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Wouldn’t You Like To Be Met With A Sexy Hello, Soft Music, And Candlelight?

As the narrator points out, seduction doesn’t just have to happen in the bedroom. It can happen in you car, in the woods, or in a public place. But I’m pretty sure "seduction in the woods" is known by it’s more common name of "rape."
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7 Responses to "Wouldn’t You Like To Be Met With A Sexy Hello, Soft Music, And Candlelight?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Me and my significant other, Palmala Handerson, like to do this little thing, where she jerks my off with a well buttered pancake. Look for us at an IHop near you!

  2. Frames Janco says:

    “Well, I would say, ‘Hello, my name is Farley.’”

    That man is a pimp.

  3. Fart Sandwich says:

    That …dance…sexy…pants.

  4. gregtorious says:

    that guy would need way more than a gram of coke to seduce a lady, but marley on the other hand had me at hello

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello is this Chez Pierre? Hi, this is Brad. I have a dinner reservation at 8 with my date Jill. Listen, I just wantedd to call ahead and let you know that I’ll be putting my hand down my date’s dress before the entree gets there…

  6. Anonymous says:

    i would absolutely break out in laughter if a broad did that little dance at the end of the video..