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This Band Probably Shouldn’t Play An Autism Charity Event

If you’re putting on a charity event for autism, you may not want to not have a band called "Slightly Stoopid" as your headliner. And you definitely don’t want to put that band’s name at the top of your flier.
So, apparently, The Belly Up Tavern who is hosting this event didn’t realize that maybe not everyone on their mailing list knows that Slightly Stoopid is a band and thus 95% of the people who received this thought they were throwing an event for Autistic people, and calling the event "Slightly Stoopid: A benefit for autistic children."
But then they realized, and sent the obligatory awesome apology e-mail.
If you can’t read it, it says this:
"The Belly Up offers their sincerest apologies for any misunderstanding about the April 15th charitable fundraiser for Autistic Children email.  The band that is playing for this charitable event is called Slightly Stoopid, spelled with two "oo’s"  It was never our intent nor the intent of Autism Tree Project to suggest that the name of the event is called Slightly Stoopid."
Thanks to reader Cirrus A. of San Diego for sending this in.

14 Responses to "This Band Probably Shouldn’t Play An Autism Charity Event"

  1. Anonymous says:

    do u live in nj?

  2. justin says:
    You my friend, are front runner for comment of the week, which is making a comeback this week.
  3. Richard Tucker says:

    If only they had booked Fucking Retarded…

  4. Father of Two says:

    This is a sad, misinformed comment. My wife and I have two children with Autism (yes, real Autism), and every day is a struggle for our family. I’m proud of the fact that we’ve been able to deal with all of these issues, and in spite of them, have managed to provide a stable loving environment for our family. It’s so easy to throw stones when you don’t understand. Being parents to our boys is the most difficult thing you can imagine. Other people we have met have congratulated us for sticking it out and making progress. I honestly don’t think many people would go through what we do for our boys, but to us, there is no other choice! We love them, and they are everything to us. Maybe one day you’ll have kids yourself, and start to change your mind and attitude about other people in this world that have special needs.

  5. Bootylam! says:

    Messed up but absolutely one of the best comments I’ve read on the webz EVER! And isn’t it funny how they cry about how diagnoses of autism have gone up so much but fail to mention that retardation has gone down? A rose by any other name…

  6. Anonymous says:

    the increases are caused by over diagnose. Shy losers are now considered to have aspergers. Parents need to realize their kids are weird because they are weird and shitty parents. Doctors and pharma companies make up bs diseases to make more money.depression and bi polar ? wait being sad is a disease that needs pills? being happy sometimes and sad other times is a disease? no its fucking life, deal with it faggots.

    The kids are fucked up because parents think if the go outside pedophiles are going to rape them. Guess what there has always been pedophiles. you just hear it more often because you receive more information then the past.

    Kids are sad because they have no actual connection or relationships. Their interaction consists of face book, texting etc.

    Fuck everyone


  7. Edwordrules says:

    If they are asked to change their name, they should just go with SS. At least just for this show.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I want to go to this event. This band is awesome, and it’s even better that they are playing for a good cause.

    Where is more information about this event?

  9. Redrum says:

    In high school, a band I was in played a gig that was to benefit teen suicide, or some related thing, so of course being the idiots we were and since we went on last, we decided to close the set with SOD’s, Kill Yourself.


    “Kill yourself, kill yourself
    Why don’t you kill yourself
    Don’t rely on no one else
    End it all just kill yourself”

    I think if we had a picture of the Pope, we would have torn it up too. Ahhh, memories. :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I concure

  11. JMey says:

    Hey, I like the cut of your jib. You think like me…

  12. Kitten says:

    I laughed VERY hard at this.

  13. Travis says:

    im in Austin and know this band… good band… bad choice for this event. for the inconvience they should have added the “Heartless Bastards” to the line up. another good band

  14. norcal says:

    Gonna forward this to my bud who has a autistic kid – he’ll think it is funny!