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Would Amy Winehouse Go To Women’s prison?

I’ve seen a couple bar fights in my day, and they usually consist of some shirt ripping, one partially landed punch, and a lot of angry guys both answering and asking questions using only the word “bro.”  Never, ever, have I seen a bar fight like the one described here.  People.com reports:

Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested for an alleged assault.

A 38-year-old man filed a report stating he was “headbutted” by Winehouse after trying to hail her a cab at 3:20 a.m. on April 23.  She also allegedly punched another man in the face and smoked drugs on the street.

So basically she beat the shit out of two dudes using a head butt and a punch and then after said dudes asses were kicked, she was like “f*&k, let’s smoke some crack and or a joint.”  Dude, when I was in fourth grade and feeling the wrath of other kids due to my not losing my baby fat/my fat fat, I used to day dream of a scenario just like that one with me in place of winehouse, sans the drug smoking.  (I think in my day dream I pulled out a capri sun after I was done, not sure).

Anyway, you have to admit, that’s a pretty bad ass move by her.  That’s like out of a Van Damme movie.  And not one of the shitty, late 90s, “I have to pay child support so I don’t read the script” Van Damme movies, I’m talking vintage VD.  Winehouse should fill the void left by the artist formerly known as Steven Segal.  Imagine Winehouse remaking BloodSport*:

*Hands down the worst photoshop I’ve ever done.  Disturbingly awful.

7 Responses to "Would Amy Winehouse Go To Women’s prison?"

  1. Chaosman says:

    I must respectfully disagree. That picture doesn’t look much different than the original. Seamless effort. Well, Van douche’s hair WAS shorter.

  2. blake williams says:

    the best one was the lohan in africa. That should be in TIME.

  3. ikcedar says:

    nah that is a pretty good photoshop

  4. The High Life Man says:

    I can only imagine that meeting Amy Whinehouse on the street after she’s been drinking is like meeting the Kool-Aid man after he’s been drinking. You know he’s crazy. You know he’s going to smash through a wall. All you can do is take a punch or a head butt and let the path of destruction pass you.

  5. Keeblerkahn says:

    Wow, womens prison just got so much less sexy.

  6. Mr. Balls says:

    @blake williams:

    I agree, that picture was fucking epic. That shit looked real.

  7. Wakeman says:

    Very funny picture, if she was sent to a prison she would probably annihilate everyone in there. I haven’t heard much about her recently perhaps she has decided t go underground and fix her life? Even go to a drug rehab. The way the press treat her they would probably be upset if she fixed herself, nothing for them to write about.