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Worst. Stolen Bike Sign. Ever.


36 Responses to "Worst. Stolen Bike Sign. Ever."

  1. bikestealer says:

    i stole it! ahahhahaha

  2. Jack says:

    Stupid hipster deserved it. One speed bike… ironic children’s flag… “endearing” home made poster that tries to use dry humour… I’d like to congratulate the thief. Keep up the fight against indie “culture”.

  3. Aud:) says:

    wow ok.

  4. jack in the bean stock says:

    I gave your bike to the giant on top of the heavenly clouds to eat,in exchange for a golden hen, of course.

  5. T says:

    Haha omg this sign was in St.Paul Minnesota I saw it last week haha it was so funny!!! I had to take a picture of it.

  6. hithere. says:

    it’s a threadless tee shirt design, it’s meant as a joke.

  7. Judge Joe Brown says:

    You’re a fag.

  8. meatwad says:

    a black guy stole it for a fact. y because it has 20″ rims they spinin nigga they spining

  9. Alicja says:

    this is actually a shirt from threadless.com
    people started printing out the shirt as a poster.

  10. El Moose says:

    well, way to ruin our fun hithere and alicja

  11. LucyD says:

    ‘Not drawn to scale’
    if it was drawn to scale i think the thief(s) would be about 8 inches tall, have grey fur, a fuzzy tail, like to climb trees, and eat nuts(or any food they happen to find lol)…yes! thats right, we must be on the look out for a squirrel bicycle gang!

  12. Jake Of Ass Raid says:

    Clearly you don’t know what ‘drawn to scale’ means… ¬¬

  13. Linus says:

    (Cue, sarcasm) Oh, I get it cause squirrels are small and it would be funny if they were really mean and learned how to ride bikes and had stolen this one. It would be like one of those short witty clips from Family Guy.

  14. Twattage Cheese says:

    Where’s the basement?

  15. hwaynos says:

    Nice! Steal all those stupid 1 speed bikes! I fucking hate those people that ride around on them! They honestly think they own the road… not to mention they think they are even more bad ass because they loose the brakes too.

    I seriously want to run over every tight pants mother fucker riding a 1 speed bike! FUCK THEM!

  16. Onecanofsprite2k9 says:

    Who here thinks that was just a joke?

  17. Typical Bike Theft Report says:

    Be proactive and use a no-charge BikeRegistry service off the net before you find yoself in the same position…

  18. I Pee's in Philosophers Butt and he liked it says:

    i gotta pee again, PHILO?!

  19. papa santa says:

    i like it

  20. Jack Of All Trades says:

    that is a weird design for a bike

  21. waves khrushchev says:

    yeah, maybe if you’re not used to seeing them without training wheels.

  22. luke says:

    FAKE. This is a t-shirt from threadless.

  23. Why are you reading my name? Read my comment. says:

    Does that make it less funny?

  24. thought this was hilarious says:


  25. KuntaKinte says:

    At your mama’s house, bitch.

  26. The Reason Why Philosopher's Asshole is Frightened says:

    this is a kick ass sign…prolly negroes stole it…does anyone know where token black guy was when the bike was stolen?

  27. HD says:

    It’s beyond gay to post 1st in the first fucking place, but then why the FUCK did you think you were cool by spelling it furst?

    Did you buttfuck LIMP bizkit and so that was a secret super-gay shout-out to him…?

    In case you don’t “get it”, his real name is Fred Durst and you heard it here furst.

  28. Philosopher's frightened asshole says:


  29. anyone says:

    conrats faggot.

  30. friknfrak says:

    wut had happunned wuz… leroy did it!

  31. silly cunt says:


    well played sir

  32. TheSonofPrince says:

    LOL Nigga stole ma bike!

  33. Token Black Guy says:

    See what happened was…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, that kind of rant sounds familiar …

  35. anyone says: