vault — it was just a wad of trash and food.

  160. Julie says:

    Last summer, I worked as a house-keeper for a lady in a house that was almost as bad as this. I’d come home from work every day and still wouldn’t feel clean after an hour-long shower. I quit after two weeks; I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    The sad thing is, it wasn’t caused by mental illness – it was just pure, unadulterated laziness. One day, my boss’s husband came home a few hours early, saw me trying to get rid of the mountains of trash in their living, and made a snide comment about how what I was doing was “worthless”. He then walked into the kitchen and threw the remains of his lunch in a trash pile on the floor.

    Also, the only reason they hired anyone to clean things up was because the lady was planning on throwing a baby shower for her daughter-in-law. If not for that, I doubt they would have made any effort to clean. I don’t know how things turned out after I quit. I only hope for the sake of the daughter-in-law that they moved the shower elsewhere.

  161. Percy says:

    i so agree, just put her down and set the place on fire, it would be more dangerous for someone to clean it up like that than have it burn first.

  162. Smith says:


  163. ohcynthia says:

    actually, burgur and others who assume she’s fat… she’s most likely NOT. As this apt is the text book example of an OCD patient. Check the patterns in the trash, how the cigs are lined up, the cups are generally in the same place, she frequents the same three or so restaurants? OCD folks are generally skinny white chicks. LMAO.

  164. WET_POO says:

    Whats up with all the fuss ? I don’t see anything wrong here. Kinda cozy place.

  165. Mikhail says:

    Dara, you are a fucking idiot. If she was gone for that long, the landowner has the right to come in and do whatever, since he/she was not given any notice that the tenant left; and that the tenant has been gone for that long. In other words, rent was not paid, and the apartment was abandoned, so…. the owner can do what he/she wants. Probably evicting her as we speak, if she showed up. I mean, give the poor guy a break. People like us bust our asses to make money while some slobby idiots ruin our property value. Quit trying to put us down ‘cos you don’t like the rent you gotta pay.

  166. Jax Rhapsody says:

    You can sort of track where most time was spent by the cig ash. What the hell is that smeared around the monitor screen? How does that happen?

    Thats from smoking. The monitor has tar stains on it.

  167. yo mamma says:

    this is not a hoax. a girl i work with’s cousin witnessed this first hand! he was with the person when he took the pictures. they actually found the cats. they were with a relative but they still cant find the tenant. its real!!! ew

  168. KK says:

    This is staged! It just looks like they grabbed a dumpster full of trash and threw it everywhere.

    Look at the cigarette butts! There are no burns where they were put out on each other or smoldered on each other. They’re just dumped out on top of everything.

    FAKE! I understand that there are actually people out there who have these kinds of issues, but I do not believe that this is genuine.

  169. Whoa! says:

    Dude! I have been there! I had sex with that dirty bitch! Yall dont even wanna KNOW what her vag smelt like!!!! Ugh!

  170. Patrick says:

    lol, I do love the outta setting small details among this pig sty. Such as the cleaning supplies, the ironing board with iron, the nicely stacked pillows. On a serious note though, I cant believe someone can live like this. I’m not gonna say they should die, because it’s obvious this person is mentally ill….on the other hand it may just be a really lazy person thats a waste of space, and in said event should be shot (im contradicting, i know.)

    To GREG375:
    MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T TALK IN ALL CAPS WHEN INSULTING SOMEONE FOR MISSPELLING A WORD BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE JACKASS…seriously, I just picture you staring wide eyed at nothing, and just talking really loud like a total moron.

  171. Asina says:

    I think it is a fake, because of the bathroom. Is not she using the toilet?

  172. Good Grief says:

    In the picture of the bathroom, why can’t you see the person taking the photo in the mirror??? Hmmm

  173. Ben Right says:

    That level of mess is only possible for a) modern art, b) publicity stunts and c) people who had messy parents.

    I’m going to write an article about that at http://www.mindweed.org

  174. Jeremy says:


    The walls are clean (the gloss paint reflects), the pillow case is not stained. The cat box only looks like it was scooped about 2 days before. The windows let light through.

    The PC looks to old to match other furnishings. If that much dirt / filth was around the keyboard, bathroom and so on – there should be hand prints by the light switches and other touchable objects. There are no stains around the kitchen cabinet doors / handles.

    The amount of dust on the tv in the bedroom doesn’t match the rest of the apartment. There are no pictures on the walls?

    Ashes near a CRT monitor would be attracted / stick to the screen – the screen would not reflect that well. No number keys are clean on the keyboard.

    The fast food containers are not aged. It’s as though the food was all consumed within a week. Fast food wax “to go” cups age fast and start to leak.

    Psychologically speaking, this person would show signs of depression. For instance, the windows would be blocking light, the cat box would be full. There would be at least some holes in walls. They would not iron their clothes (or use the febreze next to the ironing board). There would be signs of other personal abuse, like alcohol / pill bottles everywhere.

    I’m not saying it’s not possible… It all just doesn’t fit together.

  175. Norman Miles says:

    Personall I do not think the apartment is discusting,but the manner in which the socialy immoral bankrupt animal was living most certainly is.Pigs do not live worse,the apartment is in a discusting state,There should be something that can be done about this,criminal damage,for one,endangering the lives of fellow humans,this blight on society should be named and shown to everyone as a warning.N.S.Miles

  176. yikes says:

    seriously a chick i knew in college did this to her room. it was VILE. her car too. she got evicted of course because she hadn’t paid her rent in 4 months. the cleaning guys had to come and they freaked out and refused to do it.

    her toilet was the worst. it was full and she kept using it. maggots had grown on there and were literally overflowing from the bowl.

    they found bugs they had never seen before in her mattress.

    can’t even explain the nasty. i had no idea it was common though. what’s wrong with people? is there a specific disease for not realizing that you live in filth??? don’t they notice other people don’t live that way???

  177. Dot Period Decimal Point says:

    Haha i bet she plays warcraft!

  178. Alan says:

    Idiocracy beginning…

  179. JOHN SAYS" says:


  180. butseriouslyfolks says:

    Alot of mail order/internet order boxes also..so besides obviously coming home and binging on fast food they probably have social anxiety, doing as little in public as possible. I’m from the area these are from and the guy that posted them had no reason to stage anything..it’s legit.

    re:Good Greif: You can see the person in the picture of the bathroom..he/she is wearing a pink and black striped shirt.

  181. Big Blue says:

    I finally found someone who likes Whataburger more than me.

  182. Frazer Henry says:

    I want to drink her bath water. While she puts a cigarette out in my ass!!!!!!

  183. Roy says:

    Resident Evil: The Cleaner Girl.
    That’s a museum… of shit.

  184. Jeff says:

    Dominoes was a big hit with this lady too! I deliver Dominoes but not in Houston. I’ve seen some strange stuff but I never saw a house like that!

  185. LiquidMongoose says:

    I don’t blame her, if I had an emachines I’d piss all over it too.

  186. friedlinx says:

    Bravo…..F. the Landlord

  187. P says:

    While this is gross… It’s also pretty sad. No person who valued their life or anything in it for that matter would let this happen. This person must be suffering from severe depression or worse. Very sad.

  188. sooz says:

    perhaps because the landlord was a jerk this person decided to seek revenge. toiled didn’t work, he didn’t fix it. this is squalor. maybe she died in there…doesn’t anyone watch CSI?

  189. Anonymous says:

    er, that was toilet. so sorry.

  190. Cat Lady says:

    OMG! I have no place to live now and I had to leave my computer! What will I do???!!!

  191. cATHERINE WEIR says:


  192. Anonymous says:

    When I was really young there was an older woman in my town who would walk around with a shopping cart, picking up radom stuff and trash. I knew she wasn’t homeless cause my town was pretty small and we’d know if she was. I would always ask my mom who she was and what she was doing picking up trash.. i knew she wasn’t trying to help the enviornment or anything. My mom would just tell me she was sick and she didn’t know what she was doing. My mom also said that even when she was young she’d see that lady walking around with a cart. I ask my mom where the lady’s family was, and my mom said they were embarrassed of her and they kind of dis-owned her a long time ago. I wasn’t sure where she lived, but one afternoon me and my friends saw her pushing her cart into her front yard… Her front porch was filled with loads of crap.. there was like stuff coming out of her front door. I felt bad for her neighbors, it looked like a junk yard. Her house was large and she lived by herself. I could not imagine how bad the inside of her house must have been.

    I looked up “hoarding syndrome” cause some people on these comments said thats what caused the mess in the pics from this apartment. apparently it is indeed sort of related OCD. Here is some info..

    Frost & Hartl’s (’96) definition of clinical hoarding:

    (1) the acquisition of, and failure to discard, a large number of possessions that appear to be of useless or of limited value; (2) living spaces sufficiently cluttered so as to preclude activities for which those spaces were designed; and (3) significant distress or impairment in functioning caused by the hoarding.

    People with compulsive hoarding syndrome may have immense difficulty throwing anything away, from the oldest paper clip, to a used food container, to an out-of-date newspaper, for fear that they might need those items in the future.

    ..So i guess that old lady that lived in my town was so bad that she was afraid when other people threw their crap away and had to bring it back to her house. crazy.

    ps. i was cracking up for so many of the comments on this page lol.. but damn, it would suck to be sick like this. Alot of people are arguing on here saying don’t blame it on mental illness, but c’mon now… she was even keeping used toilet paper/tampons. The info I read about hoarding said hoarders are “procrastinators, avoiders” etc. There’s a difference between a filthy ass bachelor pad/lazy college students who party every night and someone who is so sick they can’t stop collecting trash.

    on a lighter note.. I think this apartment might make chuck Norris pinch his nose.

  193. Blindingsun says:

    Look. it Can NOT be World of Warcraft that caused this., ALL her Number keys are Dirty as shit. WoW without using ur number keys? no. MUST HAS MORTAL STRIKE.. SHIT NO NUMBER 3 KEY!!! = fail.

    she’ prolly sits typing to all the fat ugly men who wont even touch her with a pole because she’s lazy and won’t clean her fuckin place

  194. Celenius says:

    Come on everyone…why is everyone so harsh! Don’t you all realize this person is trying to save our landfills. She’s a treehugga!!!!

  195. Amanda J says:

    I can tell you exactly what kind of person this is. I’ve seen it before.

    A girl who’s in college who probably doesn’t have a real job. A girl who’s parents pay for everything…who has probably never had to pick up after herself a day in her life and even though her parents house is probably absolutely spotless, shes not going to lift a finger to clean because she’s never had to. She is probably always on the go and never there for very long…to eat and then get a change of clothes and then leave.

    Her friends obviously never come to her place, she is always at theirs and she tells herself “I’m never home anyway” as a sort of reassurance of not having to clean. More than likely her parents came and saw the dump and refused to pay for it until she got it cleaned…hence the back rent.

    In the end, she probably made a deal with them that she would move out and start over and promise to keep it clean if they would pay her rent again…being as why she left all of her furniture..they probably promised to buy her new furniture because they didn’t want their baby girl to catch a disease.

    And she’s probably not fat at all…she’s probably normal sized and in the public eye and to her friends is probably quite normal…but i’m going to guess that her car looks alot like her apartment…but probably gets cleaned out every now and then because people actually see it. And when she moved she probably took her cats with her…she may be a filthy slob, but shes going to take her pets I guarantee.

  196. Houston is Scared of This Chick says:

    i lived with a chick as a roommate in a house in Montrose, Houston who REALLY wanted to live like this…she TRIED AND TRIED…in the end the filth drove her out and i was left to clean up her shit and her filth.

    it was one of the most horrifying few months of my life, i had no idea she was like that when we signed a lease together. She was not as bad as the images depicted here, but im sure that if she lived alone there would be no difference between her place and this one….PERHAPS THIS IS HER PLACE!!!!! aaahhhhhhhh


  197. Michael Schaefer says:

    I was disgusted by what I saw, and I’ve seen similar things before. I have an aunt who lived like this.

    People who do this have something wrong with them, and it’s not just laziness or some other moral fault. Usually, these people have a form of obsessive/compulsive disorder. When my family tried to assist my aunt, she wanted to put a lot of stuff that was obviously worthless into storage. If she was willing to take the time and spend the money to hoard trash, this is not a lazy person; this is an obsessed person. Think about it? Would anyone in their “right mind” “freely choose” to live like this?

    What many of us feel a sense of schadenfreude when we see these photos, and with it a sense of righteousness: “I don’t do that.” What we should feel is sympathy and a desire to help.

  198. Marcel says:

    I cannot believe somebody can live this way.
    This only shows a person with no love for herself and life, maybe a deep depression.
    Note appart of the disaster shown, is the sad feeling of a woman alone and lost.

  199. Jamie says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!
    I get that the apartment resident is CLEARLY disturbed, but I’m wondering about logistics. How did she even manage to walk/wade through that to move around the apartment?? How did she afford so much fast food??? Why bother ironing her clothes?
    It’s sad and gross but kinda fascinating. How does a mess like that accumulate? I have had a messy house before, I think everyone has, but how does that even build up? I wonder how long it took?? So many questions that will go unanswered :(

  200. Chris says:

    She’s a gamer! I figured it out!

    To play games like World of Warcraft or CounterStrike, you need:

    W, A, S, D and the Spacebar, and the mouse.

    And look, the keyboard is COVERED but you can see the screen, W, A, S, D are CLEAN even though the Q right next to it is in peril, and there is a small clearing around the mouse. She’s playing these games all day.


  201. Jayme says:

    Did anyone find Waldo?

  202. big d says:

    I love Shipley’s too, who can blame them? I love the intracate arrangement of the cigarette butts.

  203. Tallan says:

    Staged pic show…who would keep lighting ciggs and smoking them halfway.

  204. Steve says:

    There is a dead animal on the bathroom floor, to the left of the cabinets on a purple piece of fabric. Either a kitten or a squirrel.

  205. URINE POTATO says:

    I’ll go with the general consensus on this one…the flexible container of Massengill (douchebag) ***REALLY*** needs help!!! :-O

    I don’t believe that any sane, mentally well person could let their home go to pot like this – she has to be suffering from a severe mental illness – more than can be “fixed” by a little Prozac or carbamazepine too.

    Her level of mental illness might merit being institutionalised for a time…at absolute minimum, it would provide her with at least a temporary reprieve from walking through mouldy pizza boxes & fast food bags, knocking over plastic cups (that may or may not have liquid in them and that may or may not have also been used as buttholders), or fixing that nasty ass toliet (it’s fairly obvious that the shitbowl is broken because of the presence of the pissbucket on the top of the lid and the missing cover for the top of the cistern).

  206. bean buritto in a glass of vodka says:

    so disgusting. i can smell it form my computer.

  207. cunty cuntall says:

    I just love the decor – it reminds me a little of my place, except mine has semen stalegtites hanging from the ceiling, and a shit load of stick books in the shittery.

  208. Frank says:

    This has nothing to do with the Hurricane. We had a resident who had an outstanding balance for over a month and no one could get ahold of her. The Bookkeeper went inside after so many tries to leave a note and this is what we found.

  209. Bob says:

    SO? Did you want a hurricane?

  210. Jessy says:

    How come everything looks like it just happened? Was this a group of 15 people who lived in the apartment for a week and decided to get artsy with the trash?

  211. Ufofreek says:

    I Found Waldo! LOL

  212. I think its odd even use a computer with all that ash and ciggarettes around it. I almost at times looks staged.

  213. Greg says:

    I bet she’s never logged out of World of Warcraft. She probably has a level 70 of each faction / class / gender combination.

  214. OMG.NO says:

    HEY GREG375…

    Remember when you wrote this:
    GREG375 Says:

    September 23rd, 2008 at 7:11 pm


    Maybe before you go making stupid ass remarks about how someone needs to “proof-read” their message…Maybe YOU should run a spell check…The word is spelled A C C O U N T A B L E…..Dumb ass…It’s probably YOUR apartment…

  215. Carrie says:

    Hey, at least they iron!

  216. Joy says:

    Looks a lot like my house! Mine is just a hair cleaner. I think we should call Oprah or HGTV.

    Maybe they would help out and not tell anybody

  217. Fabio says:

    Lovely place… it looks like mine. But seriously, nasty people like that touch money… the same one you have in your wallet right now. Can you imagine how many bacterias you have it right now in your wallet?

  218. ky says:

    the walls are not all THAT clean if you look closely, although I DO find those pillows unusually clean. i imagine half the nights, she doesn’t even get to her bed. look how much crap is in the way…. seriously… yeah a lot of that trash looks newer but imagine all the old trash underneath. ewww. and you CANNOT fake that bathroom.

  219. Jesus says:

    Once I faked farting and everyone in the van smelled it. Huh…what a weak people we are.

  220. Anonymous says:

    No used condom wrappers in all that mess? What a shocker!

  221. Andrew says:

    That is totally rank. It’s hard to believe that someone could actually live like that.

  222. Daphyne says:

    caracaa ! de onde se viu um apê desses mano !! de onde veiio toda essa lixarada ?! ;P

  223. Xanthian says:

    ya know my wifes mom lives like that but add in sixty million cockroaches! all of her children attempt to clean her house but give up pretty quick. they all moved out as soon as legally possible. no surprise there…. I attempted to use her computer once, but after prying what appears to be dried up peanut butter from the stuck open disc drive i decided to leave it alone, and the fact that more roaches inhabit the keyboard than you can imagine…. not to mention all the cig butts and ashes. if i took pictures you all would think that this house presented here is in pristine order. ya know you live nasty when even the cats move out… i mean obviously from all the food containers that finding food was not the issue behind the missing cats.

  224. jill says:

    It seems like this might have been an upset tenant that trashed teh place on purpose. I mean really, the cigarette butts alone make me think she went out and stole huge ash trays full. If that’s what she did, brilliant!

  225. NA says:

    Meth…. Not even once!

  226. Gordon Shumway says:

    This is a work of art and should be preserved carefully for future generations. It makes the mess we all produce visible. Cleaning this up is only cleaning up your conscience.

  227. Anonymous says:

    my gf’s mom does

  228. AussieChick says:

    Quote: “There is suppose to be 2 cats living here but we cant find them (we think they’re dead somewhere inside)

    Did you check to see if the woman was in there too!???

    Hmmm no bugs in any of the vids! wtf!
    Love the cleaning Products.
    Tut Tut World of Warcraft. she shoulda stuck to Guild Wars!
    Love the Dusty Tv!
    I have a feeling she’s a chain smoker!
    Love the ironing Board! at least she loves her clothes!
    And did anyon else notice she stopped to have Fish And Chips once???

    Gotta Love you Americans!! Wonder if any aussie’s live like this????

    *Deep in thought*

  229. CN says:

    If the Australian neighbors that moved in a few years ago are any indication, OH GOD YES some aussies live like this.

    Their place is pretty bad… they ripped out the front wall of the house and added some sort of makeshift front porch complete with piles and piles of garbage, and giant blue tarps hanging instead of doors. This is an upper middle class neighborhood, too. It’s pretty sad to see… nobody is sure if they’re just eccentric or if they are actually crazy. And nobody really wants to find out, because their cars have an NRA sticker on the back. And they clearly don’t live like that because they’re impoverished, they have two really nice cars, an Audi and a BMW. Very strange.

    Pretttty scary.

  230. lunchmeat317 says:

    Somebody stated that the cups would’ve disintegrated. However, those Whataburger cups aren’t made of parrafin wax – they’re styrofoam. Some fast food places do that; Whataburger is one of them. Thus, they’ll last indefinitely (which is the case here).

    Many people say that this is a mental illness, or a case or hoarding. I’m not so sure I agree with that. Although this was a 40-year-old caucasian woman (I won’t say lady, she obviously isn’t), I think that it’s just a basic case of laziness. I have friends who keep a filthy apartment; it’s not because they’re mentally ill or have any type of hoarding thing going on. It’s because they’re just lazy fucks who, after finishing a meal, or a drink, or something, will set it down instead of throwing it away and never address the issue again. I have seen this in action and it gets bad. (They would probably never clean if they didn’t have friends over – sometimes, negative judgment can have positive effects.) This apartment is a prime example; the pizza boxes, the cups, the food containers – they get put down in the wrong place and are never moved. The cigarette butts – ashtray’s too far away, I’ll just put this out on something and toss it elsewhere. The shoes and underwear in the bathroom – “I’ll get it later” and it never happens. (The shit, though, and the socks – that’s beyond me, I mean, damn.) This happens with many people, only in this case, it was really extreme – most people have a certain threshold for messiness and/or nastiness. Once you pass that threshold, you have the urge to clean until things are acceptable. This person obviously had quite the tolerance…or, by the time she hit her threshold level, she was in too deep and just didn’t want to clean it. (I wouldn’t want to tackle this either, so I mean, y’know, I can kinda understand that?)

    Regardless, this is pathetic, ridiculous, hilarious, and mind-blowing. I can’t fathom it, and I definitely can’t stop laughing at the pictures and the comments. I feel bad for the landlords….for her, I vote death by firing squad. Damn.

  231. prttypinkbarbie says:

    i wanna know what happened to this chick… are we sure she’s not in there somewhere?

  232. ROFL says:

    LOL. Look at where there has been cigarrettes pushed back so she can move her mouse. Fantstic healthy lifestyle.

  233. smarv says:

    two things, do you think they will get their security deposit back and what are they going to do with that couch cause it looks like a perfectly good couch.

  234. NattyB says:

    That is just wrong. Seriously, just wrong.

  235. Tripodi says:

    I love that she irons her clothes.

  236. pumpinstuff says:

    I just have one question:

    Is she hot?

  237. Chico says:

    My father in law ran into something similar in one of his rentals. He had to rent a hazmat suit for several days to get the place cleaned. It was actually worse than the pictures here. AND to top it off one of the tenants had died in the house.

    On another note. Why in the hell are most of the keys on the keyboard clean???!?!! Is this one of the “Sexy 23 year old women from LA on Match.com?” That thought is even scarier than what the apartment looks like.

  238. AndyB says:

    Good product placement for Quiznos though right?

  239. Dom says:

    I only saw quiznos once. A lot of fucking Whataburger though.

  240. Jay T. says:

    Smoke much? I’m surprised the owner didn’t just set it all on fire – it’s not like the arson investigator would have any idea what the hell happened, although they may have concluded it was a cigarette left burning.

  241. DonnyG says:

    There was a house ten times worse than this in my town a few years back. It was so bad that they threw the parents in jail for child endangerment. The dad was a manager of the cleaning department at a hotel and his wife was a waitress. Nasty!

  242. Brad324 says:

    Nice room – so what type of character do you play? Horde or Alliance?

  243. Tim says:

    So thats a poo bucket right?

  244. cyberen says:

    Someone get a few Wall-e units in there ASAP! In a few hundred years it should be cleaned up.

  245. MeatMaster says:

    This is amazing, if they charged admission i would pay to walk through this museum of amazing. You have to seriously work at this. These pictures are like a wheres waldo, everytime you look at them you see something more spectacular than the previous glance!
    Some highlights:

    - The piles of containers left over from her midnight snakings by what seems to be a bed.

    - The pile of socks she used to wipe her ass is so massive it avalanches over between the toilet and snakes out onto the floor by her cat litter box.

    - The place the cat shits is cleaner than the toilet.

    - The juice jug beside said shitty shocks.

    - The middle couch cushion is used for disposal (Efficient use of space) and the arm of the couch is used as an ash tray.

    - The fire extinguisher on the coffee table (Safety first)

  246. SBR045 says:

    The sad thing about this is the terrible neglect of the letter “Q” on her keyboard!

  247. Burgur says:

    Hmm… What a waste of space. I’m all about the greater good and world peace and all that shit, but man, offing this fat bitch and barbequeing her for the starving children of Ethiopia seems the morally right thing to do.

  248. Gabe says:

    two cats died with so many leftovers laying around??

  249. Callin'U says:

    Why do so many posters assume that this tenant is “FAT”. Like you’ve never seen a disgusting filthy skinny person who eats like a horse and smokes like a stove? WTF get real!

  250. Burgur says:

    We assume they are fat because of the amount of excess energy that they would be consuming insinuated by the plethora of fast food waste lying around.

    We also assume this, because they’re obviously lazy. It doesn’t take much to notice that she’s not a fan of cleaning up.

    Finally, her keyboard is clean, meaning she spends a lot of time on her computer and probably not getting much exercise.

    Under-exercise + bad diet + bad food = obesity. And that is real. Now, I’m going to eat my fast food lunch then go for a run, because I can. Clean your shit up!

  251. Poor cats, horrible place to live and really really bad owners. It’s one thing to choose to live like that, but another to subject it on another living create like cats or kids who can’t really do anything about it.

  252. Canada says:

    I love America

  253. lord don says:

    would you rather lick her house clean


    eat a burrito thats been sitting in vodka for 5 years

  254. shane says:

    Haha, why even bother ironing the clothing? XD

  255. piZap says:

    I love that she still IRONS her clothes… LOL

    http://www.pizap.com <– free photo editor

  256. Housekeeping says:

    Just think of all the money she saved on trash bags.

  257. Vista says:

    This is how a Linux user lives.

  258. wtf says:

    you HAVE to have serious fucking mental issues to live like that

  259. deidre says:

    Gotta love the febreeze in the kitchen!!!

  260. Anonymous says:

    Anyone stop to think that said owner was probably murdered, and the criminal(s) crashed at her pad for the month?

  261. mikem1115 says:

    damn that World Of Wqrcraft……

  262. wow says:

    i am a social worker. i knew a guy once whos place looked this bad. He is just an average looking guy. He was brilliant he traveled all over the world and was a scholar. He had one room in his house that had a cement floor where he dumped bags of cat litter so his cats had a spot to use the bathroom then he would just dump in a new bag when the old one stopped absorbing smell. You had to walk through the cat litter room to get to the kitchen and bath. He had a severe mental illness. we rented a happy dumpster to shovel his house out. You see a lot of stuff like this when your a social worker.

  263. John says:

    She probably ate those cats!

  264. Matt says:

    Um…im not even gonna comment on the pictures…but Lord Don…it depends…is the burrito beef or just bean and cheese? F*ck it, ill take the burrito.

  265. Nameless Fairy says:

    Can I just say I love the neat pile of pillows in the midst of all the crap on the bed?

  266. sad says:

    This is disgusting, but even more sad is the fact this person is obviously suffering from some mental illness. I hope this person can get some help.

  267. commanderjameson says:

    Whata-apartment a great commercial for Whataburger!

  268. Management says:

    lord don, I’d eat TWO of your burritos and then funnel the f***ing vodka before I’d breathe one fume from that septic nightmare!

  269. Chapati says:

    At least he irons his clothes.

  270. O_O says:

    Holy shit this fat bitch must have bugs crawling ALL OVER THE DAMNED PLACE. She probably sucks ‘em in while she sleeps and that is the only place her nutrition comes from. SHE NEEDS TO DIE.

  271. Benfo says:

    Wow. Domino’s pizza in tha house!

  272. Anonymous says:

    I am 90% sure this girl is a stripper. Yes really.

  273. commanderjameson says:

    After a second look I didn’t see 1 Cockroach! I’m puzzled! Are the other apartments worse? I pity the fool that has to clean this!

  274. Brett says:

    This has to be performance art. Some artist rented this place, saw how trashy they could get it, and then left. That is the only possible answer my brain can wrap itself around.

  275. whatta says:

    Quote: “There is suppose to be 2 cats living here but we cant find them (we think they’re dead somewhere inside…)”

    Are you sure she wasn’t inside there somewhere too?

  276. Jesus says:

    So when they went to a fast food place, rather than eat it there (those fast food restaurants can be so gross) they brought it back home. Yummy!

  277. Mick says:

    I am 90% sure this girl is a stripper. Yes really.

  278. Grasshopper says:

    As a Patrol Deputy in Northeast Houston, I saw this type of dwelling at least once per week. Seriously. Some were so bad that I was afraid I would catch something from the porch. When I was in training, the guys always thought it was funny to call me over to take reports in places like this because I have a super-sensitive nose, and I would be virtually gagging every time. I remember one house, like the one above, that I was called to that first month of training. NINE months later, I was called back to the very same house, and nothing had changed one bit, except that the trash heaps were taller. I’ll never forget it. It wasn’t performance art in New Caney, TX.

  279. GREG375 says:


  280. ? says:

    Fake! Lye!

  281. DougD says:

    Wow, apparently my ex-wife moved to Houston….

  282. Wow that is beyond imaginable. Whoever lived there is the poster child for lazy.

  283. Oh yeah says:

    I doubt she’s on welfare, that much fast food actually costs a lot more than most people get on social programs. Pizza ain’t cheap!

  284. Phil says:

    dude. wtf? how can someone (i assume it is human) live in that filth?

  285. Bananastasia says:

    This is not normal behavior. This person is obviously suffering from some mental disturbance and needs help. No human should live in these sorts of conditions, and I find it sad that nobody noticed earlier. Whatever happened to being neighborly? Too sad.

  286. krazd says:

    I doubt her point was to be economically friendly by not throwing any trash out.